Maybelline Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil in Brown Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Maybelline Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil in Brown.

Price: P359.00
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I think I said it already, but I'll say it again that I'm a bit OC by nature and I love products that satisfy that OC-ness in me. I've a thing for products that say precise and sharp like Maybelline Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil, this fab eyebrow pencil that creates super natural- looking, well- defined strokes, people would think you're born with naturally lush brows. This brow pencil is also for you if you've got narrow, thin, and sparse brows. ;)


This mechanical eyebrow pencil features a 1.6mm for precisely drawn beauty arches, as seen on runways. It comes in two shades only: Gray and Brown.

Oh look how small the eye pencil is-it's small enough to make slim lines. It also comes with a spoolie in the end and that's very much appreciated. It reminds me of my favorite brow product from Estēe Lauder called Double Wear Stay In Place Brow Lift Duo-it's actually a dupe of EL's brow product, but only in terms of the look.

Swatching this product for everyone and check out how it looks when worn after the jump.

Brown is a taupe brown shade, finish is soft, matte, and non-intimidating, and is easy to blend. I like that this is a very neutral brown and universal enough to suit all sorts of hair colors and skin tones, but I still wish that it came in more shades.

One problem that I encountered with the pencil is it breaks off easily. My advice to those who will buy this pencil is just twist it up to a height that you think will suffice for your grooming needs. Repeat the process should you need more product.


Here's how I use the product. :)

The pencil has a hard texture so it's best warmed up before usage-you don't want to tug at your brow strands and induce premature hair fall, don't you?

Will you look at that brow! This Maybelline brow pencil is good at creating hair- like strokes and this is why I highly recommend it to girls with barely there and narrow brows-your look won't look over-the-top, won't look drawn- on, plus the diameter of the pencil suits such brows. It's also the brow pencil for you if you're very particular with the shape of your brows-you can't go wrong with its precise tip! Staying power is okay, but those with very oily skin will need to prep and prime the skin surrounding the brows before usage. I use this product primarily as a definer along with brow powders, as a brow filler/extender, or on casual days when I just want a simply clean brow.

Fashion Brow Sharp Pencil is a great everyday eyebrow makeup-it works fine and isn't expensive. Best for you if you're into the natural, casual brow look, you want a brow product that will fill in hair gaps naturally, and again, you've got thin/sparse/narrow brows.


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. pretty shade you've got ms m! is this included on their 100php off promo? if so i would surely get one =) i love how neat your brow here ms m =)

  2. This would be perfect for my thin & sparse eyebrow but I'm scared that I might break it and Im not fond on hard texture because as you have said it cause hair fall and I always experience that:( contrary, as I was looking how the product looks good on your eyebrow, I might give this a shot. I will not know if it works well on me too unless I try it. I love brow products! Thanks for the review;)

  3. Honestly, this is my first time seeing a mechanical eyebrow pencil. And it really amazed me. I was like, "this looks greeeaaattt~"

  4. This can absolutely make me break up with etude house's draw my brows! This ia inseeanely good... it looks so natural in your brows!! I got to have this!!!

  5. I think this will suit me since I have sparse brows at from the middle to the end! It looks natural. I just use regular pencil from Nichido and sometimes I tend to apply it more than intended. thanks for this review!

  6. The brown shade looks more like a grey to me though *colour blind? LOL* but I have to agree that it looks so natural and great on you Miss Martha. (^-^)

    May I ask where do you have your brows done? I've been wanting to have a brow makeover and your brow shape is just perfect. Inggit much ako. =(

    BTW, Maybelline's extending their sale up to June! Maybe before the sale ends, I'll drop by SM and check them out again. *ubos sweldo. haha*

  7. OMG may spoolie pala 'to! I've used it around 5 times na and I had no clue :))

  8. It looks so natural! Ganyan yung mga gusto kong products for brows. I don't like those that would look as if you literally drew your eyebrows. :/ Sobrang fake tingnan. Will definitely grab that pencil, and it's so affordable pa! I'm really amazed. Right now, I'm using the LA girl gel liner in black as my brow liner. Well, it's technically an eyeliner, but I use the excess to define my brows. It works well naman and it's waterproof! It doesn't smudge but it fades after 5-6 hours. :) I also love the Hayan eyebrow pencil in ash gray. I have thick eyebrows so I can't use super black pencils/powders unless I wanted to look like a witch. haha. If I want my brows brown, I use the k palette brow mascara in dark brown I think.

  9. It took me three shades of drawing pencils and many days of looking like a cave woman to finally figure out that I probably just need to fill in the bald patches of my mannish brows. This looks like a good one for the already over-extended budget haha

  10. Rhain: Thanks! Oh, not sure if it's included in the promo, dear. :)

    Valerie: Maybe you should attend my upcoming brow party with Benefit. Will post deets soon. :)

    Beauty By Tellie: LOL! Now you know. :D

    Abegaill: Thanks for sharing your faves! If you've thick brows, no need na siguro to use a brow product. :)

    Mommy Charm: Browhaus and Benefit. I'll have a brow party this coming july. Will blog about it soon. :)

    Dessa: Welcome. :)

    Janine: Haha. I bet it's gonna be a good break up. :D

    Jeremy: Same! I love anything and everything brows! You're welcome. :)

  11. The colour and product itself is amazing. But it's a rip off, I would definitely not recommended this product to anyone. They only give you hardly an inch of product, you will need to buy a new one in less than a week. I love this brand but this disappointed me !!!!! Will not buy this again !


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