TBJ TRAVELS: Singapore Diaries 3: Only Got 5 Hours To Explore SG? Check Out Marina Bay Sands.

Last post on my Singapore trip! 

So the first three hours of my 5- hour, now-or-never, SG trip challenge, I spent on eating in and moseying 'round Orchard Road. The last 2 hours, which I scheduled at night, were spent marveling at the glorious Marina Bay Sands and strolling at Gardens By the Bay. I decided to go to Marina Bay to see Marina Bay Sands (main goal!) and the rest of Singapore's newest, most sought after attractions. 

I went there at night (10pm) to evade traffic, the ultimate time and money waster, and it was a great decision because the roads were clearer, getting a taxi was easier, and the taxi drivers were more chill (I hate snooty cab drivers!). If there's a valuable advice that I can give to those who are going to travel abroad for the first time, it's don't waste your time and money in traffic-either take the train, walk (if the place is walkable), leave really early, or go at night (for places/establishments that close late and are open for 24 hours).

I wandered solo in the entire trip and you might be thinking now that I'm crazy and too audacious to go wandering without a companion in a foreign country, most especially at night. FYI, Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and solo travelers can wander freely there without worrying about being mugged, killed, or raped. However, this doesn't give everyone the right to be complacent and foolish. Enjoy, but be present. ;)

Where were we? Oh yes, I was talking about Marina Bay. :)

The mega structure Marina Bay Sands, dubbed by some as the '8th wonder of the world'

Marina Bay is an entertainment complex that features a world- class shopping mall (The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands), Hotel/Casino (Marina Bay Sands), and park (Gardens By The Bay). In here, you're seeing the iconic Marina Bay Sands-it's so gigantic that I had to walk FAR from it just to capture the three towers in this photograph.

The moment I gazed at this edifice, Jesus' words echoed in my head: "Greater works than I, you will do." Maybe this is what he meant when he said that--humanity is meant to do greater things, but only if we put our hearts into it and dream bigger than ourselves, probably as big as Marina Bay Sands.

See more of Marina Bay Sands and the top attractions in Marina Bay after the jump.

Inside Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is comprised of three towers that serve as a hotel, casino, restaurant, bar, and venue for various events. You can also access Sky Park and Gardens By The Bay in here.

How to get to Sky Park:

1. Exit the building, take the walkway on the side of Tower 1, and walk all the way to the outdoor elevator behind Tower 3.
2. Ride the elevator and alight at the second (or third?) floor.
3. You will see a door leading back to Marina Bay Sands. Enter it to get to the indoor bridge leading to Sky Park.
4. Walk to the end of the bridge, exit the door, and voila! You're finally at Sky Park!

Tall, Curvaceous, and Sexy. Marina Bay Sands' structure features clean lines that curve all the way to the top. The long, tusk- like platform that sits atop the three towers houses the famous roof deck infinity pool, which is the longest pool ever made. I wasn't able to go there and take photos because it can only be accessed by the hotel's guests. Someday! :p

Wee! I was already at Sky Park when I took this photo and the ones below. This one features Singapore Flyer, a huge ferris wheel located off of Marina Bay Sands. Them said it's Singapore's answer to the London Eye.

Just across Sky Park, you will find Esplanade, another icon in Marina Bay complex. It's a convention center that's notable for its Durian shape and look. :D

Last stop was Gardens By The Bay. Sky Park is within Gardens By The Bay, which is a HUGE park/garden. Gardens By The Bay is also home to these iconic structures:

These are the famous Supertrees, an attraction at Gardens By The Bay-they remind me so much of Avatar!

While gazing at these trees, I noticed that there are spaces on top of them that seemed like rooms to me-I suppose there are restaurants or observation decks up there? The curved bridge, btw, can be walked on-it offers a panoramic view of the Supertrees and visitors go there to take smashing photos.

Aside from the Supertrees, other attractions that you can find at Gardens By The Bay are this fountain that holds a musical lights show (last show is at 10pm), Cloud Forest, Flower Dome, and more. When Singapore built Gardens By The Bay, they intended to make Singapore the 'botanical capital of the world' and looks like they're mighty successful at it. :)

Btw, the first photo in this blog post, the one that has Marina Bay Sands in it, was taken at Sky Park specifically near the Supertrees-it has the best view of the three towers, IMO!

So that concludes my Singapore adventure. Hope you enjoyed it, I hope you were all able to 'travel' with me, and you now know some of the best things to do in Singapore if you're not given enough time to explore it. I'll muse about my Thailand adventure/vacation soon. :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The views are splendid! Uggghh, Singapore when will I ever meet you? Hehe

  2. From your hotel room and food trips, next malls tapos this one:) Save the best for last talaga. Ang ganda! I admire kung gaano kaganda pagcapture mo of those pictures:)

  3. What camera did you use Ms. M in capturing the views?

  4. Singapore is truly marvelous! The tourist sights are beautifully crafted... i hope to visit someday there.. and grabe kabog ang blog posts mo ms.M from the food spots and foodgalores, strolling and buying in sephora all the way to the beauty of marina bay sands.. haaayyy... nakaka inggit!!!

  5. I miss living in Singapore. And I definitely miss walking alone at night, to buy some ice cream, and not have to worry about keeping safe. Singapore is pretty easy to get around. Everything is very organized and its easy to ask directions because everyone understands english. Marina Bay sands is something I missed though. It was still under construction when I came back to PH.

  6. Been seeing lots of tourists that go here. :) I guess I know why. The place is soooooo ganda! If only I can go here like ORA MISMO!!??

  7. Kkumukugo: Sony A5000 :)

    Christine: It's one of my wildest dreams to live in another country too, even for just a short while. And same, the first time I went to SG, Marina Bay Sands was pretty much a concept and heck, Ion mall was still under construction lol. I'd love to go back soon. :)

    Janine: I wish you can visit SG soon. It's such a lovely country. :)

    Jeremy: thanks! :)

  8. Wow, the building and the structures are just marvelous! Super ganda and fascinating talaga. Naeexcite naman tuloy akong makarating sa SG. Will definitely check that out too. Your posts about SG is so helpful for someone like me who hasn't been there. May target na kong mapuntahan if ever. Yung mga supertrees super cool and pretty!

  9. That last photo really looks like it was from Cameron's 'Avatar' movie. LOL. I so am looking forward to our trip to SG later this year! Ayii.. excited much! I will surely have tons of photos taken especially with the Bay Sands as background. =)

  10. Ms. Martha, I know this post was a long time ago (back and binge reading here) but I wanted to ask: Does Marina Bay Sands have an entrance fee? I badly want to see all these things in your post once I make my trip there. <3

  11. wow.. singapore is really a nice place to live and work (as my friends told me) the place is clean, the people are disciplined.. at grabe daw ang lakaran.. as in walkathon to the max hehehe.. i want to go there to.. someday haha


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