Shiseido White Lucent All- Day Brightener Review

Here's a review on Shiseido White Lucent All- Day Brightener.

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A couple of months back, I found myself using moisturizer less and less during daytime. Other than moisturizing skin, which some primers, foundations, and even toners can do nowadays, moisturizer doesn't offer anything else, which is why I preferred to skip it--saves me money, saves me time.

I've rekindled my love for moisturizer when I tried Shiseido White Lucent All- Day Brightener, this acts more than a moisturizer--it brightens skin instantly and overtime, and protects it too! Shiseido shows brands how you can step up good ol' moisturizer!


All-Day Brightener is the newest addition to Shiseido's White Lucent range, a targeted whitening/brightening skin care line. It features Timed Release Capsules that delivers the whitening actives gradually the whole day for 'round the clock whitening, Super Hydro-Synergy Complex for long- lasting moisture, Light Transform Powder for instant brightening effect, and SPF 36 PA+++.


Product comes in one size only, 50ml.

Consistency is a watery cream that gets absorbed easily and leaves the right amount of moisture on the surface. I've spread out the moisturizer below the concentrated dot to show that this product indeed yields a brightening effect due to Light Transform Powder. My tiny problem with this product is even if it's masked with the signature light floral scent of White Lucent, the sunscreen odor still seeps through and I get this weird scent; the scent is a bit strong and tends to last for a while on the skin; this is something that you should think hard upon before buying this product most especially if you're fragrance- sensitive. Oh well, at least it doesn't feel like a sunscreen despite its high SPF content! 


One layer of White Lucent All- Day Brightener

I can attest that White Lucent is effective in lightening marks and brightening the skin through this post so I did not have a tinge of doubt when Shiseido claimed that this moisturizer can lighten the skin. My facial skin tone looked really uneven when I got back from my Bangkok vacation and in just a month of using this moisturizer, my skin tone had evened out!

All Day Brightener with powder foundation

Light Transform Powder pumps radiance into dull skin and counteracts the all too matte finish of certain powder products. However, the radiant effect can't project effectively through thick bases.

White Lucent All Day Brightener is one way to make moisturizers a bit more interesting. Get this product if you want a moisturizer that lightens and brightens skin effectively, and if you want true, all- day protection from skin darkening.


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Great review on this product. Your face looked brighter after trying it on yourself. You looked radiant afterwards. Can you use this as a daily skin care regimen product ( cleanse, tone, moisturize)? What products can you recommend pairing with this if ever it can be used as a daily skin care regimen? Thanks

    1. Hi Ana, yes of course. It is intended to function as a regular moisturizer/sunblock, but with extra benefits. :) No skin care product in particular. You can use this with any product, but for better results, use the entire white lucent range. :)

    2. Hi Ana, yes of course. It is intended to function as a regular moisturizer/sunblock, but with extra benefits. :) No skin care product in particular. You can use this with any product, but for better results, use the entire white lucent range. :)

  2. if this moisturizer can even out my skintone, then i think i should try this.. the price is pricey for my budget (really, though i have tried using another expensive product from philosophy -- miracle in a jar, i have second thoughts regarding expensive products, yes they were really that effective, and you won't like wasting product so every product dispense counts)

    i havent acquired any shiseido product (wait, i have tried them when i was invited to attend a shisedo workshop two years ago but didnt get the chance to get any on their 20% for the attendees) i am saving some extra money for the eyecream (torn between shiseido, philosophy and thebodyshop)

    it is really good to invest on skincare than makeup =) and yes i do agree on it =)

  3. I love to use brightening bases and this looks great! But seeing as the scent is strong and lingers, that's a bit of a bummer for me. I'd rather use skincare products that don't have any scent on them. Very irritating for my nose. But thank you for this post! :)

    1. I understand. :) But if you want something that works really well in brightening the skin, this is the bomb! :)

  4. I agree with you, too. There are a lot of brands in the market that offer multi-purpose products, which is why I myself have skipped on moisturizer. I think this is also a worthy investment since not only does it moisturizes but also helps to even out skin tone. I'm always reading your reviews especially skincare ones so I can pick out what to give for my mom this Christmas (I know, too early). Thanks for the review, Martha!

  5. Nice review! If there's one thing I want to try on shiseido, this would be:) I believe when it comes to skin care, it does not matter if its pricey. What matters is the quality and effectiveness:)

  6. Skin care is a better investment than cosmetics, I know that now (^-^) Still, this one's too expensive for me! Ugh, why so expensive Shiseido? Well, the products surely delivers, that's why. Do you have any recommendations, Miss M, on a less expensive moisturizer that would still work?

    1. For this particular moisturizer, none at the moment because it's that unique! :)

  7. This looks pretty! Instead of brightening, I focus my base makeup with "deleting" the redness of my face. I use powder highlighter or even tend to overpowder XD I dothat because I walk to school for around 30 mins which makes my face oil and my face will look unpowdered and natural XD

    1. Same here and I cancel out redness with my trusty concealer and redness- minimizing toner. :)

  8. I agree, plain moisturizers nowadays are a bit useless when other products that we use are moisturizing already. And this Shiseido might be the solution to that. :) But, since it's Shiseido, it's reasonably pricey. I hope there would be smaller versions so that we can try it first before buying this size. :)


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