HOW TO: Create Dupes With Your Happy Skin Lippies

You know what's so great about Happy Skin Shut Up And Kiss Me? You can mix and match the shades because almost all of them seem to complement each other. With only two Happy Skin Lippies, you can get three shades!

Here are some Happy Skin lippie shades that you can mix, match, and create dupes for popular and pricey lipstick shades with. Check 'em out below.

The Morning After + Style Icon= MAC Pink Plaid

- MAC Pink Plaid is one of MAC's best- selling nude pink lipstick shades; it's a beautiful Dirty Blue Pink that gives you a romantic, nostalgic look. Combine The Morning After and Style Icon to come up with your faux Pink Plaid! ;)

Under The Sheets + Honeymoon Glow= Bobbi Brown Nude

- Bobbi Brown Nude is my mom's favorite lipstick shade for corporate wear. It's not really Nude, but rather a re-imagined Nude: It's a browned Rose shade with a touch of Terracotta; it's a back-to-basics kind of color and maybe that's why it's called Nude! Recreate this cult lipstick shade by Bobbi Brown with Under The Sheets and Honeymoon Glow.

Sunset Kiss + Red Carpet= MAC Ronnie Red

- Ronnie Red was from MAC Archie's Girls Collection; it's a beautiful, bright red that's limited edition, but don't worry, you can dupe this shade by combining Red Carpet and Sunset Kiss.

There you go! Hope you all learned something new today. Try these to utilize further your Happy Skin lippies!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG I love the Sunset Kiss + Red Carpet= MAC Ronnie Red!!! I'd love to try it but I need the Sunset Kiss though I already have the Red Carpet. Thank you Ms.Martha, you're so awesome!

  2. This is a great idea and would probably work well with other lippies too. Right now, I only have 3 Happy Skin lippies and I never got the idea of combining them to create another shade. Would probably try them later for work.. :)

  3. cool idea. i love what you did there! the nude one is perfect, not too pale and not too bold. hihi, thanks for sharing your creativity ms. M. :)

  4. Seeing how moisturize your lips are makes me want to buy these lipsticks! Ganda!

  5. Under the Sheets + Honeymoon Glow is LIFE. Ugh. Such an amazing combination! Only recently did I discover combining lip colors. I had a falling out with red lipsticks but I don't waste it so one what I did was I combine my more nude lipsticks with my red ones and now it's my most favorite lipstick shade ever. Really, really great! Who would have thought mixing lipstick shades would be this exciting and great?! Woot woot!

  6. they are really perfect dupes ms m!

  7. Wow, great idea ms.martha. I definitely love all the shades, such a beautiful combination.

  8. This was such a cool idea and I've heard so many great things about these and need to try their lippies.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  9. And then I remembered Hold My Hand which I still haven't bought XD I hope it's still in their stores :D

  10. Amazing! I tried combining my other lippies before, too. It's fun! Thanks for this post, Ms. M! Will try this soon! :)

  11. Nice! You can have a new shade of lipstick just by combining what you already have. You don't need to buy a new tube. You could transform your old shades to a new shade. This is so much fun. I really like how Under The Sheets and Honeymoon Glow turned out.


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