Unboxing: BDJ X Shiseido Luxe Box 2015

Last year, first- ever BDJ Box's Luxe Box came out in May 2014 and it featured a product party inside: it's the most luxurious subscription box I've ever seen, not to mention the most precious.

BDJ's Luxe Box only comes out annually so they make sure that it's worth every subscriber's hard- earned money; At P5,800.00 a pop, one would definitely raise their standards for it! This year, BDJ releases the second luxe box and it's just as precious as the first one and the best part is, it's from one of my most favorite beauty brands ever, Shiseido.

Let's unbox this treasure!

"WHOA! I must be dreaming", I enthused upon opening the box and realizing what it contained; This box contains Shiseido's newest products and omfg, everything's full- sized!

Here are the contents of the box:

Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum- P6,500.00
Maquillage True Liquid Long Keep Foundation (OC30)- P1,988.00
Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color (GR 125)- P1,150.00
Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color (PK 224)- P1,150.00
Maquillage Dramatic Rouge (RS 530)- P1,150.00
Maquillage Long Stay Eyeliner (BR662)- P1,100.00
Shiseido Makeover GC (Not in photo)- P1,000.00

Ok. Sold to this box. I've been dying to get my hands on Maquillage ever since it came to the Philippines. The first thing that I wanted to try was the liquid foundation and lord, good lord, thank you for including it in this year's box! Maquillage Dramatic Rouge is such a beaute and I'm glad that the color I got is something that I'd wear, which is a poppy red hue. The Shimmering Cream Eye Color pots are a welcome addition because I'm a Cream Shadow lover. I didn't get the handle portion of the eyeliner, however; only the cartridge and it's impossible to use it without the former. BDJ contacted me about this issue and they gladly fixed it; the luxe box comes with luxe service too!

Ooooh...there's a full- sized bottle of Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum, a serum that evens out skin tone,  treats redness, and refines lines and wrinkles. I just forgot to include it in the photo, but there's a P1,000.00 GC inside for free makeover.

Total value of the box is around P15,000.00; that's almost times three of the subscription fee. I'm really, really happy that BDJ featured Maquillage in the box; I can finally satisfy this curiosity of mine! Also, I like the product mix in this box: it's more makeup than skin care, thus it's less likely to disappoint; disappointed is the last thing you wanna be when you're coughing up 5k.

I'm excited for the next BDJ Luxe Box!

For more information about this product, please visit BDJ BOX on Facebook.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. And I am excited to see your blog on each item in this box. I want to try Shiseido but it's really pricey, I know quality comes with a price, so when there comes a time I have a super extra budget, I'll definitely try them out! And good thing that the BDJ Luxe Box is worth it, I hope I'll also get their next Luxe Box next year.

  2. Yaaay the contents are to die for!!! Super sulit hindi lang kaya ng budget haaaays

  3. The contents of the BDJ Luxe Box were indeed precious items! Oh, i would literally jump for joy if i would have those products all for myself! Haay, sorry nalang ako hindi ko afford 'to.

  4. This box is deluxe and precious indeed. A box full of one of my wishlist brand to try. Winner! This is definitely worth it as this is Shiseido products:) Too bad I can't avail it for now:( I guess this will stay to my wishlist muna. Hehe.Can't wait for the reviews especially the serum.

  5. Shiseido galore!! I love it!! A must have!!

  6. When I first saw the offering in BDJ's website, my jaw dropped upon learning that it'll be a box full of Shiseido products. And again, I dropped upon seeing the price! lol. Much as I wanted to subscribe to their Luxe box, my budget won't let me. But I plan to save up even just for one Luxe box next year =)

    Please do a review on the Maquillage foundation and the Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum. Oh, pati yung eyeliner. Pretty please? ^-^

  7. precious box! i love everything inside! will wait on your reviews ms m!

  8. the box was insane! super sulit ung subscription for this one. we're excited about the reviews. hehehe. :)

  9. Oh well I'll save for the next year's deluxe box.

  10. Was about to get one kaso nagdalawang isip ako, next time nalang hehehe. Will wait for your reviews on these goodies. :)

  11. Super sulit box, sa serum pa lang. But I just can't spend 5000+ at once so I didn't order. :/ The maquillage foundation is really interesting. I've tried the eyeshadows but I'm not really impressed, I like the maybelline color tattoos better. :) Other than that, this box is really worth it

    1. Tried the cream eyeshadows and they were too light. :p As expected from Japanese brands. Oh well, excited for the rest though!


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