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Here's a review on Benefit Air Patrol.

Price: P1,600.00
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Other Locations: Available at Benefit Greenbelt 5, Rustan's Makati, SM Megamall, SM MOA, Trinoma, Central Square, BGC, Rustan's Shangrila Mall


I like Benefit Cosmetics not only because they're purveyors of feel- good, real- cute makeups, but also, of innovative, creative ones as well. Take for example this product called Benefit Air Patrol, an eye primer that does more than locking in eyeshadows-it actually functions as a BB Crème complete with skin- caring properties. How come no one thought of that??? Let's check this out!


This BB Crème for the eyes helps extend eyeshadow wear, color correct skin tone, and protect and hydrate the eyelids at the same time; features EnviroDefend complex that guards eyelids from smoke, pollutants, and sun.

As always, Benefit's new product is never without their quirky take on packaging. Want a sample? Check out my They're Real Push-Up Liner Review. Another one? Benefit Fine One One. Air Patrol joins the list with CushionCalm, an applicator that's even softer than my pinky and a makeup sponge! It feels like a really soft, pliable silicone, but doesn't have any off-putting smell; It's perfect for those with heavy hands and it won't induce premature wrinkles just because it's so gentle! Benefit said that the applicator can be used to massage the product onto the skin, but I don't do it, personally, because it's quite unhygienic: the applicator has a hole and bacteria from sebum, dirt, or whatever residue might go inside the passage and contaminate it if I rub it back and forth on my skin. The good news is, the inside of the tube is air-tight so bacteria and dirt can't go beyond the applicator, but still, it'll stay in the applicator and go back to my skin so I just use it to dab the product onto my skin and use my finger or a sponge to blend.

Since I mentioned that the tube has an air- tight feature, you might think that the packaging is broken because the product is not showing up even after 10 or 20 clicks. Just keep on clicking until the applicator spews the product. The applicator tends to spew a lot (but not too much) so no need for a second click (Benefit, is there a way to correct this?).

Air Patrol is a pale yellow, light cream that sets into a matte finish. As you blend it, it tends to get stiff, signaling that it's slowly setting into a no-budge finish, but the formula gives you ample time to blend it properly. It has a slight correcting effect, particularly brightening due to its shade; I find that its shade helps minimize pigmentation and redness on the eyelids, plus I don't if it's just me or formula really has cooling effect.


Air Patrol as primer

Despite the fact that this primer tends to feel stiff, I can blend eyeshadows on it breezily. It has moisturizing properties so my lids don't feel dry or taut when I'm wearing it.

After 7 hours

Look is still there and look, ma, definition, still there! The first part of an eyeshadow look that fades on me is the outer crease (dunno why), but this primer, surprisingly, kept the colors on that part intact after 7 hours.

I'm pretty happy with this primer, but I do think it's a bit expensive; at least it has skin caring and correcting properties, some things that most affordable and pricey primers don't have. If you wear eyeshadow all the time or don't mind investing in a primer, consider Air Patrol because it will give you the bang for your buck with its multiple features.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Everything in Benefit is fun and functional well in terms of Make up products. I am eyeing this one also but yes it's quite expensive especially if you will not use it everyday. But I am amazed that it's not just a primer only!

  2. i so love Benefit! i know their products are effective buuuuut it's costly. hehe. :)

  3. New products again of Benefit but still I haven't tried a single one of their products. Boooo me:( I know I'm missing a lot.
    Anyways, again Benefit did it again. This eye primer/ BB creme in one is really awesome. After 7 hours, I can see that your eye makeup still holding up. This is impressive. So eye makeup lovers out there will definitely love this one except that its pricey, however this is still worth it:) I would really love to try Benefit products someday;)

  4. Hhmm.. How do you compare this to UDPP? It's the only primer i've tried that works because when I found out it works on me, I hoarded and now I'm trying to finish them before getting a new primer.
    I love Benefit because of its quirky names and packaging but also because it has never failed me yet. All products I've bought works for me. :)

  5. Another awesome product from Benefit! They keep on introducing good stuff. I just wish i can afford this, huhuhu!

  6. I do agree with the price, a bit expensive for its kind. But it's a bit different from the others so okay na din. Super galing nga ng primer properties. :) But I'll pass on this one. I'm planning to buy one of the holiday kits instead. :)


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