LA Splash Smitten Lip Mousse Review + Swatches

Here's a review on LA Splash Smitten Lip Mousse.

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When a group swatch of the Harry Potter- inspired lipsticks came out, everyone went crazy, from fans to non-fans of Harry Potter; Because Blue, Green, and Violet lipstick shades are so rad and cool, they're finally made wearable, and...HARRY POTTER. Enough said. It has been known that LA Splash was behind all these, which is a brand by real cool and real innovative people because aside from the outrageous color range that they have, they've perfected the formula of authentic, budge- proof lipsticks because really, you can swim in the sea in these!


Tubes of intense, waterproof color with a matte finish. Lightweight. Transfer- proof. Smudgeproof. Comes in 17 colors from neutral to bold, pastel to dark.

Packaging is Acrylic; the hot pink cap is so cute! There are three prominent LA Splash lipstick variants: Smitten Lip Mousse, Lip Couture, and Studioshine Waterproof Lip Luster. Smitten has a hot pink metallic cap, Lip Couture has Gold, and Studioshine has Silver.

Are you ready for the massive swatch? I'm showing 10 colors today!
Texture is creamy mousse with a soft matte finish; texture is pretty similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. Pigmentation is outstanding.

Smitten Lip Mousse has a pretty tricky texture and consistency, and it's something that you have to learn how to work and wear. First, here are my findings on its formula:

1. Formula tends to crack so do not apply more than two layers.
2. In relation to number one, even if formula cracks, it does not dry out and affect the lips, at least on me; The cracking effect is contained within the formula. Still, don't peel off the lipstick when it starts to crack because you can still hurt your lips in the process. I think I have one of the driest lips around and this one didn't crack mine, thus I think it may work on those with dry lips. 
3. When the product sets onto your lips, it won't budge so fix it while you still can.
4. It has an awful, chemical- like scent that stays for a bit on the lips. It takes a true blue makeup lover to tolerate the scent on this one; you have been warned.

Here are the techniques I use to work this product flawlessly:

1. When you pull out the wand, there's a product blob at the surface of the doe foot applicator and you have to take a bit of that out before applying onto your lips; this is crazy pigmented so you don't need a lot, literally!
2. If you apply a lot initially, press your lips to distribute the color evenly.
3. Try your best to apply the product evenly and cleanly at the first try because A.) It stains like crazy that you have to remove your makeup if it touches your skin. B.) Layering the lipstick to even it out is not advisable because as I said, it tends to crack.
4. If you left out some bald color spots on your lips, just dab a bit of the product on those areas to cover them up; press your lips together afterwards to distribute the color.


Apologies for some of the uneven swatches; I have shaky hands!

Bella Donna (Formerly Bellatrix, Harry Potter- inspired)

- A Blue- toned violet shade.

Bella Donna reminds me a bit of Eggplant. :p This is a lovely, lovely shade of violet and it's one of the true violet shades I've seen. At first, I thought it ain't wearable, but it is after all most especially on warm skin!

Komodo (Formerly Nagini, Harry Potter- inspired)

- A dark forest Green shade with green shimmer.

Green lipstick sounds like an outrageous and ridiculous idea, but LA Splash proved us wrong; Green lipstick can actually be cool and wearable provided that it's in a dark, neutral shade of Green.

Deadly Nightshade (Formerly Sirius, Harry Potter- inspired)

- A midnight Blue shade with a neutral undertone.

This is the Harry Potter- inspired lipstick that I developed a crush on the first time I saw the swatches online. Love, love, love the skin- brightening shade and honestly, I can wear this on a normal night out!

Lovestruck (Formerly Lovegood)

- A dusty Rose shade.

One of LA Splash's most popular shades and I can see why. It's a Rose hue that fits all skin tones; it warms up pale skin and enhances warm skin.

Nymphaea (Formerly Nymphadora, Harry Potter- inspired)

- A cinnamon Rose shade with a slight Brown undertone.

Nymphaea is a lovely neutral hue that seems to go well with almost any eye makeup!

Gigi (Formerly Ginny)

- A pale Peach.

Gigi is a warm nude Peach that goes well with warm skin tone; I'd wear this when I feel like sporting a nude lip!

Raven (Formerly Ravenclaw, Harry Potter- inspired)

- A Blood Red shade

One of my most favorite shades in this line!


- A neon fuchsia.

This color is so retro and it lights up the face! The neutral pink undertone makes it perfect both on fair and warm skin tones.


- A hot pink shade with flecks of silver.

Enchanted is one of the perfect hot pinks I've seen in my life!

Hermes (Formerly Hermione, Harry Potter- inspired)

- A petal Pink shade with a slight lilac undertone.

This nude Pink should def be in your stash if you're into smoky eye makeup looks.


- A bright red shade.

Inflamed is a screaming red shade; I even call it 'Siren red' and that's the way I like my red lipstick to be. :)


- A dark, browned Red.

Spellbound is such a fashionable shade, not to mention unique; it's one of the true blue vampy shades I've encountered next to Raven.

You wanna know how great the staying power of these lipsticks is? They have their own specially made remover. Other makeup remover options are Micellar Water, Baby Oil, Petroleum Jelly, and Bioré Cleansing Wipes. I'll discuss in a separate posts the various ways to remove LA Splash's super long- wearing lipsticks.

Here's the thing: Smitten Lip Mousse is 97% super long- wearing, but depending on the shade; pigments play a part in the longevity/quality of a product; I noticed that some shades tend to come off especially when I eat a really oily meal while some stay no matter what. Generally, Smitten Lip Mousse has real good staying power.

Between the LA Splash lipsticks I have, I'd say that Smitten Lip Mousse is my most favorite because of its lovely matte finish yet gentle formula and fab shade selections. Best of all, I don't have to retouch most of the time anymore! My top choices from this collections are as follow: Raven, Deadly Night Shade, Komodo, Lovestruck, Nymphaea, Spellbound, Enchanted, and Inflamed.


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29 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OMG, I can't imagine the effort to swatch these 10 lippies! And for me Ravenclaw for the win!

  2. it's very pigmented. i couldn't stand the strong smell when i first used it, but the shades are so lovely that i have no choice but to tiis ganda. haha

  3. Lovestruck, Nymphaea and Raven tops my list. For the beautiful shades and longevity, i'm more than willing to endure the scent. Kakainis kasi yun kung saan saan mo nakikita nagtra transfer yun lipstick mo.

    1. Not to mention, I hate retouching often too so this lipstick is perfect for me!

  4. Agh! Been waiting for this review 5ever!! And it's so worth it with the discount. Haha. I'm glad I waited before getting one of these. Thanks Marthaaa and DTC! :)

  5. Awwts! why the discount coupon is just now ;( I've bought Inflamed, bewitched, hermes and gigi Iám heart broken. Anyway these lippies are superb if you discount the smell!

  6. Ang ganda talaga ng Raven Claw! This still on my must-have list. Definitely a must try!

  7. I like the colors but I have really dry lips :( I haven't tried Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams yet though I heard that for some people, the formula doesn't feel like it dries. And the smell :( Super sayang since some colors look nice! I think that this is something a makeup artist should have especially for fashion shows or magazine shoots! Super amazing nito for those purposes!

    1. I have really dry lips, but surprisingly, these are okay on me! :D

  8. Wow, love your swatches! I can't see myself wearing the first 3 shades but I'm loving the next shades on your swatches. What I have tried before from LA splash is the lip couture in latte confession, I loved it so much for the first 2 hours but aftet that it cracked and only end up taking it off. I really love the super matte effect though the smell is a bit bothering for me. Anyways, after reading your tips/techniques I want to try again LA splash. I eyeing on lovestruck,gigi and nymphaea. Thanks for the discount code!:)

    1. You're welcome! Let me know what you got/ :)

  9. Oh I wish I have the courage to wear the Deadly Nightshade too! I love almost all of them! Enchanted, Lovestruck Gigi, Inflamed and Raven looks perfect on you. And they're my Top 5 faves too! Will check DTC later, see if I can squeeze even just two lip mousse on my so tight budget! Thanks Miss M!

    1. You're welcome. Hey, it's Christmas anyway so why not? :)

  10. Bakit lahat sila bagay sayo Ms.Ma? Hehe ganda ganda lalo na yung pink at red shades.

  11. Wow, andami. And ang tyaga mong magswatch! I don't think I can pull off the blue and green shades. Haha. But it's pretty. My favorites are lovestruck, nymphaea, and inflamed. :) It looks tricky to use though.

  12. You look good in every shade in every swatch post. Unbelievable.

  13. I really love the color green but i dont know if i can pull off the Komodo lips., wish i can just like you! You really look great with any colors!

  14. just saw this! late na ako sa discount. :( sayang. :) ang ganda ganda ng shades!! must have! i'll make ipon for this. :)


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