Be The #BrightestYou With This New Skinwhite Collection

Everyone wants to shine all the time so they buy the latest clothes, accessories, and gadgets to be the brightest.

There’s actually one way to radiate from across the room and the good news is, you don’t have to spend too much for it. What is it?

Even, bright skin.

Even, bright skin is healthy skin, a skin that commands attention; even if you’re dressed in simple garb, minimal accessory, or your gadget is a bit outdated, a skin that glows is enough to make you the star of the room.

Skinwhite, one of the leading whitening products in the country, levels up their whitening range with the introduction of a new formula and range: Skinwhite Advanced Glutathione + Vitamin C Whitening Lotion and Whitening Soap; Together, these products deliver two times the whitening action with two times the power of Glutathione so you can be the #BrightestYou.

Skinwhite Advanced Glutathione + Vitamin C is for those who want bright, fair skin instantly as it promises to whiten skin in as little as 7 days, safely because of its all natural ingredients, and with TLC due to added Retinol, Vitamin C, and SPF. 

Aside from its rich formula, Skinwhite Advanced Glutathione + Vitamin C Whitening Lotion has a rich texture as well. It’s a thick, emollient yet easily- absorbed lotion with a scent that’s laced with a bright tropical floral accord; it smells really good! Going back to the texture, it feels absolutely nice and I feel that my skin’s getting a treat every time I massage it on; It yields zero white cast despite the SPF content and doesn’t feel ‘thick’ on the skin provided that you put on a decent amount and you massage it thoroughly into your skin.

Skinwhite Advanced Glutathione Soap has it produces a fluffy lather that cleanses thoroughly and soothes my skin. It has a light, fresh floral scent; it’s neutral and I think everyone will like it. I just make sure to follow up with lotion after using this product to prevent my skin from drying up. Together with the lotion, using this soap on a regular basis will help you achieve even, bright skin tone.

Skinwhite is the best choice when it comes to evening out unwanted, uneven areas because it’s innovative, effective, and very affordable! I’ve got chocolate- dipped churro arms now due to my recent hiking trip to Mt. Pico De Loro and I need these to bring me naturally brighter skin!

For more information about this new product, visit SKINWHITE on Facebook. Follow them on Instagram @skinwhiteph and visit their website at

DISCLOSURE: This post was brought to you by SkinWhite and The Beauty Junkee. Opinions are all mine and are based on a trial.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. it lightens your skin, infairness. hehe. hope it works on all skin types! :)

  2. Wow another breakthrough brand! And I love the formula and the effects on your skin. I am looking for another lotion brand and I think I wanna try them out really soon, thanks for sharing another amazing product Ms.Martha. As always, you never fail to share great products out there for us to try :)

  3. Skin White is the first whitening soap I use!

  4. I'm using this combo for 3 days. Though I'm fussy when it comes to whitening products, Skin White is one of the brand that I tried and tested ever since on my younger days. Haha. That's why everytime Skin White has new products, I make sure try it always. It's proven effective on me for years. But Skin White products works well more on me when I used it by combo. This new soap with Gluta+Vit.C is my top fave variant of Skin White. Ang bango!Just like also the other variants of SW lotion, how I wish that they make the consistency a bit liquidy. But anyways, atleast it does not leave a sticky feeling. So far, still Skin White never disappoint me when it comes to its effectiveness:)

  5. New improved products from skinwhite.. I'm gonna tell this to my friend wjo's using skinwhite products

  6. Another skinwhite product to try. :D I love the instant white effect. Hope it would last for long with continuous use. :)

  7. When I was younger, I also use SkinWhite. After some years of experimenting on different skin whitening products, I'm glad to try this brand once again. I've read good reviews about this combination (soap and lotion) thus I would love to use it and hope that it would work on me too!


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