November Favorites

I can, make that taste Christmas already! I've been to three Christmas parties already and I'm attending my fourth one this week. Just letting this year pass before I restart my fitness journey. I didn't know that being an entrepreneur can truly make you push aside your fitness goals, but the key, as always, is finding balance; I know better now and I'll prioritize my health as much as I do my business next year!

I digress. I'm preparing my much- awaited holiday blog post called LAST- MINUTE, NO- STRESS GIFT GUIDE this week; they will be up next week; I had a great time curating this year's list because of the bevy of wonderful product releases I've encountered this year. In the meantime, check out my favorites for the month of November!


- This large contouring, bronzing, and highlighting palette is endearingly large and the products deliver.

- Pink Sugar just made drugstore blush interesting again with Sweet Cheeks; they've got awesome matte blushes and don't forget to try their Sin highlighter for a touch gold highlighter realness.

- Another win for Pink Sugar! This concealer yields full coverage and dupes my pricey favorite concealer, Zero Kuma. It's one of the best drugstore concealers out there!


- A handy, dandy alternative to my favorite MAC Full Coverage foundation! It covers well, but feels extremely light!

- Finally, a worthy alternative to my favorite MAC Brow Gel Creme! Inglot's version is just as great and it's sebum- proof, waterproof, budge-proof, and even mountain hiking- proof!

That's all. What are your beauty favorites for last month?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree with the pink sugar blushes they are worth the hype!

  2. I knew it! Pink Sugar's concealer made it on your list! And the browliner gel from Inglot, too! I have seen your Pico de Loro's photos and your eyebrows were gorgeous despite the tough hike. Last month, my favorite product was my Maybelline Rebel Bouquet lipstick. I used it more often than my other lipsticks probably because i feel young whenever i have it on my lips, haha!

  3. I still want those Inglot browliner too! I can't wait for your list Ms.Martha!

  4. Can't wait to try Pink Sugar products soon. It's on my top list. Their blushes, bb cream, concealer, sugar tints and matte lipstick:) i want that to be part of my makeup kit this coming 2016. Last minute- stress guide gift guide sounds so exciting! My last month favorite is the celeteque liquid foundation:D

  5. I have also purchased Pink SUgar's concealer because of your recommendation and I am loving it so far! ^-^

  6. Where can I buy Pink Sugar prducts Ms. Martha? 😊

  7. Where can I buy Pink Sugar products Ms. Martha? 😊

  8. of course, the Inglot Brow Liner Gel!! :) can't wait to have it plus the Pink Sugar concealer. :)

  9. nice products.. i haven't tried the Pink sugar products yet.. i don't know where to buy it..Thanks for Sharing Miss Martha.. double thumbs up...

  10. Can't wait to try pink sugar products

  11. Pink sugar products on your list! :) I knew the concealer would made it. I've read a lot of positive reviews about it. Can't wait to buy the Jergens Coconut variant. Interesting Inglot products too.


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