Revlon Photoready Prime + Anti-Shine Review

Here's a review on Revlon Photoready Prime + Anti-Shine.

Price: Around P700.00
From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores


Have you ever encountered a Makeup Balm? Benefit Dr. Feel Good and Mally Face Defender are examples (pricey examples, to be exact); it's been around and people from other countries treat it as an essential, but to some Filipinos, it's still a new makeup concept. 

What exactly is a Makeup Balm? It's a silicone- like, waxy product in a pan that mattifies, primes, and smooths skin; you can use it under makeup like a regular primer or over makeup like a regular face powder (YES); if used as the latter, it has the capability to extend makeup longer than regular powder due to its sebum- trapping properties. With the way it works, some might think that Makeup Balm is purely for professional makeup use, but it can be used for everyday makeup as well; actually, most are built for daily use such as Revlon Photoready Prime + Anti-Shine, your nifty Primer and Face Powder in one pan!


This multi-use face balm claims to smooth out pores, mattify skin, soften imperfections, and provide a long- wearing base for makeup. Can be used under or over makeup, alone or with other makeup products.


Product comes in a sturdy acrylic face, albeit it's too chunky and long for my liking; definitely not travel- friendly. A smaller compact with sponge compartment would be a good replacement.

This balm yields a transparent finish and is unscented; the sponge is of great quality and I like that it imparts and spreads out the product evenly onto my skin; in short, I like how the product and sponge go well together. The balm's texture is silky, smooth, and soft: think of a solidified silicone primer-that's probably the most accurate description of its texture that I can think of. I don't know how the other makeup balms feel because this is prolly the first one I tried, but I could say that Revlon's version is lightweight and doesn't feel like it's suffocating my pores.


Used on its own

If you have great skin and can go out without makeup, then congratulations! :D Kidding aside, you can use this to take away shine so you can perfect the fresh- faced look; if you ain't shiny, but got pore problems, this can smooth out your troubles away. As for softening imperfections, I didn't observe that it can minimize the look of hyper pigmentation, redness, and zits at all.

Used over makeup

Okay, let's discuss using it under makeup first. If used underneath makeup, it works as a primer; that's all; it makes foundation appear more even and control oil for up to 3 hours.

It's more interesting to use it over makeup and I've learned to like this product because of this; it works as an extra seal for makeup on top of powder. I noticed that this product works best if used over makeup: it prolonged the freshness of my look for 2 more hours on top of the regular 3. However, applying it on top may remove your existing makeup so here's how I do it to minimize the damage:

1. I dab the balm on my face (I usually apply it on my T-Zone only to control oil)
2. I swipe the sponge lightly on the treated spots to thin out coverage and disperse the product evenly.

If you have this, don't apply too much; a dab or two is enough most of the time. Otherwise, your feel might feel sticky and 'covered'.

The thing though is, this product is it's loaded with silicone and dimethicone, so steer clear if you have known allergies to these ingredients. Other than this, this is a great product by Revlon and arguably one of their bests; it's recommended for really oily skin types, rough skin, and those who dislike the frequent retouching (me!).


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  1. a new kind of primer. i'm liking revlon lately, tapos may sale din sila, sulit. hehe. :)

  2. OIly skin lalala ♪♫♪! I'll check this out too! Though I'm a bit worried about the silicone :(

  3. I guess i'll just put this on my wishlist since i find it a bit pricey. I have terribly oily t-zone and if i'll have this, i will use it over makeup, as how you liked it and i'll do the trick you taught. But I need to find Santa first so i can give him my wishlist.

  4. There is a makeup balm? What??? But I like it that it seals your make up though but the sad part is its silicon based

  5. What there is a thing called a make up balm??? And good thing there is a more affordable version though-all thanks to revlon. Anyways I like the idea that it "seals" your make up but what bothered me is the silicon content of this product.

  6. well this is a good news for me, because i have an oily least kapag pumupunta na kami sa mall i know what to buy..I wanna try this.. thanks for the review Miss Martha Double Thumbs up..

  7. I've seen this and I became curious instantly wondering how this works. Thanks for the honest review, love how you meticulously in every detail on reviewing a product plus for sharing tips and tricks. I'll keep that in mind.

  8. I've seen this in watson store.. Now I know

  9. Great review, and a caveat as well for those with allergies. I think I better do a test on the folds between my arm to see if I am allergic.

  10. I never thought this was a balm. I thought it's powder type or something. :) Anyway, this sounds interesting. I like the technique of putting it on top of your makeup. :) Pretty amazing


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