Te Amo Floristeria Will Make You Fall In Love With Flowers More + First Look At Their Studio

I'm the type of gal who swoons over bouquets of flowers; my BF knows very well that this is the surefire way to make me smile or accept his apology. :D Because flowers are so pretty and they're nature's art; what makes a bouquet special is 1.) It's basically receiving some of nature's most beautiful elements. 2.) Fresh flowers don't last long, but for someone to make the effort to gather and give them to you shows that you are special and you deserve only beautiful, precious things.

This explains why I follow nature and flower- inspired accounts on Instagram. One of which is Te Amo Floristeria, florists to local stars and seems to me, they're flower gods because they have some of THE BEST floral arrangements and concepts I have ever seen. I've long stalked them on Instagram, drooling over their floral creations.

Finally, I can stalk them all I want and in the flesh because Te Amo Floristeria has finally opened their first- ever shop at my 'hood, BGC! First dibs on this most luxurious flower company in Manila below!

Creative and luxe through and through: Te Amo Floristeria's studio is oozing with beauty and elegance as its floral creations!

Te Amo Floristeria positions itself as the pioneer luxury custom floral design center in progressive Manila. A brainchild of floral visionary, Amy Peng, Te Amo changes the game in local floristry with artful lavishness, up-to-date designs, and various floral innovations. Amy traveled all over the world, specifically in prime horticultural countries, to better her craft at floral design, scout the best blooms, and study the most advanced floral techniques and trends; she brought home with her this wealth of knowledge and experience to offer Filipinos a new way of giving flowers and designing spaces.

Te Amo Floristeria is prolly the first local brand who popularized floral box bouquets; I saw this concept with them first and it's the reason why I fell in love with their page. How brilliant is this concept? It just made floral bouquets so handy and easy to give, not to mention luxurious- looking as well!

Here are some more inspired bouquets!

Te Amo men in action

Te Amo Floristeria prides themselves on their lavish use of color and texture, skill, and creativity that never runs low. Also, they make use of local and imported flowers.

The boutique has two floors: The ground floor is the receiving and lounge area and upstairs is the design area where you choose your flowers and have them arranged. They arrange while you wait and they're pretty fast! Here's my bouquet: a mix of various roses surrounded by Hydrangea. I'm in love!

They also have other forms of arrangements aside from boxes; you can go for the classic bouquet in box, potted flowers, and vase arrangements. Price for the flower box bouquets starts at P4,000.00 and for the bouquet in box, P2,000.00, depending on the flowers you choose and intricacy of the design.

Te Amo Floristeria is also the first to offer these giant preserved Roses in Manila; these Roses were preserved in and imported from Japan; this is another reason why I'm so hooked on Te Amo: they found a way to make Rose, my favorite flower, last longer!

I asked how this flower innovation works and learned that the Roses are preserved using a signature technique that replaces its natural moisture with artificial moisture, making it last for three to five years; the technique is so special that the Roses, after the procedure, still remain looking fresh and natural-they don't end up looking hard, fake, or lacquered.

The preserved Roses come in the following colors: Red, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Midnight Blue (gorgeous!), Dark Red, and Purple. They have the Zodiac edition (P4,899.00) that features all the signs on the boxes and the basic box (around P4,255.00); the Roses come with a care card upon purchase. It's a very unique gift for any occasion that every woman will love; it adds a touch of class to any space too! For the men out there, just pop a ring in the middle and propose! ;)

They have also released their Rainbow Collection and you can get the preserved Rose in a lovely, funky Rainbow pattern (P5,375.00). By the way, you can also have the flower box bouquets, preserved!

Te Amo Floristeria offers various packages to cater to your gift- giving needs. Here are some of them:

1. Special Occasions (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Valentine's, Christmas)
2. Welcoming Gifts
3. Employee Care
3. Event Design
4. Multiple Orders
5. Weekly Orders
6. Customized giveaways
7. Souvenirs
8. Retail Creations (Pre-set bouquets and designs)

As for their services, they have the following:

1. Loyalty Program
2. Gift Wrapping
3. Packaging Recycling

Te Amo lives and breathes flowers, and they want to share this love to everyone. Aside from retail, Te Amo will also hold workshops soon in this studio; Guess they'll be seeing me here often when they finally launch the workshops!

Oh, I am so inspired with this post. I love flowers so much! :D

Te Amo Floristeria is now open to serve you; they are located at Active Fun Bldg., 9th cor. 28th st., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. 833-8788. Visit TE AMO FLORISTERIA on Facebook for more information and go to their OFFICIAL WEBSITE for more details.

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  1. This is a perfect gift indeed for those looking for unusual and unique floral dispalys, their flowers are intricately full of great selection. An extraordinary arrangement too.I've heard this before about this preserved giant rose with a lifespan of 3-5 years. Midnight blue is simply beautiful:)

    1. Yes, Midnight Blue is really pretty, I almost went for that one. :D

  2. i love flowers toO! and yes kahit mahal ang bouquet priceless pa rin yung happiness na dala nya. i love their designs! very unique.. plus making them preserved for more years is worth it!

  3. I first of Te Amo Floristeria when I saw some bloggers on Instagram showing off their preserved roses. Thank you so much for this post; now I know how the boxed flowers and preserved roses cost. I love roses too!

  4. I love receiving flowers too, but I also hate it when they dried up so fast! And I preserve them by keeping the petals inside my books LOL! But Te Amo's flowers are so gorgeous and unique! I can't even comprehend the preserved Roses that can last up to three to five years?! Just wow! And I agree with the idea that you can use this flowers and pop a ring on it, I would probably cry a lot when that someone does that to me:)

  5. i love the idea of preserved roses. it's good that it can last that long. :) ang ganda din ng mga flowers nila, hope to visit that store soon. :)

  6. I have been a follower of Te Amo Floresteria for quite sometime. I really wish i could have a preserved rose in baby pink. I would love to visit their shop but too bad, Taguig was too far from my place. I can imagine myself staring at their creations and daydreaming!

  7. All I can say is wow! Wow! And wow! They are so pretty! I want one

  8. Beautiful!I am suddenly reminded of this Japanese TV series I watched online called Kekkon Shinai ( roughly translated it means Unmarried). It's about this 30 plus years old woman who meets a guys who's a florist, and it's from that show I found out about flowers, and what it means when you give a particular flower to somebody.

    1. Cute! I shall look for that series one of these days.. :D


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