FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Favorite Sheet Masks

The Internet's been pretty negative lately because of this boxer's comment on homosexuality; he's already been served. Let us forgive, but not forget and let us choose our politicians wisely.

Let's cool down today and end the week on a happy note by relaxing; one good way to relax, for me, is lying in bed, staring into nothingness, and with a sheet mask on my face; the whole ritual is so simple, but effective enough to de-stress me. Today, I'm sharing my top 5 brands for sheet masks; thanks, Mara, for the question!

Hi Martha,

I read about your blog post about masks and that made me decide to give sheet masks a try; I got hooked after my first try and now it's part of my weekly routine. Now I want to ask your opinion on the best/your favorite sheet masks; would love to try them out; thanks in advance for the response!


Hey Mara!

Sheet Masks are so pleasant, no? They instantly make your skin feel really healthy and nice that's why I love them.

I wouldn't say that these sheet masks that I'm about to enumerate are the best ones out there, but they're my favorites and did my skin good. Sharing them below:

- Aside from giving my skin a great time with its motherload of Beauty Essences, Hadabisei gives me great savings as well because it saves me a couple of thousand bucks from buying individually packed sheet masks!


- This newcomer from Vietnam is one of the super moisturizing masks I've tried; it will truly drench your skin in a hydrating, moisturizing liquid infused with some of the popular skin care ingredients.

- FYI, Leaders Insolution's business is built on sheet masks so go ahead, give them your trust. My favorite is the Coconut Bio Mask because of its unique Coco meat texture and formulas that visibly improve skin's radiance and look.

- Beauty Buffet is affordable and it works, plus I love the huge selection!


- Yadah is a budget- savvy's treat because it's affordable, but works really well.

That's all! Care to share you favorite sheet masks? Do so below! :D

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I've tried beauty buffet and they're good!

  2. Hi dear! :) I love hadabisei also. I've recently bought a pack and I'm loving it! :)

    May I ask, what do you prefer, sheet masks or the paste kind of masks which you spread all over your face? Also, what's the difference with regards to its effectivity?


  3. Beauty buffet is my go-to sheet mask. There are just so many varieties! I also love that they're often on sale :)

  4. I've tries beauty buffet and I like it

  5. i love skII treatment facial mask. perfect for sensitive skin. but its expensive i only use it when i have very important events to attend. 2) lululun face mask which is very good and popular even in teenager in jp. it is affordable and has a lot of mask 32 sheets i think perfect for everyday and for lazy girls..3)clear turn vitamin c mask which has vitamin c and bha .it is cheap but very strong mask , i only use it twice a month .i notice that when i used it my dark spots or acne mark fades faster than the usual more better. im addicted with using mask specially when iam lazy with using skin care. i love sheet mask since it is less messy to use

  6. I haven't tried sheet masks, just clay masks from Vedette and i love how it made my skin moisturized and felt supple after rinsing it off. I will try one so i'll know the difference of the two. I have read so much raves about Leaders and i would love to try it one day.

  7. i once tried the Tony Moly sheet mask. and it has also great moisturizing effect. :)

  8. I love masks too and thanks to you I was introduced to this super enjoyable weekly routine! My faves would have to be Leaders Insolution, Vedette and Etude House face masks :)

  9. I am loving mask sheets as well! Been using vedette and the ones from EH and face shop. It's in my weekly routine. Next to mask sheets, I love clay and peel off masks.

  10. i love using facial masks ms m.. lalo na kapag may event ka the following day.. my very first mask is from ms rina (MBD Mask) year 2009 glad that i have tried it (most raved nask that time) now im currently getting facial mask from watsons lalo kapag naka buy one take one sya.. and i bought gel - oil mask type from EH (88php) which is good for 4 to 5 use!(washable nga lang) it is like home facial done at home.. very budget friendly and relaxing

  11. I love The Faceshop mask sheets :) they have great deals, buy 5 take 5! They're great and budget saver too!


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