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BEAUTY BULLETIN: Feel Good and Do Good Beauty

Beauty, more than making you look good, should make you feel good as well; outward in, inward out, whichever way, beauty should make you feel good through and through.

I've rounded up some feel good news and products that you can indulge in this morning.

Ill- fitting and stiff brassieres not only pose risks to your health, but to your confidence and comfort as well; imagine having to fix your bras every time just because it's either going sideways, falling downwards slowly, or your left or right jubbly just keeps on popping out! Not cool!

The solution is simply a bra that fits you like a glove and sits comfortably, and the solution is Coobie, which claims to be the most comfortable bra EVAR and it is!

Coobie is a US brand of inner wear that has recently arrived in the Philippines and it boasts of a universal- fitting, super comfortable brassiere range; many women, including local celebrities namely Kelly Misa and Patty Laurel, are getting into this brand as it finally makes us realize that wearing brassiere can actually be comfortable.

Coobie comes in three styles: the one pictured on top is the popular regular scoop neck that comes in plains and prints, lace and plain bandeaus, and nursing bras; the bras only come in one size that can fit a whopping range of bust sizes from 32A to 36D; that might sound impossible not until you try these; I was skeptical at first about this claim, but when I got to try them, the bras indeed fit so well and snuggly; the bras look small, but have a very expandable material that follows the upper body's contours.

Coobie bras are versatile too: wear them as a regular bra, as a fashion statement, as a sports bra, or even as a top when lounging by the beach!

Coobie bras are at P1,000.00; there are also complementary Coobie underwears available. Visit COOBIE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products and to order.

Day after day, we see, read, and hear news about how the environment is deteriorating. What have we been doing to save it? Are we just liking or sharing these on social media? Guess what; these won't do anything.

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: "Be the change you want to see in the world." Underneath those likes and shares, I know that deep in each and everyone's hearts, we want to help and spark change; Guess what again: you don't have to join an excursion, be a billionaire, quit your job, or leave your family just to start saving the environment: dispose your trash properly. Use electricity and water wisely. Leave nothing but footprints (decode: pick up your trash). Go beyond your social media likes and shares; these things may seem small and incomparable to the efforts of giant environmental organizations, but imagine if there are 100 billion people doing these all at once; global warming will have a setback for a couple years!

You can also extend support to organizations and brands that champion the environment such as The Body Shop; this brand has always been the staunchest supporter of the environment with campaigns and product releases that always aim to give back to the environment. This year, they launched CHANGE Almond Hand And Nail Cream, which was redesigned by EINE; 1.50 euros gets donated to The Body Shop's environmental efforts every time this product is sold. For more information, visit THE BODY SHOP PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

A genuine smile for every Filipino - that has been Colgate-Palmolive's mission ever since they opened in Binondo in 1926. This year, Colgate-Palmolive celebrates their 90 years by continuing their mission, Keep Philippines Smiling, through a contract signing with Operation Smile Philippines Foundation Inc.,; through this organization, Colgate-Palmolive will continue providing proper dental care education, free dental check- ups and surgeries, and dental health kits to at least 10,000 kids in 100 barangays this 2016; in 2015 alone, 2.3 million kids benefited from this program!

Puregold partnered with them for this endeavor: from February 5 to April 17, 2016, for every purchase of participating Colgate products, P5.00 will be donated to the program to help raise funds for surgeries and check- ups in selected barangays. Now this is something worth smiling about!

For more information about the program, visit COLGATE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love that brands are evolving to save mother earth (got to get those hand cream my Mom keeps on telling me she wants it).

  2. It's nice that those big companies are reaching out, sharing their blessings to others through various programs. I hope more and more companies will come up with advocacies that will benefit the less-priviledge and will care for the environment as well.
    By the way, the Coobie bra sure looks comfy. I love the wide assortment of colors.

    1. Yes! It's super comfy! I want to get more in different colors and prints.

  3. I will help by buying colgate products! yay!!

  4. Those bra looks very comfortable to wear, I need one in my life! I hate it when my bra stabs me with its wires or fits wrong. Good thing they have this kind of undergarments. :)

    1. Haha same! Coobie's bras really feel so comfy, it's like you're wearing nothing; the bra conforms to your contours and movements, making it really comfortable!

  5. Environmental awareness shouldn't just be a thing within our social medias because we should really act on it, and take care of our mother earth because this is our only home. Nature can survive without us but we can't survive without nature!
    It is a good news that such companies are making a step to take care of nature even just in a simple way! I hope that more people will engage to such actions and do small things, I mean helpful things to nature. :) Love mother earth nga kasi dapat! ❤️

    1. Yes, and I hope brands will create more CSR and environment- related programs to engage and convince people more to care for the planet!

  6. I don't wear anymore my bra at home because it always pop out. Lol
    I would like to try coobie bra and you mentioned that you can use them anytime. Wow that's cool.

    God bless to all the people who extend their hands to those in need Filipinos.

  7. The bras look so comfortable plus it could be a sports bra. Yeay! (Of course the padding is important too and it is removable.... ANOTHER YEAY!) Gotta check this out. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, it looks more of a sports bra, but I wear it with shirts too :)

  8. i have seen that bras on your IG post ms m.. and it really is an eye opener.. now I opt changing my undergarments and look for alternative (non wire) good thing we have bench brand nationwide and got 3pieces last week!

    i will always be a fan of TBS as well as TBJ hahaha ooops


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