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MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover Review

Here's a review on MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover.

PRICE: Around P1,000.00+
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all local MAC stores


I've modeled for a couple of times when I was in my teen years; backstage, we and the team that grooms us always have optimal beauty solutions that will let us switch from an au naturel look to Jackson Pollock- inspired makeup; that includes a setting powder that can look light and yield additional coverage when needed at the same time, a color stick for the eyes, lips, and cheeks, and makeup removers that take away everything in one go, but don't need rinsing. Those were really fun days and I wish every one could have a glimpse of the inspiring world of backstage and modeling; in my honest opinion, models are some of the greatest stress managers!

This #FlashbackFriday was brought to you by MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover, a makeup remover made with models in mind; it's the ideal makeup remover for quick cleaning solutions.


This lightweight, gentle, oil- free eye makeup remover does not need to be rinsed when used; fyi, it's a favorite in the modeling industry!


Unscented, lightweight, sting- free, oil- free, and feels and dries up just like Micellar Water; it removes waterproof makeup and evaporates quickly and completely from the skin so you can reapply makeup right after or even hit the sack right away. What's lovable about this is a few drops are enough to remove makeup on both eyes and it doesn't dry up quickly on the cotton pad. Since this product is oil- free, you have to wiggle the pad on your eyes gently and for a little to loosen up makeup and after which, eye makeup will finally come off completely.

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover is truly a modern makeup remover; a little pricey for an eye makeup remover, but it will be very useful to you if you are prone to makeup boo-boos, are fond of switching up eye makeup looks during the day, and you're a model.


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's been so long since I checked back and posted a comment! Got distracted a bit but so glad to be back. As always, you bring the best products to us Ms. Martha! :)

  2. Ahh so this is the "magic" MAC liquid my cousin is telling me lol!I thought she was referring to bifesta (face palm) hahaha.

  3. woah!!! i am getting this.. first it is MAC (quality at its best) plus it is my fave color!

  4. That's an expensive for eye makeup remover indeed, oh well its MAC anyway:) love the color of the packaging:)

  5. Ohhh you used to model pla Ms. Martha, no doubt you look pretty naman kasi eh. :)
    That makeup remover sounds promising kasi in this busy world we often have time to remove our make up which is a big NO NO! So I think Mac really stood up to their name and also aced making a makeup remover. I really have no questions when it comes to MAC products, i really love their products even though it's a bit pricey.

    1. Yes, that was way back in college when I was doing a lot of rackets to increase my daily allowance. :D Yeah, this one's pricey, but I really like the quality; if I have more than enough money, I'll repurchase!

  6. I think a thousand bucks is too much for a makeup remover. There are a lot of affordable alternatives in the market today. Me, I use Bifesta, and I'm content with it. Hihi. But hey, if you've got extra moolah, then try this. :)

  7. It's pricey but i think it's a necessity if you're switching from one makeup look to another and you have two different roles in a day, say, a Salesperson in the morning and a student in the evening. It's also handy if you're too tired from work and your waterproof mascara and colorful eye makeup takes forever to take off. Ms. Martha i know that you're in theater before but i didn't know that you used to be a model pala! Ang swerte mo naman. You're blessed with beauty, brains and talent.

    1. Yeah. this will come handy to those kinds of people! :)

  8. I need this stuff but why so pricey.. 😆😁

  9. it's good that it's oil- free, but it's a bit pricey for a make up remover. :)

  10. Priceyyyy... but targeted for Makeup Professionals I think.

  11. Wow naging model ka po pala dati :) never pa akong nakagamit o kahit man lang tester ng MAC. Eto pa kaya? Huhu. Pero mukhang worth it naman sya sa price nya kasi ginagawa naman nya yung dapat nyang gawin. Perfect ito sa mga nagsusuot ng heavy eye makeup at waterproofs na eye makeups.


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