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Here's a review on Pink Sugar It's Awesome BB Cream.

PRICE: P499.00
FROM: Free (Press sample)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in select SM Department stores


I am officially a Pink Sugar database now. Haha! I have reviewed nearly each and every single Pink Sugar product and the latest one is It's Awesome BB Cream; one more to go: HD Lipstick line.

So, it's BB Cream season once more and inasmuch as it is lightweight, soothing, and has SPF, its formula just runs off in the heat and can make you look like an oil slick. Pink Sugar saw that problem and formulated their BB Cream, It's Awesome, to persist under warm conditions. Awesooooomeee!


Moisturizes, corrects, smooths, and protects; apparently yields full, lasting coverage; comes in 4 shades.


Product comes in a classic tube, but my problem is the hole is pretty big that the liquid automatically comes out upon opening; stain hazard! Also, the tube doesn't have a shade label so you won't know which shade is which in case you have more than one and when you discard the box. Pink Sugar, kindly label the upcoming tubes, please. :)

These are all the shades. The shades tend to lean on the warmer side, which is good news for Morenas; finally! A BB Cream that prioritizes warm skin in a tropical country; makes sense! The shades look random and don't necessarily follow each other, and come in varying undertones; however, shade selection is small and I don't think it can cater to all, but at least good enough to accommodate a variety of Filipina complexions.

Consistency is a semi-thick cream, but feels magically weightless on the skin; coverage is medium to heavy and locally, it's the BB Cream with the most decent coverage in my opinion. Now before you say "Ay, heavy coverage", let me remind you that BB Cream was originally developed to conceal surgical scars, ergo they should yield full coverage; this is probably one of the BB Creams that stay true to its purpose. I know, I know, we're all conditioned to think that BB Cream should be lightweight; fret not when I say that this yields medium to heavy coverage because Pink Sugar was able to keep it light and fresh despite its medium to high concealing prowess. BB Cream has a very light floral scent.


Two layers of the BB Cream + L'Oreal True Match Crayon Concealer

I switch between Beige and Light Medium, depending on the color of my skin tone each season; since summer time is here and I have an upcoming beach trip, I'll be wearing Light Medium more often.

In this photo, I'm wearing Beige, which is my usual shade; it's a bit light for my skin tone, but it's no biggie and there's nothing that a contouring powder can't fix. As you can see, it provides a smoothing finish, makes skin look dewy and healthy, and conceals light to moderate discolorations; I'm loving its even finish and lightweight feel!

One concern is the consistency is 'squeaky' and doesn't spread as smoothly as most of its counterparts; this feature helps the product stay on longer IMO, but I understand that not a lot will find this pretty. Sharing my techniques on how to counteract this; you can use any on Pink Sugar's BB Cream;

1. Spray water on the BB Cream to give its coverage some slip; don't use too much water. Otherwise, product will become watery!

2. Use a kabuki brush to even out the product easily.

3. Use a damp sponge to apply and blend the product on your skin.

I'd also like to say that your face may feel a bit sticky when the BB Cream is still in its wet state, but it will immediately go away once you set it with powder.

This BB Cream is a bit better than most BB Creams, but isn't quite like foundation; it's in between the two and I think that's what most Filipinas need: a base that's as light as a BB Cream and covers like foundation. Staying power is good: it gradually fades, but combination normal/oily and oily skin will need to retouch during wear. It's great for daily wear, but I don't think it will hold up if you swim or exercise; it's just good enough to keep your face looking polished on a regular or hectic day.

Pink Sugar It's Awesome BB Cream is pretty good and I appreciate that it gave more coverage than most BB Creams; I'm a coverage gal and this is so right up my alley; this product just has a learning curve, but once you get over that, you'll appreciate the nice effect, coverage, and staying power of this product.


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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow.. flawless finish ms m.. i am currently into bb creams and i just loving the one released by Belo.. a little cheaper than BB cream from Pink Sugar.. i dont know if they were readily available in south area (laguna)

    1. Pink Sugar is actually affordable given its medium-full coverage; it's like Encara, but has more shade options. :)

  2. This will be my next purchase. The BB Cream I'm using right now is not really giving the coverage I want. Thanks for this review.

  3. Thanks for the review, saw this yesterday at the sm dept store and I thought of buying one but then I had second thoughts kasi I wasn't do sure and haven't read any reviews about it. Finally a BB cream that can cover like a foundation! Clap clap pink sugar! 👏🏻💕 I think this will be good for summer since foundation tends to clog my pores to much! Will definitely give this BB cream a try! :)

  4. The shades don't look like they belong to one collection/range. Nevertheless, love that these cater to warmer skin tones. Love the coverage!

    1. Yes and I think that's okay because that means it can cater to more skin tones. :)

  5. The only Pink Sugar product that i have as of now is an HD lipstick but i would love to try many of their products like the concealer and their palettes. This BB Cream adds up to my list though i think i need to be careful in finding the shade for me. Thanks for sharing your tip on how to make the consistency more spreadable as well as the tools that will ease the blending.

  6. Now this is my kind of BB cream! I like those types na konting push na lang foundation na. Hehe I also love that they are lightweight, that's why I prefer BBs instead of foundie. Will definitely try this soon!

    1. Same! I love foundation so when I'm going to use something other than foundation, I want it to be somewhat similar to foundation haha!

  7. I'll try your technique thank you for sharing!

  8. I think the shade Beige will do me just fine 'cause it's the most yellow but I still have to check. I've been stalking the Pink Sugar kiosk every time I am at SM Makati and this BB cream has intrigued me so. Might try it on my face to see for myself!

  9. Hmmm. The shades are seriously random like what you've said. Not a fan of the packaging and it looks like I will stay on my BB cream for now.

  10. The coverage is great, glad to know that those shades are perfect for morenas like me. I'm lean towards on BB cream to use on my first job very soon since I'm new on wearing makeup(^̮^)

    1. Awesome! This is a great product to start with; it's affordable and not intimidating. :)

  11. I'm still in search of the greatest bb cream. With a lightweight feeling. And your review makes me wanna try this. Okay then, I'm eyeing on this on my next makeup haul!


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