Kryolan Nebula: The Future of Airbrush Makeup

Kryolan is one of my most preferred brand of pro makeup because it WORKS. I first encountered it as a theatre student and I remember gushing when I first held onto my first Supracolor palette. It was like love at first sight. That Supracolor palette lasted me for 2 years despite using it year 'round for shows because it's that pigmented and long- lasting, definitely a PRO makeup line.

Years after, I still love the brand; in fact, when I discovered that they have a branch at Promenade Greenhills (because Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato was too far for me), I'd drop by every time I have a meeting in the area and, as expected from a lover, I always end up buying something!

Last month, I had the privilege of being invited to their VIP sale, to learn something new from Paul Merchant, Kryolan UK's Head of Make Up Artistry, and to witness the unveiling of a new Kryolan product: Nebula, the future of Airbrush makeup.

Admittedly, Paul agrees that Airbrush provides an unparalleled PRO makeup finish, but dislikes how it cannot be fixed once it sets and how it is drying for some skin types. With Nebula, Paul's concerns were answered: it is Kryolan's all new formula for Airbrush that contains silicone to provide a smooth, non- drying finish and for the first time, this is the airbrush formula that can be manually fixed by fingers, sponge, or brush to create the most perfect makeup finish and looks. Nebula Airbrush is available in foundation, eye brow, blush, and colored formulas.

Paul Merchant demonstrated an avant garde look that showcased Kryolan's Summer color and trend forecast for makeup. Tessa Prieto gladly lent her beauty for the demo.

For Kryolan, Summer is all about bright colors in frosted, shimmery finishes, textures and colors that bring to mind vibrant summer escapades; for PRO makeup, Kryolan unveils Mirrored Brows, which are obviously not for daily use, but will make every editorial/photo shoot a bit more fabulous! Just for kicks and out of curiosity, I would love to try those Mirrored Brows!

Kryolan Nebula is now available in Kryolan's stores. For more information about this product, visit KRYOLAN PHILIPPINES On Facebook.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I don't know if it is just me but, I get easily intimidated by SA's of Kryolannot because they're snob or something actually they are friendly and smiles at you whenever you enter their store..perhaps, it has something to do with their interior. I notice that whenever I entered their "nook"I mean store I feel that I'm entering an art gallery and I love their posters on their wall it tickled my makeup creativity whenever I catch a glimpse of it.

  2. This is the first time i've heard/read about this product. I'm sure this will be loved by pro make up artists or even those who are simply addicted to make up :) Thanks for introducing me to this brand TBJ!

  3. The only color that I dare to wear probably just one, and it's Diva. I would say it's a bit like Marsala color? Very pretty and more wearable than the other one :D At least for me.


  4. Never heard about this brand! And I'm really not aware of that airbrushed thing. I usually don't know to use it. But they say it really gives that natural, flawless and smooth skin. I just wanna share that I use Maybelline Dream Satin Air Whipped Liquid Foundation, they said they have a bit similar coverage. :)

  5. This is cool! Will tell my sisters to prepare for our sister's wedding. Makapag-practice nan mag make up mag-isa para tipid. 😂😊

  6. heard this brand from your previous posts pa ms m.. speaking of airbrush method makeup, i really do want to learn how to do it, kasi in demand sya for weddings, kaya lang after looking at workshops at mga equipment for this method pricey sya, you really have to invest sa machine pa lang.

  7. First time to heard about this brand.Is it because most of the people who use this are make up artist or the professional? Tessa Prieto Valdes is really the right person for the demo.She really loves to wear lively and bright colors and she nailed it!


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