Benefit Unveils their BIGGEST Brow Collection To Date!

WHOA! Benefit has just released a MASSIVE brow collection and it's got brow lovers like me crying tears of joy; this collection has about 30 products and all brow product variants you can think of! It's the most extensive brow product collection I have seen!

Two weeks ago, Benefit launched their brow collection to their media and blogger friends; finally, I'm unveiling this to you, dear readers. Jared Bailey, Global Brow Expert, has visited Manila once again to join the celebration and to muse what makes this a monumental launch and collection for Benefit.

As you may know, Benefit's business thrives on Brows; it's globally known for 'raising arches' since its inception and its world famous Brow Bars, thus having an extensive brow collection is just fitting. The catchy, silver hue cannot be missed and its quirky, weapon- inspired packaging makes each and every brow product your defense against bad brows.

Benefit's new brow collection is comprised of 8 variants: My favorite Brow Zings just had a makeover and now comes in 6 whopping color combinations; there are two new brow pencils namely Precisely, My Brow, a defining brow pencil and Goof Proof Brow Pencil, a shaping and filling product; Gimme Brow has been revamped too and comes in 3 shades; Ka-Brow is what I am most excited about because it's a Brow Cream and you know how obsessed I am with this brow product; two primers are introduced in this collection namely Browvo Brow conditioning primer that primes and encourages hair growth and Ready, Set, Brow! a 24- hour shaping and setting gel for brows; lastly, High Brow and High Brow Glow had a sweet makeover too!

Here are my preferred shades from each product:

1- Brow Zings in #4
2- Ka-Brow in #4
3- Gimme Brow in #3
4- Precisely, My Brow in #4
5- Goof Proof in #4

Benefit Brow Collection will be available in all local Benefit stores starting July 2016. Visit BENEFIT COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product. In the meantime, do let me know which brow product you would like to try and who's up for Trillion Dollar Brows workshop??? Haha!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I am so excited to get the Gimme Brow 😊!! Brow game strong with Benefit indeed! The whole range is to rave about and I would love to try all of them

  2. Ooooh la la! This is brow heaven! To be honest I dreaded doing my brows - it's because I found it difficult to shape and tame it. So unruly! But when I got the hang of it, it's actually something I enjoyed doing hehe. Now these are some goodies that I want to get my hands on! Last time I visited the Benefit store I wasn't able to buy any brow products. Next time (though im unsure when that will be haha) it's a MUST to get hold of these babies <3

  3. ME!! ME!! I do love to attend your Trillion Dollar Brows workshop♥♥♥
    I'll be waiting for the announcement of this event... I like the KA-BROW IN #4 it has cute packaging and is this a pomade kind of brow tools and has a lighter shade to give to your brow ..

  4. It looks like ka_Brow will fit my current hair color :D

  5. That's a lot of products for eyebrows! Got to save for July, I think I'm gonna hoard 'em LOL

  6. How I wish na sana ay marunong akong magkilay. Hehehe

  7. Precisely, My Brow is for meee. Benefit's packaging always kills. it makes me want to buy everything. DEYM.

  8. It's obvious that Benefit is one of your trusted brand and I can't wait to see your reviews for their new brow collection. I've been wanting to get my hands in their products especially the Brow Zings and Roller Mascara but it's too pricey.

  9. excited for the reviews and your Trillion Dollar Brows workshop!! :))

  10. ME! leveling up after revealing your Billion Dollar Brow workshop! I only tried their mascara and i am really curious with their new released product for the brows!


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