FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: My Top Destinations for Quick Getaways

I heard there's a storm a'comin' and it's already within PAR so I'm reminding everyone to bring rain shields today; now's also the perfect time to go shopping for new jackets and cute umbrellas!

I digress. The weekend's here. Any plans? If you're planning to escape the city next weekend, here are my top destinations for quick getaways that won't cost much, won't require too much planning, and won't demand too much money! Thank you, Glaiza for this wonderful question!

Hi Martha,
My BF and I were so busy this Summer and right before we know it, Summer's done and we haven't had the chance to go on an awesome vacation. Any suggestions on where to go for a quick getaway, preferably some place that's near the city, but will make us feel that we escaped the city? Your response will be highly appreciated!

Hey Glaiza!

Awww! Sorry to hear that you weren't able to take advantage of Summer, but fret not, there are vacation spots near the city that you can go to and unwind, and here are my most recommended destintions; all you need is a car and you're good to go!


- This famous museum in Antipolo is where art and nature meet; it's an abode of the finest contemporary paintings and sculptures of seasoned and up-and-coming Filipino artists. Don't forget to try the tasty dishes at Peppermill Restaurant and go sunset watching at Cafe Tan-Aw.

- Luljetta's is a getaway for the soul and senses; this famous wellness destination tucked in Loreland, one of Antipolo's well- known resorts, boasts of its 'hanging by the mountain' landscaping and world- class spa facilities with a Filipino touch. Must- try is the suman and Lemongrass iced tea duo!

- For thrill- seekers, nature lovers, and those who want to have a good sweat, hiking is a recommended activity. Pico De Loro Hike is for those who have a semi-active lifestyle; it's pretty challenging and tiring, but the view at the top is worth it!

- The lakeside offers a certain kind of calm that you won't find at the beach; if you want to experience stillness in nature, opt for Club Balai Isabel.

- Want to hike, but don't want too much challenge? Go for Taal Volcano Hike; it's a fairly easy hike; in fact, you can even rent and ride a horse to get to the top. And once you get there, you will be rewarded with this stunning view of Taal Lake.

That's all! Guys, do share your favorite quick getaways at the comment section. :)

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I miss the taal lake :D Nowadays my weekend getaway revolves around enhancing the faces of my pretty batch mates :D

  2. Pag may family ka na at mga kids, most of our getaways are staycation lang, I have a baby and two kids pa. Pero nakapunta kame sa Skyranch sa Tagaytay last May 12. At super nag enjoy ang mga kids.

  3. Very important talaga these days ng pause from our hectic lives. We need new perspectives to stay on course. Sometimes sa bilis ng panahon kasi we somehow lose our way and forgot the things we are striving for.

    Jealous of the Pico de Loro hike Im too scared to try it.. I would love to schedule a Taal volcano hike very tempting that kayaking

  4. Nice, I would love to try the Taal Volcano Hike. Looks interesting!

  5. I want to experience that Luljette's Hanging Garden Spa thats near to my place:)
    Me too and my Boyfie loves to travel because on that way it releases our stress and we enjoy travelling to diff. places and eating to diff. resto. Here are some places we went to together 1.Tagaytay (People park's in the sky,sky ranch,picnic grove and the most beautiful STARBUCKS in Tagayatay in TwinLake) 2.Isdaan Floating Resto in Laguna, 3.Reguna Rica Church in Tanay Rizal, 4.Amana Waterpark in Pandi Bulacan, We also went to Baguio City and Daranak Falls...

  6. I love Pico de Loro!!!have you tried the Halo Halo there? if not, try it next time! The view especially on the Monolith was spectacular, the hike was indeed tiring (and sometimes scary when) but definitely worth it!:)

  7. i love your picks Ms M, but this year we prefer staying at home during vacations, bonding with family and relatives, movie marathons, cooking and crafting muna since we're saving for this school year.

    If kaya pa ng lungs ko ang maghiking i think it is fun. Enjoying nature is real vacation, maybe next year or so hihi more travel posts Ms M! lalo na sa inyong parating na trip! ingats!

  8. How lovely! These places really provide fun and relaxation at the same time - away from the stress :) I love taal lake, I grew up in Batangas and almost every weekend we went to Tagaytay to unwind. I want to visit Luljette's soon. Seems like a very cool place to go to. There are actually similar places here in Davao, hope you could visit here soon :)


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