MAC Eyebrow in Lingering Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on MAC Eyebrow in Lingering.

PRICE: Around P1,000.00+
FROM: Free (Press sample)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all MAC counters and boutiques


There are eyebrow pencils out there that claim to be soft, but they're as hard and scratchy AF. I've tried a lot of these 'soft' brow pencils already and I could say "Na-uh, you ain't soft, bro-w!" To date, MAC Eyebrow is the genuinely soft eyebrow pencil I have tried because it's gentle, defines naturally, and...yeah, soft!


According to MAC, this is a "self- propelling, self- sharpening" pencil that "provides definition, shape, deepens/fills in color." It is available in 10 shades.

This is a slim, easy-to-bring pencil; the size is both a blessing and a curse: blessing because it's virtually weightless and curse because I've misplaced this for a couple of times already. Also, this automatic brow pen has a different orientation compared to its average counterparts: the dial is located at the top portion (see the part with lines? That's the dial) instead at the bottom; this allows me to control the product that I take every time.

MAC Eyebrow has a very small tip, making it perfect for drawing hair- like strokes and from no brows to thick brows; it's an all- encompassing eyebrow pencil.

Lingering is described as a 'Soft Taupe Brown'; a good shade, really, and it fits Asian skin tone really well. To give you an idea of its consistency, it's like a slightly hardened cream that melts on the skin as you work it in; no tugging, pulling, scratching to be felt; heck, you won't even feel it at all. However, this thing breaks ever so easily; I used it one time while in a hurry and I broke the tip for around 3 times in the span of 3 minutes; eep! Morale of the story is don't use this product if you are in a hurry!


Bare Brow

With Lingering

I really like how it feels and works; it deposits color gradually onto my brows and can be built without looking over-the-top; consistency doesn't stick on brow strands too and can be evened out easily with a spoolie. Staying power is good on any casual day.

Aside from being really soft and gentle, this eyebrow product performs really well overall; I highly recommend it to those who have sensitive skin and anyone who wants a gentle brow product with great quality. We all know that hard, lead pencils can lead to hair loss so if you want to dodge this problem in the future, switch to soft pencils like this product.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I think the color is perfect for my current hair (well based on your swatch).

  2. Ganda! Pero it's quite expensive for me. Maybe K-Palette will be my next brow product to try. :)

  3. Parang natural lang ang dating sayo ng Mac Eyebrow in Lingering. Wow I wish I can do it to myself too. Hindi kase ako maturong magkilay.

  4. MAC always deliver quality with their pencils. I am in love with their lip liners and I have swatched this one on their counter before but I unfortunately didn't buy it (cause budget). Now I am regretting my decision... why? HAHA.

  5. If you have sensitive skin,want to have soft eyebrow pencil and lots of money this one is perfect for you... Quality is excellent because of this brand "MAC", but for me I prepared to use wet n wild brow powder... Not so expensive and also it gives me best eyebrow the whole day and also I apply what I learn from TBJ mega party on billion dollar brow tutorial of yours truly Ms. M

  6. naexperience ko din yun Ms M dun sa Maybelline FashionBrow nakakakaba hahaha.. now I am back to pencils na lang since siguro mabigat ang kamay ko..

    pinakasoft na eyebrow pencil na natry ko is one from HBC sa sobrang soft nya kapag di mo nakontrol yung pagaapply makapal ang kalalabasan, (and very affordable) parang two shades lang kasi ang available nila black and dark brown, i prefer lighter shades sna.. (meron pa rin palang gumagamit ng black for brows)

  7. it is pretty good, seems it glides smoothly on your brows but I am currently using a cream and liquid mas na fifilled un brows ko:)

  8. Super nice. Well, MAC really delivers, but it's quite expensive for me. What I'm using now is the Holika Holika Eyebrow Pencil and it performs good na man. I use it along my BYS brow palette :)

  9. True! Prob with retractable liners talaga to. But since it is soft to apply I will give this one a chance. No likey yung matitigas. I also loke how soft it looked on ur eyebrow so it is a bit natural and it didnt look 3D hehehe

  10. How does this compare with the Mac Impeccable Brow Pencil in Taupe? ALso do you know of a good dupe for this as it seems to run out really quickly!! Thanks


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