FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How do you recycle old makeup brushes?

Second day in Cambodia today and the BF and I are off to see Temples today. For now, here's a quick FMF from Trisha.

Hi Martha, 
I have really old makeup brushes that I want to dispose already, but it breaks my heart at the thought of throwing them away considering that a couple are still doing okay. Any suggestions on how to give a second life to old makeup brushes? 

Hi Trisha!

I know the feeling. I dispose makeup brushes before and from time to time and it still breaks my heart AF even if I've experienced it for so many times; makeup brushes are our trusty companions when it comes to achieving flawless makeup; we practically use them everyday so it's not easy to let them go especially if we've had them for a time; it's weird that I treat makeup brushes like human friends, but hey, that's why I'm a beauty blogger; I take beauty products like...srsly.

I saw the last installment of Toy Story and in the end, Andy had decided to repurpose Woody, Buzz, and the team by giving them to other kids; it wasn't so bad after all because they've found a new life and you can definitely do the same thing with makeup brushes; here are some cool ways to recycle really old makeup brushes.


- My old blush brushes have become keyboard cleaners; I like them better than the intended keyboard brushes because they're softer, thus can get into corners easily.


- It is no secret that I am a bag lady; for my synthetic concealer, lip, and foundation brushes, I've reused them as brushes for leather bag cleaning and conditioning solutions.


- My large powder brushes have seen a new life as a duster for my work table, perfumes, and displays.


- I don't really do nail art, but for those who do, you can reuse old eyeliner and lip brushes as paint brushes for nail art.

That's all and see you next week! I'm going to explore the great Angkor Wat today!

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow!!! Me too I love make up brushes...I should also consider this "RECYCLE THING" when my brushes gets old on my kit.

  2. Yes, its so heartbreaking to just dispose easily makeup brushes specially the pricey ones. Thanks for the tips on how to recycle makeup brushes. Waiting for your post on Angkor Wat. Enjoy and ingats.

  3. My cousin give all her preloved makeup brushes to me lol! (basically I'm the grateful recipient)

  4. Make up brush as keyboard cleaner is really good idea. :) will also try it to clean some of my bags :)

  5. The keyboard cleaner function really didn't cross my mind before. Now I would use my old powder brush for it when I buy a new laptop! Hurray. I actually do use some of my old makeup brushes for painting, especially with water color as my medium because it dispenses water generously which I would love for that gradient effect or backdrop.

  6. Nice advice as always Ms.Martha. And let's be eco-friendly too. Don't just throw away things just because we don't want or use them anymore.

  7. So far I don't know the feeling yet of letting go of my makeup brushes coz they are only a couple of mos old. But considering that I am a very sentimental person when it comes to my stuff. Most probably i will feel the same. Thank you for the ideas of recycling them so I won't be going through with the letting go process thingy. Hehehe!

  8. Also used mine as keyboard cleaner lol.

  9. Yes! Nail art is a good way to repurpose old brushes. I also use the bigger brushes to apply face masks.

    You're on vacation, yet you still blog! You're spoiling us :) <3

  10. since i dont have that much of brushes i am still happy with my 3/4 year old brushes.. i really took good care of my brushes (i have separate one for clients use and i have my own set i used for myself) i cannot throw them away even if they're years older (hehe yung una kong set kasing edad ng anak ko)

    if they really needed to be disposed, i will repurpose them by using as art material (i am not really good at arts but i would be grateful if i would use my old brushes to something i love doing too)

    thank you for the tips ms m!

  11. Great ideas! I'm sorry i have been missing out so many posts. So many things have happened since my mother got hospitalized and i'm not yet back to my normal life. By the way, enjoy your vacay, Ms. Martha!

  12. Woohh! this is really helpful, I never thought make up brushes could be a keyboard cleaner. I've been thinking to buy a brush for my keyboard. I think this is the reason why I can't buy. Haha.

  13. Make up brushes as a keyboard cleaner! Hahaha! I would definitely try that later! My live in boyfie would love it for sure! Haha. Thanks for this idea ms. Martha! 😘


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