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Here's a review on Juice Beauty Skin Care.

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I've decided to go organic for my skin care the last 1 and 1/2 months and my brand of choice was Juice Beauty, one of the world's most popular organic skin care brands; is it effective? Find out in this blog post.


Juice Beauty is an all- American organic skin care brand that is founded under the Philosophy that looking good can also mean doing good and using only good products; the brand features lines that target aging, acne, and dryness, and is popularly known for their pregnancy- safe beauty products.

For my Juice Beauty regimen, I used the following:


- a soap- free cleanser that gets rid of dirt and infuses skin with Stem Cell extracts.

The facial cleanser has a light, gel- like consistency swirled with moisture- infusing ribbons, which I believe contain the Stem Cell extracts; it smells like a freshly- picked apple; formula is quite gentle and may not be enough to remove hard- wearing makeup, but it's a good alternative to tough facial cleansers on some days.


This toner cleanses the skin while helping fight acne; two things to love about this product: it's so travel- friendly, no need to bring cotton pads and cotton balls, plus it doesn't spill. 2. The pads are made from sustainable Bamboo, which is more economical and beneficial for the skin than Cotton.


The toner has a zesty, apple fragrance; toner formula doesn't sting and leaves my face feeling clean; the cotton pads are too thin for my liking though and the product evaporates quickly from it; I consume about two pads when I use this product.

Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Overnight Cream

- A rich night cream that helps fight the signs of aging by infusing skin with a high concentration of stem cell extracts.

This cream is generously filled to the brim! It's so concentrated that you only need a small dot to cover your entire face; my estimate is this jar will last me for more than a year or even a year and a half!

Green Apple Peel (Pregnancy)

Now this is my most favorite among the bunch (second is the facial cleanser); it's a light, natural peeling gel that uses fruit- derived acids and delivers a micro peeling effect; absolutely no downtime, no scrubbing required, and it gives you smooth, bright skin after 10- 15 minutes; it stings for just a wee bit and formula is safe for pregnant women; if you are expecting, this is a product that you should keep in mind when you need to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.


One month of using Juice Beauty products

What I noticed with my skin after a month of religiously using Juice Beauty products is it looked perpetually bright and smooth; must be the dozens of fruit extracts, nutrients, and minerals in the products that fortify my skin in every use. Overall, I think it's a good skin care range to consider if you want to maintain good, healthy- looking skin, but may not be enough to address graver skin problems; as for me, my skin is always 50% good and 50% bad every year so I prefer to mix Juice Beauty with my existing, stronger skin care regimen.

If you have generally good skin and only need some exfoliation and nourishment, a gentle skin care range like Juice Beauty will suit you best.


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  1. Ang kinis ng face mo. As in. I love to try this Juice Beauty Skin Care. Tamang tama tong post mo, I wanna start na kase to try skin care. How much? Sana pasok sa budget. Thanks for this Ms. Martha

    1. Thank you! Juice Beauty is in the 1k range. It's an authentic organic skin care brand :)

  2. Before ms mahilig ako sa cosmetics, pero ngayon mas Love ko na ang mga skincare products...Mas magnda nman kasi talagang mgmake up pag clear yung face mo yung wla kang pimples or acne marks or kahit na anong chismis sa face:) heheheh...

    1. I used to love makeup more than skin care, but now, I love them equally because really, they go hand in hand!

  3. Gusto ko matry yung Blemish clearing toner pads. ❤️ Ang flawless ng face mo dyan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I'm glad that their green apple peel is safe and gentle even for those preggy (coughs cousin you're reading it too I think you should use this). Btw my Mom loves their cleansing oil.

  5. This skincare product sounds promising especially the Stem Cellular Anti-wrinkle Overnight Cream. You know naman Ms. M basta usaping anti-wrinkle game ako dyan! Hehehe! But I'm curious about the price, you know I'm a budgetarian at heart. Hehehe! =D

  6. Ang flawless naman this girl! how much yun meron stem cell? I like to try toner pads, how many pcs per tub?

  7. i first heard this brand 2009 or 2010 via reading foreign bloggers review about this one.. it looks so promising because of the benefits for the skin.. now they arrived in the Philippines yet limited lang ang branches were you could buy plus medyo malayo.

    1. It's been around already at Beauty Bar since 2011, I believe. :)

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