Guerlain Creme SOS and Super Lips Review + Price

Here's a review on Guerlain SOS and Super Lips.

PRICE: P1,600.00/each
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Guerlain counters; Guerlain Greenbelt 5


For those who frequently travel, we all know that cabin air can be a such a bi***; it just leaves your skin powdery and your lips, flaky to death; it's such an uneasy feeling that I'd rather leave food than skin care when traveling!

I've recently discovered Guerlain's airplane savers namely SOS Cream and Super Lips from a friend who works for the brand; I used them in my recent trip to Japan and I swore that it'll be part of my travel skin care musts after that; from the packaging to the effect, these skin and lip saviors were made with the frequent flyer in mind!


These products are part of Guerlain Supertips, an on-the-go skin care collection made to address beauty emergencies wherever, whenever. Creme SOS is an ultra nourishing cream that wraps skin in comforting moisture, protecting it from dryness, the sun, cold, and other external conditions. Super Lips is an emollient treatment balm that yields a soothing, highly moisturizing barrier without any residue.


The products conveniently come in 15ml tubes; at first, I thought they were samples, but I realized that they were intentionally packaged this way to become on-the-go staples and then I found the charm in it!


Creme SOS is a white, emollient fragrant creme that keeps my manos smooth, scented, moisturized, and silky; I even find this more hardworking than my other lotions and creams due to its ultra rich consistency because I only need a dollop for it to work! I also found this to be extra useful in moisturizing my knees and elbows.

Super Lips has an oil-in-lip balm texture and has a yummy Bergamot-Vanilla scent; I think the formula is brilliant because it's more moisturizing than your average balm and at the same time, doesn't slip around too much. I read that this product was based on Guerlain's cult favorite, vintage Baume La Ferte created in the 1830's. Super Lips is actually called Super Lips Lip Hero and Guerlain couldn't have named it better; this lip balm kept my puckers smooth while on my way to Japan and gave it an ultra soft texture after hours of wear. It's very emollient, yet truly, doesn't leave a heavy, oily, sticky, thick barrier on the lips; just a hint of sexy shine. I've used it consistently for 3 weeks now and I feel that my lips are currently at their softest!

Guerlain Supertips collection features these as well as the following products: Radiance in a Flash, Midnight Secret, and Stop Spot Anti-Blemish Treatment, all of which comes in 15ml tubes; this entire line is a traveler's must- have because everything is travel- friendly, multi- tasking, and pretty concentrated that the 15ml packaging is justified.


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Guerlain Creme SOS and Super Lips are very handy and travel friendly. How much are these? I hope pasok sa budget. But I think its pricey. I like to try the Super Lips.

  2. This duo is the perfect buddy for my Evian mist :D

  3. how much? I'm suffering from chapped lips these past few days and I think I need this in my life. kalurks.

  4. this is very interesting to try! love the effect on your lips... and the packaging is indeed travel-friendly!

  5. Super Lips looks like a great product for deep moisturizing your lips! I'm a lipstick girl and honestly, I may not be giving my lips the proper care they should be getting, considering how much I put them through daily. Some lip balms work great, but they get too sticky and get all over the place! Want to try Super Lips even though I think it costs more than my monthly allowance. =)))))

  6. Sobrang naransan ko before yun,nung nasakay ako ngplane.Super dry and flaky yung lips ko.Kaya may baon ako laging lipbalm.Tamang-tama to for travellers talaga kase handy.

  7. Oh my seriously vanilla? How I love the smell of vanilla. I think using this is not just for airplane ride but every time you travel as well because just like me and my friends on our trip to pangasinan in a bus, it's just like 2 hours maximum trip and our skin is really not that good na and even our lips. Thanks for this.


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