Aveeno officially launches in the Philippines

I'd like to partly credit my love for beauty to my ninongs, ninangs, titos, and titas who are living abroad and used to send my family international beauty goodies. I sincerely believe that they started me young with their balikbayan boxes that contained bottles and tubs of Noxzema, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Neutrogena, and Aveeno. Speaking of Aveeno, it's now officially launched in the Philippines!

For over 70 years, Aveeno has been one of the most trusted brands of gentle yet effective skin care products for dry, sensitive skin. Using primarily natural and organic ingredients, particularly Colloidal Oatmeal, Aveeno's formula is proven to moisturize, soothe, hydrate, and nourish not only dry skin, but all skin types as well. Colloidal Oatmeal, which is derived from the components of whole oat grains and the star of Aveeno's products, is prized for its beautifying, antioxidant, and reparative effects.

My mom is an avid user of Aveeno Skin Moisturizing Body Wash that's why she was mega happy upon knowing that the products have been finally launched here; the picture on top are the best sellers: Skin Moisturizing Body Wash and Lotion, and Skin Relief Fragrance- Free Body Wash and Lotion. According to Aveeno, dermatologists highly recommend their fragrance- free and hypoallergenic lines to minimize itch and redness on dry to very dry skin types. My mom should know; she has very dry skin and that's why she loves Aveeno!

Aveeno Philippines is under Johnson and Johnson; along with the brand launch, they also launched their new ambassadors: mom and champion swimmer Christine Jacob- Sandejas, mom and Bull Runner Jaymie Pizarro, and newly- wed actress and host, Nikki Gil- Albert, women who are users of Aveeno and are living very active lifestyles that always expose their skin to stress; Aveeno just takes care of their skin for them naturally and effectively.

Aveeno is now available in all leading department stores and drugstores. Visit AVEENO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Haven't tried any of their variants but I heard a lot of good feedbacks about this. Will try this soon

  2. The world now is truly a global village as we now got the chance to try different products from all over the world like Aveeno. I heard everything's so happy to have Aveeno here in PH and of course for others din who were not able to go abroad or who don't have relatives abroad. I was just hoping this to be not so expensive. Hihi. And please Ms. Martha hope you could collaborate din with Filipino made lotions, I just know one as of the moment and it's just new Pili :) Hopefully you could make a comparison for products abroad and what is available locally. I know naman di papatalo din ang products natin. Hihi. Thanks Ms. Martha :)

  3. This is great news! I only rarely see Aveeno items in accessible places, so it's awesome that they're finally officially available here in the PH. My grandma's only preferred brand of body wash is from Aveeno, but they don't have immediate access to the products from nearby supermarkets, they usually go to S&R which is a bit too distant from their place. I'm excited to try their shampoo and conditioner range! :)

  4. I saw your photo about Aveeno Ms.Martha then nasabi ko agad Kay Nanay kase she was using the Body Wash and Lotion before nung nagwowork sya sa Hongkong,pasalubong ng boss nya. Nung umuwi sya dito sa Pinas naghahanap sya kaso wala kaya natuwa sya nung nalaman na meron na dito.
    Johnson and Johnson din pla ang Aveeno.
    Thanks for this post Ms.Martha!
    Have a great week! Enjoy your Monday! Mwuah

  5. First saw this aveeno product when my friend & I trek to Mt. Pinatubo. She uses the sunblock and had to try it & i might say that i didn't get sunburnt eventhough tirik ung araw and wala masyadong sisilungan dun. The lotion also nice and i felt that my skin is moisturize. Love that this made of organic ingredients and for sensitive skin. Will definitely buy this!💕

  6. glad to know that Aveeno is finally here, will check this out!

  7. Finally I have to end my shopping trips to Puregold Subic or S&R (if they have stock) to hoard their sunblock and body wash :D

  8. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha. Never ko pang natry ang Aveeno, sana affordable.

  9. palagi kong nakikita itong brand na ito sa Shopwise (bit pricey kaya sana makasama sa sale ngayong ber months) i didnt know na under sila ng Johnsons and Johnsons.. (thank you for the trivia)


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