FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: 5 Beauty Products That You Should Get in Japan

I picked up this interesting question from a reader of mine in the comments section and she asked if I could recommend beauty products that one should never miss in Japan. For today's Fan Mail Fridays, I'll be answering this.


Thanks for that lovely question. I would say that there are a ton of beauty items that you should purchase in Japan; I've tried a lot and almost everything is good. Depending on your mood, if you're the adventurous type and want to be treated to a surprise, I'd say go and discover the various beauty products Japan has to offer; they have a rich beauty scene so you won't have a problem running out of something to try, plus Japanese products have really good quality in general. But if you want to be adventurous and at the same time, take home REALLY good Japanese beauty products, here's a list to keep in mind.

Where to find: Donki, Matsumoto Kiyoshi

- This best- selling cleansing oil is known for its affordable yet amazing makeup removal properties. No wonder it's a best- seller even in other countries aside from Japan!

Where to find: Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Donki

- Hair savvy people know that it's a mortal sin to not buy Tsubaki Conditioner when visiting Japan. A lot of people swear by this stuff and they hoard it! I bought a pack and I'm excited to use it!

Where to find: Matsumoto Kiyoshi

- For only around P600-700, you can get yourself these world- famous eyelash curlers. They make for impressive gifts and souvenirs too!

Where to find: Matsumoto Kiyoshi

- This all around powder is gentle and great for makeup, body, and baby use. It's unscented too.


- Perfect Whip is a favorite facial cleanser of mine and I already managed to convert three friends to using this thing. It's gentle, soothing, non- drying, economical, and the soft, rich foam really helps rid skin of makeup. I love this stuff!

OTHER BEAUTY BRANDS TO TRY: Hada Labo, Cevanne, Kanebo Coffret D'Or, Ma Cherie, Anessa

Also, don't forget to score your favorite Japanese beauty brands at a cheaper price in Japan.

That's all and have a great day, everyone!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow!!!! Do they have face masks as well? How about lipsticks? What's the best to buy when it comes to that?

  2. Been eying the Shiseido eyelash curler for quite sometime now and will definitely purchase one! I purchased the baby powder but unfortunately Beauty Mnl emailed me that it was out of stock so I had to replace it with another item :( was excited pa naman to try it! and the senka perfect whip is also in my to buy list :P

  3. Someday makakapunta din ako sa Japan with my family. Definitely will look and buy those stuffs. Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha.

  4. take me to Japan please!! I will take note of this Ms. M please make a review of Tsubaki Conditioner. woot!!!

  5. I swear by the Tsubaki Conditioner! I hoarded that stuff when Daiso started to sell them LOL. I really love that it not only make your hair so soft and silky, but leaves a really nice sweet, flowery scent to it too. :)

  6. The eyelash curlers are even cheaper at the airport :D

  7. I've been wanting to try Shiseido's Medicated Baby Powder! I don't know why but I really feel more inclined to use baby powder on my skin. Maybe it's because I don't know how to properly match my powders to my skintone! =))) Now I'm also curious about the Tsubaki conditioner and Perfect Whip! I've heard really great things about anything with tsubaki for haircare, and for someone with heavily-damaged hair like mine, it's gonna be a lifesaver! And I initially thought perfect whip was a shaving cream of some sort HAHAHA at least now I know =))) Between the Shu and Shiseido though, Ms. Martha, which lash curler do you prefer? :)

  8. I've been frequently asking my cousin to hoard Shieseido Baby powder whenever she went to Japan...guess what? she became a convert lol! It keeps our oilies at bay :D

  9. Tsubaki conditioner is really good! I've been using that before when i was in college because a relative sent me a bunch of those! I've always been curious about the Perfect Whip because I see a lot of good reviews about it. Hopefully get to hoard products like this when I make a trip to Japan.

  10. I'm gonna list down these beauty must-haves! Just in case when I got the chance to go to Japan! <3

  11. First time I heard of tsubaki, googled it and all I can say is hoemgee

  12. I've tried most of the products listed above and all I can say is, they are definitely worth every peso. When I travel abroad I really look for Shiseido products because they are really expensive here in the Philippines. :( I haven't tried Tsubaki hair products, though, even if I see a lot of them when I visit Hong Kong. I have curly hair which is why I am afraid to try new hair products. Maybe I'll try this one when I have finished my stock of hair treatments. :D


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