Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream EX Review + Price

Here's a review on Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream EX.

PRICE: P1,925.00 (regular size)
FROM: Given as gift
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Laneige boutiques


Gel cream moisturizers are a must for my skin care regimen; it's the moisturizer type that I love using during daytime because it gets absorbed quickly by the skin and is very friendly to makeup. That's why I am always on the lookout for various gel moisturizers from brands and recently discovered Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream EX through a colleague.


This moisturizer promises to lower skin temperature upon touching the skin while supplying moisture, keeping it hydrated and supple for up to 24 hours. This set is comprised of 7 travel- sized tubes in varying scents.

The packaging reminds me of acrylic paint sets used in paintings. The size of the product is so handy for travelers and the selection satisfies people with product mood swings (me!) as it features 7 different kinds of fragrance; there's always a new fragrance for every day!


The product is a rich gel that feels genuinely moisturizing, but without the heavy feeling. Absorbs pretty fast and doesn't reek of an alcohol scent, unlike other gel cream moisturizers. I'm loving the scents Jasmine and Bergamot, Aqua Fresh, and Soap Powdery, but I'm staying away from Wine because it broke me out; must be the fragrance component.

Regarding its benefits, it does keep my skin supple and feeling healthy the whole day; the fragrance in the product has a low sillage, thus it is not bothersome. It's a perfect tropical weather/summer moisturizer, but I'd switch to a light cream when the days get colder. Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream is perfect for combination oily-normal and oily skin types; I'd love to try the original version in jar though.


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love to try gel based moisturizer, I only have gel based eye cream and it works very well on oily skin. this set reminds me of water color! hehe ang cool lang since iba iba kulay anf meron scent. love at first sight!

  2. They are adorable!!! Oh my it looks like paint colors and the canvass will be our face. Yey! This is really cool.

  3. At first glance, I thought you're into water color painting just like Ms. Liz. Super love the unique packaging perfect for gift giving :D

  4. I've seen this being sold in online shops and I initially thought it was a hand cream set, but it turned out to be moisturizers! It would have been better if the variants were meant for different purposes instead of just having different fragrances, but I guess it's a product you can use practially everywhere! :) I haven't tried anything from Laneige yet and this seems like a good place to start with! :)

  5. siguro mas cute pag kakulay nya yung moisturizer sa loob hehe

  6. The packaging is so cute <3 Perfect gift for the upcoming holidays!

  7. It looks like paint tubes at first glance. Cute packaging, moisturizer is a must wanna try it soon. :)

  8. They're colorful, Laneige products really looks promising!

  9. Yes, they do look like paint in tubes! So cute and eye catching! I saw these in sampleroom before but they were gone so fast, I didn't get the opportunity to try them out. I would have loved to see the difference between these and the common cream moisturizers. Sometimes, I get carried away and pile on cream moistutrizers and they feel heavy and sticky sometimes. Hopefully, these don't do that.

  10. I've always loved gel-based moisturizers because it works well on my oily skin. I like how this set has travel sized products so we can pick which one do we like on a certain mood and at the same time, test which one works well for us! I love the scent of Bergamot. I first came across that scent with a lotion called Bare. It's very refreshing and kind of relaxing too!

  11. i have tried this (one in a bottle and with a pump) it smells relaxing and it really hydrates the skin when applied before sleep. bit pricey but it is all worth it.

  12. I love using moisturizers especially gel based ones... loving my Ponds Dewy Rose gel and wala pa akong nakitang kapalit :) aside from its nice, its super affordable pa! I'd to try this Laneige one but price is too steep naman!

  13. This set looks classy, creative, and feminine. :) I just have an issue with the price again. Haha. I guess that's to be expected as Laneige is a high end brand from Korea. :)


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