TBJ TRAVELS TOKYO JAPAN 2: Ueno Park, Asakusa, Akihabara Guide + Itinerary

It was a crisp, cool, cloudy day; "What a perfect time to walk around", I thought to myself when day 2 of my Tokyo, Japan trip came. Japan's weather stations informed everyone that it would rain come afternoon so I wasted no time and hit the city.


First stop for day 2, Ueno. Ueno is a bustling business district where Ueno Park sits. According to sources, it's one of the best parks to go Cherry Blossom watching during the Hanami season.

Ueno Park is a stone's throw from Ueno Station. In here, you will find museums, temples, and restaurants. This is Kiyomizu Kannon Temple near one of the park's entrance.

TIP: Most temples forbid any form of photography by the shrine altars. Please abide and respect their rules and culture.

Ueno Park is also a place where independent artists showcase their art and stage mini shows.

I always like going to museums whenever I am in another country to know more about each culture. Initially, I intended to visit National Museum of Nature and Science, but too bad, it was closed for some repairs.

So I went to Tokyo National Museum instead. Tokyo National Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world; the main building (Honkan building) opened in 1938; this museum houses an impressive array of over 110,000 Japanese artifacts!

Main Building (Honkan)

At Tokyo National Museum grounds, there are three buildings housing specific exhibits; that time, Greek Culture was the featured exhibit. I decided to go to the main one that features Japanese artifacts to cut back on ticket spending.

This single pass grants me entry to the main building and costs around P300.00. There are also ticket options available that allow visitors to visit the three buildings at a package cost.

The main building has ten galleries spread throughout two floors. My most favorite is the one that featured Noh Theatre just because I was a Theatre Arts student. This is one of the installations in the building and it's a replica of ancient Japanese Zen gardens,

There are galleries that you're allowed to take photos of, but I decided not to (except for some like this one) to help support the museum's endeavor in encouraging tourists and locals to visit museums more; this way, the museum stays alive and can support itself, thus history stays alive too.

After the museum visit, I hit the road and explored Ueno a little more. I also looked for Mihashi Ueno, a famous Anmitsu restaurant. Will blog about my interesting food finds in Tokyo in a separate post!

Right across Ueno Park, you'll spot a lane of clustered shops with predominant red, black, and white colors; these are gadgets and electronics shops where you can score almost any gadget need from Instax, cameras, camera accessories (Lens!), mobile phones, etc. My friend dropped by to check out some camera lens hoping to score it cheaper, but she learned that price is pretty close to Philippine pricing. Well at least in here, you have more chances of buying the specific gadget you want just because...Japan!

Hey! My back squats paid off! :D

Gashopon! These are coin machines that give you toys when you insert coins! It's Y100 a pop!


Late in the afternoon, we went to Asakusa to see Sensoji Temple. On the way to Sensoji, you'll pass by Nakamise, a long street lined with souvenir and food shops.

TIP: Best to shop for the usual Japanese souvenirs in here because you're more likely to get them cheaper compared to buying in malls and the airport. 

No picture taking inside the stores!

One interesting find that I spotted along Nakamisei: Japanese wooden slippers!

There's also a Matsumoto Kiyoshi nearby, the popular Japanese drugstore. Of course I had to drop by!

Welcome to Sensoji Temple! Sensoji Temple is one of the oldest temples in Japan. In here, you are seeing one of the Kaminarimon or temple gate.

View of the second Kaminarimon and from the shrine. No picture taking at the shrine!

Hello there, Tokyo Sky Tree! Too bad, I didn't have the budget and time for you. :(


Akihabara is the famous gamer and gadget lovers' central; this district where I am at is part of Akihabara Electric Town; it earned the name as during post- World War 2, districts in Tokyo and Greater Tokyo dumped broken appliances at Akihabara and the residents, who were looking for new means of livelihood, salvaged the appliances and sold them again; it then became a one- stop district for electric and appliance needs, thus the moniker Akihabara Electric Town.

If you're into anime, manga, video games, trading cards, fan paraphernalia such as posters, Akihabara Electric Town is the place to be.

Taito Station is the popular arcade company at Akihabara. My friend and I dropped by to play some arcade games!

Damn, the level of difficulty of the games are so, so hard! My friend and I never won any game! *sobs

So that's all for Day 2 of my Tokyo, Japan trip. My friend and I headed home after our Akihabara visit to enjoy some homemade sushi courtesy of my aunt. Tomorrow, let's visit Shibuya, Harajuku, and Omotesando for some serious shopping!

TIP: Ueno, Asakusa, and Akihabara are districts that are very near each other. Ueno to Akihabara and vice versa can be walked for mere 11 minutes while Asakusa is a 15 minute train ride from each station. To save time and train fare, visit these three districts in one day.

View and download my Tokyo, Japan itinerary HERE.

**Please be reminded that fares and rates vary depending on the latest currency conversion rate and change in rules on your time of visit.

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  1. Hi Ms. Martha! I think I'll be able to go to Japan na this year huhuhuhu. but my boyfriend and I will talk about it further. Waaaaaaaa. Is it okay to ask your questions regarding the trip to Japan especially the requirements. I'll email you po :) Thanks much :)

  2. The Akihabara pictures made me droooool! I'm a big anime and manga fan and seeing all those merch from some of my favorites make my heart flutter. <3 I love seeing so much of Japan casually like this, because I can see where the landscapes from the anime I watch are based from, and they are indeed true to life! Makes me feel like I'm one with the anime characters (even if I'm still a monitor awaaay). JAPANESE DRUGSTORES ARE AWESOME!!! I can probably stay and browse for hours, and if no one would stop me, I might end up spending all the money I have on their products because Japanese cosmetic brands are some of the best available in the market. :) Did you find any interesting brands that aren't very popular but look promising, Ms. Martha? :) CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR POSTS ABOUT FOOD!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your Japan trip to us, your readers. It is a great help for those who will travel to Japan soon. Will wait for your Day 3.

  4. o my gosh andame nyo pinuntahan in just one day

  5. Fallen in love with Japan even more! <3

  6. Para palang Divisoria ang Nakamisei... hehe! :)

  7. Enjoyed reading your travel to Japan... parang na-tour ko na rin hehe... someday I'll be in Japan for a visit... enticing drugstores for makeup junkie like me :D

  8. I like yung long lines ng souvenir shop mukhang ubos pera hehe! Thanks for sharing your itinerary. I got the package na Ms. Martha, ang dami! thank you so much! :*

  9. Thank you Ms. M for all the tips. Very informative!

  10. OMG!!! JAPAN is JAPAN.. it looks so much something to buy in Japan.

  11. I think at some point we all wanted to have a pair of Japanese wooden slippers and a kimono! it's one of the things we easily associate with Japan! I need to get one of those! haha And it's good that you share with us the places in Japan that usually don't get as much attention as Disney parks and Universal Studios.

  12. You went to Akihabara!! I'm so jealous of you. :( Did you buy a pair of wooden slippers as a souvenir? I imagine it would be hard to walk in those as they are hard and I thinks the sole portion is a bit uneven? :) In one of your pictures posted above, I saw a Zen garden behind you and it looks nice even if I only saw a portion of it. I want to see one soon as I want my future home to have a Zen garden too. :) Thanks Miss Martha for the photos! :)


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