TBJ TRAVELS TOKYO JAPAN 2016 3: Harajuku, Omotesando, Shibuya, Ginza Guide + Itinerary

Day 3 was all about shopping so we hit Tokyo's shopping capitals, Shibuya, Omotesando, Harajuku, and Ginza. First, we dropped by Meiji Shrine; I brought Mikki here just because it's her first time, plus I missed the gentle aura of this place. My detailed tour of Meiji Shrine can be found HERE.


Of course a Japan trip is never complete without a visit to Takeshita. We went on a Friday and the place was PACKED! It felt like 1/4 of Tokyo's inhabitants were in the area!

We wanted to score some shoes, but too bad, biggest size for ladies is 8. Mikki and I are both wearing size 9 shoes.

TIP: Try on the chunky wedges; they're lightweight and comfy!

 Psychedelic tees, pullovers, and hoodies. Gawd, I almost bought that intergalactic cat pullover!

Tamagotchi department store! Upon seeing this store, it felt like my Grade 1, 7- year old self came to life! I should've bought one! :/

While strolling and weaving through people at Takeshita, Mikki and I spotted a cluster of people; it seemed like a T.V. coverage as there were people bringing portable microphones and a camera. Turned out that Hideaki Kobayashi, Japan's famous cosplayer was being interviewed! He gamely posed for a photo with us. Hideaki is a reminder that rules and society should not prevent you from expressing your true self.

After a brief snack at one of Takeshita's cafes, we walked around Harajuku some more. Japan is a great place to buy sneakers so make room for some in your luggage; you won't be able to resist the super affordable prices! I bought a black Nike Tanjun.

TIP: ABC Mart is one of the city's biggest shoe retailers. If you're looking for Nike Tanjuns, Nike Roshe Sakura, and Adidas Stan Smiths at a great price, don't forget to visit this place!

We quickly passed by La Foret before heading to Omotesando. La Foret is a mall building that houses cute stuff from clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, stationary, and cosmetics. I learned that there's a Les Merveilluses Laduree shop in here so I dropped by; I've been meaning to try their makeup!

I initially wanted to get the petals blush because it's SO.PRETTY, but balked at the P5,000 price tag. Well, when in Japan, shopping is a must so I almost bought it, but good thing I tried it first and learned that it takes a lot of effort to pick up some color so I went for the regular powder blush instead and a tube of lipstick.


Finally got more time to explore Omotesando. This shopping stretch is home to various luxury brands. It's also my favorite district in Tokyo. I love the vibe of Omotesando!

There is a Shu Uemura boutique in here; best to get Shu products in Japan because aside from being affordable, there are certain shades and products that you won't find in the Philippines too.

Kiddyland may be a store for kids, but a lot of adults who are kids at heart flock this store too! It's 6 floors of toys, accessories, and trinkets featuring some of the well- loved cartoon characters ever made! This place is a must- visit!

Gudetama merchandise! Augh! I had a hard time controlling myself while I was in the store haha!

My most- favorite find at Kiddyland: Sailor Moon cases! As a Sailor Moon fan, this is an amazing find! I purchased a Sailor Moon uniform case because I've always been Sailor Moon when my childhood friends and I would play!

Time for some beauty purchases. I saw Aesop, one of Australia's popular skin care brands; I dropped by and wanted to purchase, but didn't know it was that expensive lol. I bought a spot treatment though.

When strolling by Omotesando, don't forget to check out the alleys; lots of interesting finds to discover, mainly homegrown Japanese fashion labels!

Be sure to drop by AINZOTULPE at Omotesando for bargain perfumes and quirky Japanese cosmetics!


The great Shibuya crossing! By this time, we were hungry, our feet were dead tired, and our wallets were almost empty so we just decided to see the great Shibuya cross in action rather than go inside malls.

TIP: There's a Starbucks store in one of the buildings that gives you a bird's eye view of the great Shibuya cross in action. It's perfect for taking wonderful pictures!

Last stop before heading to Ginza for dinner; Hachiko! It's just a small statue honoring a dog, but the place holds great history and inspiration for locals and tourists.


Hello again, Ginza!

Last stop for the night was Ginza for dinner at Hinomaru, a lovely restaurant hidden under the train station. Ah, memories of my first- ever trip to Japan filled my head as I roamed the streets of Ginza! Check out my detailed Ginza guide HERE.

And here are my hauls from my Tokyo, Japan trip! Got mostly food, as usual because food shopping is a must in Japan!

TIP: You can visit Shibuya, Omotesando, and Harajuku in just one day.

Tomorrow, we'll visit Shinjuku and Sanrio Puroland! Last leg of our trip!

View and download my Tokyo, Japan itinerary HERE.

**Please be reminded that fares and rates vary depending on the latest currency conversion rate and change in rules on your time of visit.

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  1. Oh my... the Sailor Moon stuff are so cute, also a fan here! and the Hello Kitty are far more adorable hehe... got a small collection of that... when I go to Japan would also visit these shopping districts :D siguro I'd be annoyed of the many shops to choice from :P You've got a lot of Perfect Whip back ups, I guess it's that good...

  2. Those snaaaacks!!! Japanese snacks are my favorite because they have really unique flavors. I've learned to love matcha because it's become a very popular ingredient for their candies and chocolates! And oh my, that petals blush from Les Merveilluses Laduree!!! Those have been very popular online but the price tag is too much! :( But the packaging is so nice and it's so pretty!!! Huhu if ever you do give in Ms. Martha, we'd be waiting for reviews! :) Sanrio is up next omggg my Hello Kitty fan heart is fluttering :>

  3. I'm loving your hauls Ms. Martha - Sailor Moon case, Kitkat Green Tea, Pocky and Hello Kitty. Winner...

  4. I want the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my oh my! But if ever I'll be in Japan I would be in Nagoya area as my boyfriend works there. Hoping to find such stuff there as well.

  5. Naalala ko tulog ang laro namin ng bestfriend ko noong Grade 5 pa kami siya kasi si Sailor Moon at ako si Sailor Venus. hehe!
    Omg! I'm a fan of Hello Kitty, excited for your blogpost tomorrow. :)
    IG: @mommieving

  6. It's my dream to go to Japan one day! Incredibly jealous of you right now haha! Pictures look amazing :)

    - www.jasminesecret.com

  7. may mga hidden wedge din ba sa japan Ms. Martha? Kaloka sira ang diet sa kitkat, meiji at pocky. Cute yung mickey mouse shirt na nabili mo :)

  8. OMG! OMG! OMG! This blog post is so kawaii! I love Japanese culture. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences in Japan. Yeah, I like Omotesando too. Love the Kitkat Green Tea chocolate too!

  9. From KitKat Green Tea to the Sailor Moon merch to Japan's rich culture <3 The best! <3

  10. Whoa those array of shoes perhaps Japan will be a heaven for a USA size 5 like me!

  11. Wow..places in Japan are so beautiful. Thank you for this blog. This is so useful for my first in Japan next year. Yey, 'm so excited!

  12. Wow..places in Japan are so beautiful. Thank you for this blog. This is so useful for my first in Japan next year. Yey, 'm so excited!

  13. I wanna go shoe shopping in Japan! and I would love to buy Tamagochi heheeh. La Foret's has a great packaging. so classy. Oshimondo is love! too many kawaii items from Kiddyland, a must visit place. Hopefully I can visit Japan and pose with Hachiko! <3 fan ka din ba ni Hello Kitty? <3

  14. ABC Mart, Tamagochi and Sailormoon. 💜
    I will remember you and all your tips when I go to Japan. Thanks Ms. M.

  15. Ang ganda talaga sa Japan, more unique kinds of products they have and also some places! Tamagochiiiiii i love, Sailor Moon is still dominating!!!

  16. I fee like if I go there, I'd lose all my money buying all that cute stuff! Tamagotchi and Sailormoon are some of what my childhood memories are made of! I really hope to see Japan with my very own eyes one day!

  17. Is the link to Meiji Shrine working? I can't seem to access the hyperlink for it. :( This post is just.. love!!! I love all the colorful and wide array of shopping items. I think the Japanese women have small feet so maybe that's why their biggest size is an 8? :) Thanks for this post Miss Martha! At least I got to see Japan through your post. :)

  18. I wish I have a lot of time and "kaperahan". I will surely visit Japan in 2020. Wow ang tagal pa? I really love Japanese culture. I am so addicted with anything matcha.


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