BEAUTY BULLETIN: Fresh, New Shower Things

Here are a couple of new products that will get you singing in the shower and put your skin care routine in a whole new light. Read on and choose which of these new products are perfect for your current skin care wants and needs.

Zenutrients now features a new logo; it's black, minimalist and modern; they have the new Muscle Balm and Muscle Rub to soothe aching muscles; it's perfect if you walk or commute everyday, or if you're an active being!

For more information, please visit ZENUTRIENTS on Facebook.

New Johnsons Baby No More Tears shampoo and Milk and Oats lotion and body wash will keep your skin supple and healthy in this chilly weather; what's more is you can grab these full sizes over at Sample Room for free; just pay P100 for the shipping and your good to go! Grab them now while supplies last. 

Visit SAMPLE ROOM on Facebook for more information about this promo and these products.

For those who like to stay white, here are Cathy Doll products to include in your shopping basket: Ready 2 White Cream Pack, a mask that whitens skin while minimizing pores, Whitening Sunscreen that instantly whitens upon usage, plus yields a cooling effect to keep skin fresh under the heat, and Water Splash Essence L-Glutathione Moisturizer; Water Splash Essence is my favorite Cathy Doll product because it's a hydrating moisturizer that bursts into water droplets when worked on the skin, such a fun product to use, not to mention effective!

For more information about these products, please visit CATHY DOLL PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I bought a tube of cathy doll sunscreen and I like that it is minty and cool to the skin (I usually apply it in front of fan and I like how it feels :D)

  2. All of these are in sampleroom except for Cathy Dolls Ready 2 White and Water Splash Essence Moisturizer. I like to try Johnsons for my baby.

  3. I got some of these items from Sampleroom and I love my Cathy Doll sunscreen. I love how it makes my skin feel cool and minty without the old man smell and making my makeup feel/look cakey. It's has now been a part of my morning routine before heading out. I also like using Zenutrients balm I just wish it comes in a pump or a different container as I don't really like dipping my fingers in jars or tubs. I'm just waiting for my reviews to be approved so I can try their gugo shampoo and conditioner next. :)

  4. I would love to get one of the Zenutrients for my Mama because being a housewife is never easy and can be a bit stressful. So, a Muscle Balm and Muscle Rub is perfect after a long, tiring day! I also would love to get one of Cathy Doll's sunscreen. It's a must-have for people who loves the sun (like me)!

  5. Love the new look of Zenutrients! It looks more classy. Muscle rub and muscle balm would definitely suit me. Will get these asap! Those new johnsons baby variant looks so fresh. I'll get one for my nieces. Lastly, I love the packaging of cathy doll! Definitely kawaii. Saw a stall in mega and it;s so pretty!


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