Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Liquid Foundation in Medium 53 Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Kat Von D Lock It Liquid Foundation in Medium 53.

PRICE: P2,800.00
FROM: Sephora, KLCC Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please visit Kat Von D's official website for a complete list of retailers


Okay, I won't beat around the bush anymore - this foundation is FANTASTIC! When I wear foundation, I want it to provide great coverage and as much as possible, will last the entire day on my oily skin and will require very minimal touch ups - this foundation has got it all; Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Liquid Foundation is currently my HG foundation!


A high pigment, full coverage foundation that claims to stay for 24 hours; it is made up of 21% pigment, making it a powerful solution to evening out the skin tone, hiding blemishes and fine lines, and correcting discolorations. Made up of high- tech blend of silicone elastomers an silicone esters for a binding formula that is waterproof, sweat- proof, fade- proof, and transfer- resistant. Available in 30 shades.

This foundation has the prettiest bottle I've seen to date; it's crafted to stay true to Kat Von D's artistic roots.

The acrylic tube features a built- in pump so you won't have to worry about breaking or losing pump heads; it comes with a stopper to prevent accidental spillage.

Medium 53 is a medium beige shade with a yellow undertone; it's a shade lighter than my skin tone; I find that the shade selection leans dark so I'd rather stay safe and chose a lighter one because this is a very pigmented foundation and I've no means of swatching the product; one mistake could mean big waste!

The product is a soft cream with medium to heavy coverage. Those who are used to a light finish may find this heavy- looking; to dilute coverage, spray water on or mix moisturizer in the product. Finish is matte.


Bare skin

Left: bare skin; Right: used only the foundation

Did you know that this foundation was developed to cover even tattoos? Yes! That goes to show how pigmented this product is; I've used this photo to showcase the concealing power of the foundation: I only used the foundation here to cover my red patches; no help from concealer and corrector.

One layer of the foundation

One issue with this foundation is it tends to look cakey. To solve this, you must apply it with a damp blending sponge; I find that it's the best way to apply this foundation on the skin; this is why this foundation was released as a set with a partner Beauty Blender sponge a couple of months back. If you don't have Beauty Blender, any similar sponge will do.

TIP: Apply the foundation in a dabbing motion for an air- brushed finish.

I love how this foundation cuts my preparation time; with this, I don't have to use concealer and primer anymore because it has amazing staying power and coverage. As for staying power, it stays 80% true the entire day, from sun up to sun down; I wear this when I commute or have to walk outdoors to attend meetings because it doesn't fade, look slick, or turn oily, for real! And even if it has excellent staying power, my face doesn't feel 'thick', my pores don't feel clogged, and I don't get breakouts from the formula. Product rinses off easily with cleansing oil or cream.

Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Liquid Foundation is DA SHIZ; it's perfect for tropical weather, oily skin, and for ladies who are always on the go and don't have time to retouch. I'm almost done with my first tube and I'm getting another one!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The packaging reminds me of Kat Von D's instagram feed; all edgy and almost gothic. :) I have been wanting foundation/base that requires almost no touch ups. I can't believe you can achieve that coverage with just one layer!

  2. Wow, I need this in my life. I have really oily skin, too!

  3. It's pricey at first glance but, if you can save on prep time and concealer...this is actually a cost cutting product :D I just wish I can personally swatch the shade.

  4. Wow superb coverage! Hmmm, would this foundation can replace MUFE or the Estee Lauder foundation? It's obvious on the picture that this one might get cakey, and you are right Ms.Martha, heavy foundation needs a blending sponge (which I also learned from famous bloggers/gurus on youtube).Anyway, have you tried Dermacol? They say it can cover tattoos too.

  5. Talk about PLAKADO! If KVD was able to bump off Estee Lauder off of the top of your longwearing foundie picks, then it really must be one hell of a face base. I love the coverage! Your face looked flawless in that picture, Ms. Martha! My question is, does it cover up discolorations well in the absence of a corrector? Medium coverage bases tend to make the darker areas of my face (especially the chin and mouth area) look ashy! I'm curious as to how this one fares in that department. :)

  6. Wow, talagang maganda ang coverage. Just one layer is enough. But the price though. :/ It does seem cakey. But nothing a good blending sponge can't fix. :)

  7. Ang ganda ng coverage with one layer only. Super expensive for a full time mom like me but the price is worthy naman.

  8. I was looking on the Kat von d site and noticed that they have 2 shades of medium 53, which one do you use they have medium 53 neutral and medium 53 warm? Thanks ahead of time :)

  9. Hi what is the price of kat von D lock it foundation 53 medium price n in do you deliver it to Singapore ? Can I available online ?


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