Great Christmas Gifts for the Girl Boss

As a Girl Boss myself, I prefer gifts that are not necessarily grand and expensive, but will prove to be very useful for my day to day life as well.

So if you're wondering what to give to Girl Boss friends or yourself, fellow Girl Boss, here are some things that I'd love to receive from friends!


A Red lipstick is a necessity in any Girl Boss' kit so it's always a good idea to give one. Red lipstick, to me, is power; I wear it when I want to feel extra confident.

TRY: Shiseido Rouge


Girl Bosses love luxury. A perfume is always a nice, luxurious gift and here's a cheat sheet: opt to give clean, minimalist perfumes that complement more than overpower, something that won't require effort to wear and pull off, and take her mind off the things that matter more. There's a reason why powerful people only wear simple things; they'd rather spend time thinking about how to better their career and businesses!

TRY: Clean Reserve fragrances (Skin is my favorite!)


Girl Bosses love to doodle and list down things; it sparks creativity and for sure, a fancy notebook will be much appreciated!

TRY: Quest Journal by Belle De Jour


Girl Bosses are always pre-occupied and they always find themselves working even before bedtime or reading books to enrich their knowledge. A posh reading lamp that's bright enough to double as a working lamp would be a great gift!

TRY: Miniso LED Desk Lamp


Girl Bosses love makeups that are multitasking and offer great coverage so they will look their best wherever they go. Opt for a base that has SPF, good coverage, and other skin benefits; plus factor would be if it comes in a very handy packaging!

TRY: Laneige X Lucky Chouette Cushion Compact

That's all! What other things can you add to this list, fellow Girl Boss?

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. An archery ranger membership is perfect too (well in my opinion). For as girl boss you need to release those stress like an arrow :D

  2. Tumbler maybe? So that you will stay hydrated for a day in your work area.

  3. A press-type pen! I always bring a pen with me :)
    A cute flashdrive and a sanitizer!
    Oh my I would really love to receive a red lipstick as well

  4. Love these gift ideas, Ms. M! I'm also a proud girl boss and I would love to receive a nice, sophisticated stiletto! It just screams girl boss to me :)

  5. These are very nice ideas and timely too! I have a new boss and I don't rrally know her that well yet to know what she'd like to get and these are great suggestions! I'm torn between getting her a red lipstick or a notebook/planner. Or maybe a really nice pen... Good thing I still have a couple of days to decide. 😅

  6. Red lipstick for the win! Any boss girl would really really love that! Thanks for this idea Miss Martha. I can surely use this ideas as a gift for my girl boss cousin this Christmas. I also think chic planners, pads and cute pens are every girl boss' best friend too. An ultimate working girl starter pack. Werq it! ;)

  7. I'm getting myself all of these for Christmas!

  8. love the gift ideas here, if i may add, i would love to send/receive ornamental plants tat would eliminate air in your home or office. A cactus is cute:)

  9. this post is just so timely since I'll be heading up to mall after work today to buy her gift. Yay! My girl boss is in her 40s right now, and I think she will love the minimalist smell fragrance since she is so super bango and her EA green tea is almost hitting the bottle. Will try to find the clean reserve fragrance, it was recommended by you so I know that it is a good product :) I'd like to suggest a starbucks gift card if ever your girl boss is in love with coffee. Hehe. Thanks for sharing Ms. M!

  10. Siguro po pwede din po I add ung small Wallet. Lagi kaSi itOng gamit at dala dala araw araw dba po? :) Naku, kahit Isa man lng sa mga yan may nagbgay po Sakin, happy nako.

  11. So these are the things that a GirlBoss would like to receive. How about a good hand cream like La Mer? I think it will be useful and will make a nice gift too.

  12. Why is my comment not here? Waaaa! Well for me lipstick will never get out of the trend as it is something that makes you look elegant instantly.

  13. I don't have a Boss kasi wala pako work madam :D But sa bahay namin, Mama ko ang Boss..hehe..Pero irerecommend ko po itong tips mo po sa mga friends ko lalo na sa sister ko who has a girl Boss.. ;)

  14. For all the girl bosses and type A's out there, I'd definitely suggest something to keep them motivated through all the sh*t on their plate! Hahaha ang babaw ng kaligayahan but a nice set of colored pens or highlighters to help them color-code their notes/daily agenda would be good. I suggest Zebra's Sarasa line of pens. Really good color selection and a variety of points (0.38, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7) Or super cute or witty post-its! Or a corkboard (Only P88 in Japanese home stores) with a bunch of cute coarkboard paraphernalia.

  15. I wanna get the miniso desk lamp and Clean fragrance for myself! :)


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