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Here's a review on Guerlain Meteorites in Clair.

PRICE: P3,200.00
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in Rustans department stores; Guerlain pop- up, Greenbelt 5


When you ask Guerlain fans which item from the brand they would recommend, a lot would exclaim "Meteorites!" without blinking. It must be that good, I thought to myself, thus it has been on my lust list for the longest time.

After x number of years, I finally have in my hands the legendary Meteorites, favored by many women, swearing by its ability to reveal skin's luminosity. They say once you try Meteorites, you can't live without it and looks like it's true because I've been using it as a finisher everyday; Meteorites is light in powder form and it uplifts skin, bringing it to a whole new light (pun intended)!


A cult powder made in 1987; balls of powder in subtle correcting, concealing, and highlighting colors catch light and enhance the features. Meteorites hold the secret to Stardust technology, a light- creating polymer that transforms light into an endless, flawless, invisible glow on the skin. Available in four shades.

FAST FACT: Guerlain wanted their best- selling powder to be more travel- friendly, thus they turned them into balls instead paving the way for Meteorites; it has been a hit since then because aside from being travel- friendly, the entire product lasts longer and is mess free.

Like many first- time Meteorites users, I made the mistake of thinking that this product is a highlighter; lo and behold, it is a finishing powder. A lot think that Meteorites is highlighter because of the shimmering effect it gives, but according to a Guerlain insider, nope, it's setting powder; yeah, the one you use to set liquid foundation. That's one nice info for ya!

I've been using this product as a setting powder; at first, I was not used to seeing a sheer layer of powder on my brush whenever I use it; makes me think that I have to use more for proper setting so I apply 2- 4 layers when I'm setting liquid bases just to be sure. After a time, I've gotten used to the entire formula and I treat it now just like the rest of my setting powders, and realized that two layers are enough to set my face; one if I'm going to use it as a finisher.

The legendary powder balls come in correcting and highlighting colors namely Pink, Mauve, White, and Yellow, and come in matte and shimmer finishes. What I got is the shade Clair just because it was the only one left when I picked up my very first Meteorites; I initially wanted to get Medium, but it was out of stock; Dore was too dark for my liking already. Clair and Medium don't differ too much in my opinion so if you have medium- dark, warm skin, Clair should be okay.

How is every shade different from the other? On top of the staple correcting colors, there is an added color that is unique to each shade:

1. Clair has Green for redness (a common problem for fair skin)
2. Medium has peach for hyper pigmentation
3. Dorèe has bronze for dullness

About the packaging, can't overemphasize enough that Guerlain makes the most luxurious packaging; comes with the price and my packaging- obsessed self is so happy! FYI, Guerlain changes the packaging of Meteorites from time to time, especially in special collections and every special season so if you're a makeup collector, the Meteorites range is something that you should watch out for.


I used Meteorites as a finishing powder:

L: Matte Powder; R: Matte Powder topped with Guerlain Meteorites

I think this is the best photo to showcase the effect of Meteorites. Gah, I tried my best to capture it in photos because to me, the effect of Meteorites is invisible, but is there, meaning it's the effect that will make people say "You know, there's something nice with your skin today; I just can't pinpoint it, but it's there." Meteorites Ninja Skills= 1000%.

Based on the photo above, Meteorites made my skin look brighter, healthier, and glowing; it's very helpful in counteracting flat matte looks and is a perfect partner for matte bases.

In the next photos, I used Meteorites as a setting powder for liquid bases:

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Natural Perfection Foundation + Guerlain Meteorites in Clair

I used the same foundation in both photos for better comparison; notice that with Meteorites, my skin was glowing like an angel! It's like I have a lightbulb underneath my skin; I was even surprised (in a good way!) at how radiant my skin looked when I took the photo below!

As for the staying power, the radiance lasts the whole day, but it doesn't have exceptional oil controlling properties; if you have oily skin use it with a primer or as a finisher for matte powder.

The radiant legend is real - it's the French secret to well- lit, healthy- looking skin; I'm a Meteorites virgin no more and I'm so glad I picked this up; it comes really handy especially during stressful times and when I'm having dull skin!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. True, your skin looks radiantly glowing with meteorites on it... It's shiny nga like a highlighter!

  2. Looks gorgeous on you! and lovely post! :)


  3. I also thought meteorites is a highlighter! I'm always in awe whenever I see that online, but I can only stare at them. I can't afford it right now. But I want to buy it in the future! The balls are so pretty, the packaging is so classy. I love everything about it. Now that I know it's a setting powder, I'm more in love with it!

  4. Bagay po ang color sayo :) naturally beautiful :)

  5. This is really interesting I really don't know how this product works and before reading your review I thought it was kinda funny because of its unique appearance but upon working I was like "wow!, it is a must have then!.." hihihi thanks Miss Martha!..^_^

  6. Woah! I thought it's some kind of sweets. Hahaha. But it really looks good on you. It's so flawless. Paranh ang lijis tignan ng make up. Amazing!

  7. Nagglow nga ung face mo Ms. Martha parang may lightbulb nga. Ang ganda ganda talaga ng packaging ng Guerlain, napakasosyal.

  8. OMG. I thought I was already over wanting to get this but you just had to give it a ~glowing~ review. Why.

  9. I always wanted to try guerlain meteorites and was pondering of buying one good thing I saw this review. Now I am more convince that I need to get one.You look stunning and I love how it gives you that natural and healthy glow.

  10. this is one of the luxury brand I die for. With the results below, no wonder it will hurt your wallet ehehe. Kakaiba un radiant sa skin mo Ms M!:)

  11. Your skin looked brighter indeed. There's this certain glow when you compare the two photos. If I'd have enough moolah, I'd love to try this too. Only that I will use it on special occasions! Right now, I'd stick with my highlighter since I'm still out of budget. =)

  12. Love at first sight! Thank you for this wonderful review!Love the glowing effect on you. I really thought that it's a highlighter before this! Will definitely include this beauty on my wish list.


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