Juvia's Place The Nubian Eyeshadow Palette Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on Juvia's Place The Nubian.

PRICE: P1,600.00+
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through local online resellers; Juvia's Place online


My thirst for indie makeup brands has led me to discovering a neutral palette that I dub as the best eyeshadow palette for 2016, Juvia's Place The Nubian. I first saw it on Nikkie Tutorials and I thought what nice copper shades this palette has, thus it has been on my mind for quite some time now. A friend who took the plunge and bought this palette was kind enough to let me swatch hers and immediately, I was sold! Juvia's Place The Nubian is super, duper pigmented neutral eyeshadow palette with colors that appear true to the pan and pop beautifully on the skin!


Although relatively new, Juvia's Place is quickly gaining ground as one of the favorite eyeshadow palettes online. Highly pigmented, creamy, and claims to have intense wearability.

Juvia offers three palettes: Nubian (this), Masquerade (Pink), and 2nd Edition (Yellow). I opted for this one because I only prefer wearing neutrals nowadays. Product comes in a sturdy, carton case with magnetic closure.


No mirror for this palette though. Awww!

The palette contains 4 matte and 8 shimmery pearl textured colors (but they look like metal to me anyway).

 Top row, left to right: pale gold, amber, sand beige, peach champagne.

These are the light transition colors; best applied on top of the overall eye makeup look for an extra or different kick of color.

 Center row, left to right: peach pink, bronze gold, copper, rusty copper

My most favorite row! I've long been looking for rusty copper shades and this palette has the ones I've been looking for!

Bottom row, left to right: bronze- brown, midtone brown, charcoal brown, brown taupe

The dark transition matte colors were wonderfully selected to give eyes a deeper look.

The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, creamy, true to color, and texture is creamy; swatches may look chalky, but when applied on the eyes, the products yield minimal fall out and cling really well on the skin. Products have no fragrance.


I've used a primer with the eyeshadows in this look and colors got even more intense and I felt that wear time got even better. Check out how the colors pop out nicely on their own; it's so easy to create instagrammable eye makeup looks with this palette because pigmentation is so superb, all the colors appear vibrant on the skin!

Some really great things I love about this palette:

1. Affordable.
2. Has a great selection of earth hues.
3. Has the truest coppers I've seen!
4. The array of light transition colors are exactly what I'm looking for (love the Amber shade) and best part is the colors appear on any skin tone whether fair, medium, or dark.
5. The powder have a slight staining effect, a sign that even if worn on its own, it may last long.
6. The metallic/shimmery pearl shades produce an intense, high- shine, liquid shimmer- like effect; it's really great for bringing out the eyes and this exact effect is what I've always wanted to achieve with eyeshadow.

Con? Just the availability of this palette. I can't think of anything negative to say about the quality of the product because it is really damn good; it's the eyeshadow of my dreams and I'm happy that it turned into reality. Juvia's Place The Nubian Eyeshadow palette is for ladies who love wearing eyeshadow and are looking for metallics that are true to the core. I am highly recommending this!


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's so beautiful! I also saw it on Nikki's channel and have been researching it on and off. I'm torn in the middle since I have tons of palettes that have similar shades but Amber is life and that copper shade! 😍 I really have to get rid of more palettes just so I can justify getting this.

  2. This pallete tho! Every famous & trusted youtuber I know *coughs* KathleenLights *coughs* is favorite 'to!! Such promising pallete. I wanttt kaso nga lang I'm hesitating to buy online because of some reasons :( Hopefully it will be available sa sephora? idk if they carry indie brands but i'm hoping!!! Great review as always Ms. M! Love the thoughts! <3 xx

  3. The packaging is so cool!!! It's so fresh to the eyes. But hey, you're picture really caught my attention, it's not just because you have a very beautiful make up that suits you but the camera that you used is so beautiful, the quality of the picture is so good.

  4. This is such a gorgeous set of neutral colors! I can already imagine all the lovely combinations.

  5. The colors are very pigmented and I love how they chose the color to put on the palette, wearable sila lahat and best for day to night make up! The packaging could improve tho, I just don't like that it doesn't have any mirror 😞 But I do hope that they will have a smaller version of this, so we could carry it easily in our makeup bag. :) Do sephora carry this brand? :)

  6. The packaging is so pretty! And you look so stunning omg.

  7. Maganda nga mga shades! plus its very affordable and ang ganda po sa skin tone mo madam, parang natural na kulay na lng po sa face mo :) napaka different ng dating nya, parang simple colors but maganda effects sa face ng gagamit..

  8. I agree this palette has the most beautiful nudes... rusty copper, bronze brown and charcoal brown are my favorites among the shades and it's pasok sa budget :) I would surely buy nice eyeshadow palettes for maximum of 3,000 :)matagal naman maubos and you get the value for your money with this one! ang ganda!

  9. This is really a nice pallete with nice neutral shades! It really looks good on you Ms. Martha!

  10. Oh my! Me too, I am in love-at-first-sight with this palette. Always been amazed with earth-colored beauty products (of course, aside from my favorite red lipstick). :)))

  11. I see a girlboss on the photo.
    I have been seeing raves about this palette. Some said it is on their wishlist. Now i understand why.

  12. Nakaka in love ang colors ng eye shadows ms. Martha. Kelan Kaya Ako matututong magLugay ng Make up. I love seeing and reading all your blog's about your reviews oj makeup products, sana po matuto nako :)

  13. Ang ganda ng eyeshadows palette. Fave ko ung nasa middle row. Wish to have one.

  14. I'm a lipstick person (it's because I don't have enough lid space to be creative with eyeshadow) but I find every thing beautiful and somehow unique. I have a morphe palette some colors look similar but not the copper shade you have it is so unique.

  15. Been eyeing on this palette for so long but since I don't normally wear eyeshadow at work, I've been setting this aside, finding reasons why I should get another palette. After reading your blog, I've decided that this will be next on my list!


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