Strip It at 10 + Youtube DIY Hair Waxing Tutorial

In 2011, I discovered a painless, affordable, easy-to-use, and natural hair removing product; I never looked back ever since. I have tried similar products, but I still find myself going back for Strip It!

My first encounter and review for Strip It, ca. 2011

It’s been ten years since Strip It launched to the public and has become one of the well- loved local online beauty brands. Oh did you know that Strip It! Started out as a thesis project for its founder, Arlette Alvarado? From being a humble school project, Strip It! Eventually turned into her passion and business.

As an avid user, why do I love thee, Strip It? Here are 10 reasons:

1. Strip It is made of all- natural ingredients and does more than removing hair as it contains Calamansi extracts that help lighten skin overtime.

2. Strip It can be used cold or hot; doesn’t matter how you use it - it will still be effective!

3. Strip It is very affordable and one tub can last for more than 6 months!

4. Strip It doesn’t leave any sticky residue and comes off easily with soap and water.

5. Strip It smells so delectable, like sugar candy!

6. Strip It has a chocolate variant! Need I say more?

7. Strip It’s waxing cloths are pretty sturdy and can last for more than 5 months, depending on care and frequency of usage.

8. Strip It has smaller versions that you can bring with you when traveling.

9. Strip It’s formula remains unchanged; it’s still the effective, DIY hair wax I’ve come to love in 2011!

10. Best of all, Strip It is proudly Filipino made!

How do you use Strip It? Here’s a guide:

1. Cleanse and dry up the area to be treated.
2. Apply baby powder on the area to be treated.
3. Using the provided spatula, apply Strip It against the direction of hair growth.
4. Press the waxing cloth on top of the wax. Rub the surface gently for 5 seconds.
5. Hold the edge of the cloth and pull downwards (or upwards as long as it’s against the direction of hair growth) using a swift motion and as close to the skin as possible.
6. You can wax a certain area up to two times.
7. Cleanse the waxed part with warm water and gentle soap
8. Apply Strip It! Aloe Vera gel after cleansing to combat redness, itch, and dryness
10. Do not apply deodorant, whitening creams, and peeling creams within 24 hours.

Check out the video version of my review plus a tutorial on how to use the product:

Happy 10th, Strip It!

For more information about the product and to purchase, please visit STRIP IT! On Facebook.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hair is non existent in my legs so as o my brows lol! Though most of my cousin have emptied countless tubs of strip.

  2. I always wanted to try DIY waxing because getting it done at a waxing salon can be so expensive! Not only that, it's not always done perfectly. More often than not, I still see hair. And sometimes I'm too shy to ask the wax technician to go over it again huhu! Hopefully I'll get my hands on a tub of Strip It! soon.

  3. Up until this moment, the strip wax that I tried is the veet cream as it is painless and super effective. It does sting but it's okay that's just a little bit. But would see this option as well..

  4. yes! I've been using this brand for years. I love how it's so affordable and consistently good :)

  5. Waxing is my favorite method so far. Feeling ko kasi from the roots to tips bunot e! Haha. Tho at first timer it can be a bit harsh, but the pain is tolerable naman. :) I first used strip it when I've won a giveaway before then eto yung isa sa mga prize. It has no smell for me and easy siya gamitin. Its a bit messy but effective naman :) Strip it is a good Filipino brand. I recommend this wax too! :) Happy 10th anniversary strip it!

  6. Ako actually sabon lng plus hair removal ginagamit ko, tlgang wala po akong ginagamit na kung anong product kasi d naman ako naging aware sa kung anong difference ng paggamit ng tamang product sa pantanggal hair sa balat natin, lalo na po sa legs. Mura po yan ah, sulit bilhin and gusto ko pong itry!

  7. I've trid several kinds and brands of hair removal wax and creams that I just eventually gave up and use my trusted tweezers and razors. This post however makes me want to try it again. It sounds so easy and fool proof.

  8. My loving product for my hair pits! I love this. Affordable and super effective pa! I'll give this a two thumbs up!!!

  9. Wiiiieeeee. Eto ang hinahanap ko talaga! I have shaved kanina (lol masakit) hahaha. Strip it pala dapat gamitin ko. Super affordable pa. Natatakot ako talaga magtry dati ng DIY pero no choice ako. Hahaha

  10. Ang galing ah, from thesis to business. Congrats Stip It for 10yrs in the business. This is a must try product and proudly Pinoy made.

  11. Strip is good and affordable. The only con is that it isn't available in Watsons, so I buy Nanny Rose sugar wax. They've increased their prices, but the wax is still affordable and effective.

  12. im pretty scared of waxing so I usually leave it to the Pros to get my lower leg waxed. its still painful everytime but since you mentioned that this is actually painless, i might consider trying this one out.

  13. Happy 10th Strip It... I tried this before and it's very nice to use but the tamad in me did not continue using it but still a fan though!

  14. I haven't tried DIY waxing at home. I am too scared! haha I remember having professionally waxed at a salon, I always ask the technician to stop so I could breathe. haha I hope one day I'll be braver to do this on my own using Strip It! :)


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