Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Birthday Suit Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on Colourpop Super Shock Cheek in Birthday Suit.

PRICE: $8 (Approximately P400.00+)
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Okay for starters, I disliked this product the first time I used it; I found it a bit weird and was totally going against the way I use blush and I do my makeup. But eventually, I've ended up liking it because I realized, the beauty of Colourpop's blush is it's made exactly for busy, on-the-go millennials: just pop, swirl, apply, and go. Heck! You can even use this while walking. Let me muse about my favorite Colourpop product to date in this post!


A pigmented blush with a cream-to-powder finish.

It's a classic blush in a screw top packaging. The blush has a cute pattern on the surface; nice effort for a brand that's very affordable!

Birthday Suit is described as a neutral pink, but on me, it's a soft pastel pink. I originally wanted to get something darker, specifically Cruel Intentions or Get Leid, but chickened out with Colourpop's 'intense pigmentation' claim; didn't want to end up with a blush that's too pigmented for life so I settled for a light one. Turns out it is a bit too light so lesson learned.

But at least the product can be layered with ease.

Finish of Birthday Suit is matte.

Colourpop's blush has a weird texture: it's soft and gel- like; when you press a finger on it, an indentation is left. This is not bad though as it makes the product even easier to blend with fingers, best for those who dislike using brushes or want something that can be used even without a brush. Colourpop said that their blushes are best used with fingers and I find that to be true; if you want sheer coverage, use a flat top brush.


Birthday Suit, layered once on my cheeks

Aside from being convenient, this does not need any powder setting for it to last long; Colourpop's blush has a staining effect and on my combination oily-normal skin, it stays with minimal fading. This has got to be the most legit cream-to-powder blush I have ever owned.

TIP: Don't leave this product exposed to air for a long time. It's in a gel formula and will expire quickly if left in air for a long period.

I discovered a small con after a few uses of the blush; I've used the blush straight for a week and by the 7th day, I've noticed that I've already hit pan on it; quite surprising because I only used the product once a day and have never retouched it during wear. Turns out there isn't a lot of product in the pan and that's why it's $8 only. If you're on the frugal side, you're better off with a powder blush from a drugstore brand that's at the same price point, but will last you longer.

Overall, despite that con, I still love this product because of how convenient it is to use. I'm buying more!


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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love the color, I love everything pink. I want something soft looking so I think this is just okay for me and will last long coz I don't use that much. Haha. even if this is just little. Most of the time I take something little with cheaper price then buy another one once it done than buy something big with high price then you won't use it anymore.

    1. Agree. Cheap or expensive, what matters is if you will use it all the time to get your money's worth. :D

  2. The Birthday Suit looks good on you eventhough you said its too light for you! I haven't tried any Colourpop just like the Lippie stix u reviewed. Well, Colourpop has great reviews so its something worth trying for. Additional to my list.

  3. Such a pretty shade. I got a bit confused at first because the shade name reminded me of a lipstick shade from another brand, haha! I prefer blushes that are not too pigmented so there will less chances of "putok na putok na blush".
    I used to be lazy and skip blush until i realized how it brightens up my face and make me look healthier.

    1. I'm loving blush nowadays too; they really make you look well- rested and I need that especially now that I'm stressed at work haha

  4. Really? Paubos na agad for just one week. But I like the shade on you. Napakasimpleng tignan.

  5. You are right, it seems lighter when applied. However if you didn't buy one, you wouldn't know what works and what doesn't. Thanks Ms Martha for sharing this

  6. Ohh at least I can't be bothered with expired products lol :D

    1. That's true! Who needs a blush that will last for 10 years? Lol.

  7. Been wanting to own a set of Colourpop since I saw that Hello Kitty set (not a fan of HK though). This blush is really for me because I love putting my blush on using fingers. Haha. I thought that 's too gross but after reading this, it isn't. At least, my hands are clean. :D I thought that you won't buy another one but oh oh. So this one is really promising based on your ratings. :)

  8. I love how subtle it looks.

  9. I love the color of the blush.. bagay po sayo..

  10. Simple yet beautiful!!! Look good on you madam. I love the shade.


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