TBJ TRAVELS CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA 2: Welcome to The Great Barrier Reef + City Guide

Wake up, guys! We're finally in Cairns! :D

Welcome to the first leg of our Great Barrier Reef tour!

The Esplanade, a long walkway that serves as a recreational area for locals and foreigners alike. People exercise, stroll, and chill at this area. It's also the major landmark in the area if you're a tourist.

I arrived at around 6 AM at Cairns International Airport. The stores were still close, but the money changer was open so I was able to exchange my pesos to Australian dollars right away. I rode a cab and fare was just 20 AUD because the airport is just 15 minutes away from the city and my hostel.

I arrived on a Monday; it was pretty gloomy as there was a storm cloud covering the city according to the local weather station. Still, the city looked pretty and people went on with their weekday jobs. The city is so clean and organized! It's pretty much a countryside version of Sydney.

I checked in my stuff at Caravella Backpackers Inn before grabbing some morning grub. God I was famished when I arrived!

My room at the hostel. Decent and just what I needed: a place to park my stuff and sleep in!

Caravella Backpackers Inn is a choice for young travelers both Australians and foreigners. It has a decent size and has its own pool for lounging.

Cairns Regional Gallery is a must visit if you want to know more about the city and their culture.

After checking in, I walked around the Esplanade. I love how the government has furnished this place; lots of recreational areas that promote relaxation and health such as this exercise spot that lines the esplanade. There are barbecue areas as well where the locals grill and have an outdoor barbecue session.

Australia love their wildlife. There is a spot of shore by the esplanade that's left to the flock of Pelicans that dock in the area.

TIP: Don't approach wildlife if you're not trained to do so and don't feed them!

Aside from the Esplanade, the Esplanade Lagoon is one of the famous landmarks in the area. It's an outdoor pool where everyone can chill and escape the Australian heat. Beaches are pretty far from the city, about 45 minutes travel time minimum, and the lagoon provides an instant bathing escape.

That's all for the city tour! Tomorrow, our tour begins. Check back for a tour at Green Island, a 6 million year old coral cay, the first entry point to the Great Barrier Reef!

Check out my itinerary expense breakdown:
**Total is based on the PHP-AUD exchange rate during my time of visit. It may be cheaper or more expensive depending on your time of visit.
**Incidentals such as shopping, food, drinks, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses are not part of the breakdown.
**CORRECTION: Outer Barrier Reef Tour was organized with Reef Magic Cruises

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  1. Ok na din pala ung nakuha mong Inn, meron pang swimming pool. Good thing at may friend kang nagwowork sa cruise. Laking tipid na nun at buti pedeng idiscount ang friend, usually pang family lang ang mga discount eh.

  2. What a nice place and it seems that people are friendly too.. I wish someday I can come to visit the great barrier reef, but i really have to save a lot of money because its quite costly..so for now hanggang tingin na lang muna ako sa mga adventures mo Ms. Martha..thanks for sharing
    IG: @my_tseree

  3. Whatta nice place madam. Simple lang yung loob ng inn but bongga naman outside may swimming pool. Tsk a lot of ingat madam on your vacation!!

  4. Oh my golly I wanna be there too. A place with so much more nature in itself sounds so good to me. If only I could earn in the province what I am earning here in the metro, I would definitely just stay there. The air is fresh and even the water came from a spring and we grow fruits and vegetables in our backyard and took care of poultry and chickens. Everything's fresh. I miss home so much. I feel it here, it feels home

  5. real nice place po hope you've had a happy day :)

  6. Bongga ng place Ms. Martha parang tahimik lang, makakapag unwind po talaga and relax. Very peaceful,and sigurovery accomodating din yung mga Tao diyan. Ingat madam!!

  7. Wow! That was a nice place to stay-in even if it's not to luxurious. Still have the things you need. Well, you're in for the ADVENTURE not just sulking in on the 4 corners of the bedroom.


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