Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow.

PRICE: 5USD (Approximately P250.00+)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through local online sellers;


When I ordered Colourpop from the website, I added a couple eyeshadows into the bunch because I've been into eyeshadows lately, thanks to all the wonderful neutral colors that brands have been coming out with lately. And oh, COPPER EYESHADOWS ARE FINALLY A THING!

I grabbed four best- sellers of Colourpop's Super Shock Eyeshadow singles. Let me muse about these products for you today.


High pigment eyeshadows in a range of colors, from neutrals to bold colors. Comes in pearlized, ultra matte, satin, ultra satin, ultra metallic, metallic, glitter sheer, and ultra glitter finishes.

Colourpop doesn't have palettes; they only have singles and are usually offered as a set in special collections.

The pans are pretty huge, which made me very happy because I got a lot for 5 dollars.

Props to Colourpop for putting effort on their products to offer more value to consumers no matter the price, like the unique diamond patterns on their complexion products.

 These are some of the best- sellers I got. From left to right:

Game Face- golden copper (ultra metallic)
Lace- deep violet (pearlized)
Mittens- reddened brown (matte)
8 Track- gold bronze (pearlized)

The first time I touched the eyeshadows, they felt really unique: they're soft and clay/putty- like much like Colourpop Super Shock Cheek. The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and go on very smoothly when swatched. Colourpop wasn't kidding when they said that their eyeshadows are VERY pigmented.


Lower Lid- 8 Track; Crease- Mittens; Upper Crease- Game Face

The eyeshadows felt really nice when swatched; however, this did not translate well to the eyelids. Due to the texture, it was a bit hard to blend with the other colors and took up a lot of time; it's also hard to create color gradation with it. Before you ask me, yes, I followed the suggested tools to be used on the eyeshadows courtesy of Colourpop, but I still had a hard time making the products work on my lids. After minutes of blending, I came out with just an okay look.

But there's light at the end of the tunnel...

These are best treated as cream eyeshadows: apply them using fingers and use individually and smudge the color all over the lids.

Staying power is very good; Colourpop has done a good job in making their products long- wearing even without primer.

Good thing I use cream eyeshadow a lot so I don't mind keeping one or two of these. If you're into cream eyeshadow type products and want an eyeshadow that will glam up your eyes in an instant and stay put even without primer, it's nice to own one of Colourpop's Super Shock Eyeshadow.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Heard a lot of good reviews about this shadow and I was really confused if this is a cream or powder formula. Now, reading your review, made me enlightened. Hehe. The game face shade is really gorgeous, I am imagining wearing them everyday on my eyelids. However, I was kinda sad that it was not pigmented enough when put on your lids.. I was thinking that the matte/lighter shades from this line is not visible and harder to blend on the eyes. Does the shimmers of the shadows fall out when applied? Would still love to try these eyeshadow maybe other shade, its very cheap and the longevity is very good as what you've said. Thanks for the great review Ms. M! BTW, do colourpop ships directly na to PH? was thinking of buying this at shopee, kaso dami ng fake :( Thanks again Ms. M!

  2. I have puppy love and I always use it as a base color for my other eyeshadow because I ran out of primer.

  3. My first reaction when I saw this post was "WOW!" the shades are really pretty. The colors that I would definitely buy. I don't have any Colourpop products, and I hardly read reviews about it or maybe I don't try to look for reviews, I just rely on Youtube. Your reviews is definitely a big help, that I want to save up for it and order to Colourpops site next time. The shades are so wearable may it be day or night.

  4. Mittens and Game Face makes me Wow😍😍😍 Thanks for this swatches and review Ms.Martha

  5. Game Face and Mittens are my type of shades. I'm not really into wearing eyeshadows but i love looking at other women's eyeshadow especially bloggers on IG and YT and i usually find myself amazed with your choices of shades and how well you blend the colors.

  6. Those colors are to die for! Lace and Mitten for the win! Woot ^o^

  7. Nice diamond pattern prints one top of the shadows. Whenever I get new shadows with these prints I just stare at them for a while coz I don't want to damage the print haha! But anyway, if I were to choose from the colors you have here, I think I would dig the Game Face golden copper one. I think it would be perfect for the summer season! Thanks too that you described the texture in detail. I've been loitering at the Colourpop site but I have yet to grab anything from them.

  8. I want to use eyeshadows as well but I think I don't know what colors to combine. Hahahaha. I want a smokey one but it's not for an.everyday look. Hahahaha.

  9. I love the shades of Game Face and 8 Track

  10. This is gorgeous! I think colourpop's super shock eyeshadow are perfect for me since it's a cream eyeshadow that can easily be smudged using fingers. Then It will be easier for me to apply eyeshadow. 😍😍😍


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