Dear Bloggers

Dear Bloggers, old and new,

Welcome to my world. I've been here for the last 8 years and I've got some pretty valuable advice to give that will help you get by in this world, whether you are here for the money or simply for the purpose of sharing with everyone what makes your heart sing, be it food, makeup, travel, or fashion.

A lot have changed. Before, Blogging was purely out of passion and harder to put up because everything came from our pockets. People only saw us as hobbyists, not as serious communicators. But there were only a few of us then and I'd like to thank that situation and time for being on my side because I got to where I am today. Some say I made it, some say I haven't quite yet, but what's important is I'm still here and doing what I love. After some time, this is just all that matters.

Now, Blogging is King and it's easier now more than ever to get noticed and to turn a situation and hobby into something lucrative. I'm glad that the new ones now won't have to endure being looked down on just because you are "only a blogger." Digital is now and is it is your time now. Be proud of what you do, especially if you do it for the right reasons.

It is easy to be blinded by the glitz and glamour, and the perks that come with this profession. But as you go on, I hope that you won't forget why this all started for you. I hope you started with a passion and go on with a purpose.

I am a firm believer that things should be started with a passion and we are all here to look after each other. That said, begin telling the story of something that you are passionate about and sustain it with a purpose. I started the blog because I love makeup. And now, what sustains my journey is the fact that I am helping a lot of women appreciate their beauty, especially those with morena and dark skin. You do not have to know right away what your purpose in this field is; but when you start with your passion, you will be thoroughly guided and will eventually be led to that purpose.

As you change your life through blogging, I hope you change the lives of others too.

There will be a lot of ups and downs, I'm telling you. From being an online endorser, to being sent to different countries, to laying low, to being seen as a threat, to not being invited to events that I was once invited a lot to, to being criticized for pursuing another industry and not just staying as a Blogger, to being dubbed as a has been, to being seen as just the good ol' The Beauty Junkee, and to rising again, I've seen, heard, and experienced it all.

When you find yourself in these situations, always remember these things:

Loot bags and event invites do not define who you are and what you can do as a Blogger. Do not let a status set by others extinguish that fire in you.

You are smart, amazing, beautiful, talented, but there will always be someone who is smarter, more amazing, more beautiful, and more talented than you. And you cannot do anything about that. What you can only do is control your thoughts about these things and work with what you have. Eventually, you will be the person who is MORE than others. Never stop learning and improving.

You have a voice. And you don't need a brand or event to tell you that you don't.

Heed this adage: The only person that you should compare yourself with is the one in front of the mirror.

The secret to staying inspired and to continuous creation is to always think how you can contribute to the betterment of society.

Professionalism trumps talent. Best if you have both.

At some point, your profession has to evolve and it should always be for the greater good. Learn when to leave and when to stay. This is your journey and don't let anyone tell you to stay safe. The most successful people never stayed safe.

You will have your time. And when that time comes, savor it; make the most out of it; love it; be grateful for it. And when your turn in that spotlight ends, leave gracefully and with a smile; usher others wholeheartedly into that spotlight. There are other spotlights for you to fill in anyway. Always.

Listen to what others say, but take them with a grain of salt, always. You shouldn't give a damn when someone pities you for not being invited to nice events or if you don't receive nice press kits; you should give a damn when you have drifted far from your passion and purpose and when things don't feel right for you anymore.

To the new ones, I hope you fill this industry with passion and purpose; To the popular ones, you have been granted a gift and I hope you use it to inspire not only professionalism and excellence, but care and compassion as well.

To the old ones, just stay and guide the new ones. Times may be different for you now and maybe some of you might wish that you started today because blogging has become more lucrative now than ever, but don't let this dilute your passion and push you to resort to ways that will put you back in the spotlight. Popularity is good - and so is wisdom. You are still important.

Take it from me. And take all of these into consideration and blogging will survive and thrive.

After 8 years, I've come home. I've evolved. And I still continue evolving. And I can't wait to see where blogging will be taken to in the next years.

Yours truly,

The Beauty Junkee

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank you Ms. Martha! You gave such good advice and motivation, of course, heads up to people who will read this, may it be a blogger or not. I always plan to be a blogger, but its always just a plan. I have this fear that no one might read my blog. But this gives me so much encouragement, your words right on the spot. More power!

  2. Very well said madam. Thanks for always inspiring us readers and giving us advices. Cheers for more years to come in blogging and congratulations for 8 years as blogger. :-)

  3. Great advice Ms M and more power. You really a great help to us, giving a honest reviews. Goodluck to those starting their blog.

  4. Very touching, that is why admire you as a person too not just because I read your blogs. Thank you for your awesomeness and please continue to inspire us. Looking forward to more years of reading your blogs and seeing you in one of your workshops or whatsoever events you'll come up.

  5. These are great advice. I've been planning to start a website for years now because I love to write. I also love researching and traveling which are great source of discoveries and information. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the time to focus on it. Reading blogs have widen my perspective and knowledge on many things, not only about beauty and travel. It help me improve my self-esteem through advice I get about perception management and women empowerment. Most blogs I followed provide great insights on variety of subjects, life issues, political views, society and culture. I tremendously enjoy reading your features every day. Wish you more success in years to come! :)

  6. Very well said Ms. Martha! I do hope that bloggers and aspiring bloggers will get to read this post of yours. I myself understand where ur coming from. I love reading posts anything about food, makeup and lifestyle in general. But for me being a bloggers is not that easy tasks. As for you being in biz for quite sometime now..u're one of the pioneers who know very well the industry and the in's and out's of it. Continue to share with us ur knowledge and ur passion. 😊

  7. Teary eyed after reading this! Thank for this heartfelt message Ms. Martha! I always want to have a blog ever since. I tried so many times but I don't know where to start. This year, I commit to myself that I would pursue this life long dream. I can't agree more about passion in blogging. Passiob is the heart of everything. Without it, giving up will be easy.

  8. To be honest, I still am a little embarrassed when I tell people I'm a blogger. Coz what I usually get are stale "OH, AHs and that's NICE". Like I have no credibility whatsoever and this is just child's play. I can only confidently say it when I'm in the right crowd yaknowwhatImean? I'm learning definitely to own the title :)) But I know that bloggers still get a lot of flak online. Thanks for this!!!

  9. Love this post Martha. <3 Thank you for the thoughtful words and for reminding us to keep our feet on the ground no matter what we achieve and to always have a purpose. Love you always.

  10. Very well said a newbie I always remind myself that I should be guided by someone who is passionate and serious on this industry..then I find you,unplanned but on time.thank you and more power..

  11. Very inspiring :)
    I started as a book blogger and now I'm trying to blog about everything that interests me because I don't want to confine myself on one specific subject. I've been following you for years now and I wish you more years of blogging so that more people may discover you. Thank you Martha :)

  12. This is so touching. It's like a Ms. Universe speech. We should all never give up. I keep on reading an advice as well but it's really timeless, it's classic, like a golden rule that is so versatile coz it will be applied to this generation and to the coming generation, it goes like this, we shouldn't measure our success by looking at the success of others, we have our own pace and it's not because you think someone is successful you are left behind. No it's not. We just choose different paths and lives. We are unique from each other. Just enjoy life and do what makes you happy.

  13. Good luck for the next journey of being a always inspired us. I am now starting to love and hook to your blog. Have a nice day.

  14. These are lovely and heart-warming words Miss Martha and I thank you so much for them. I have also been blogging on and off since 2007, first with Friendster, then with Multiply and ultimately with Blogger. As a teenager, I used to be the ranter-blogger but through the years, I have evolved and when I read the part of your post where you said about "contribute to the betterment of society" I had to smile because after all these years, with all the blogging words I've sent out there I hope, really hope that in one way or another I have uplifted a life or even just shared a nice info whatsoever, the way that you inspire me or inform me about beauty stuff, travels or just life in general.

    There were times that I just stop blogging but eventually I just come back, like there's a magnet that keeps pulling me back. I've come back so many times that I am convinced that blogging really is a passion and honestly, I haven't come to the point where it's become lucrative for me (it may never come to that, I dunno haha) but I really love what I do and it just makes me happy.

    Thank you so much for inspiring me always. I don't always get to really your posts daily but when I have the chance, I just do a Beauty Junkee blog reading marathon and at the end of the day, I always take some knowledge with me and for this post, I learned loads. I love it, I will bookmark this blog post so that I can read this again and again whenever I get some blogging downtime.

    Thank you!


  15. Awww, this letter gave me goosebumps while reading it :) I am touched by your words and it gave me motivation to blog again. I have a blog before, and its all about the reviews of organic products which I bought from different shops. Actually, it only lasted for about 3 months, then I shut it down because I am very mainipin about the progress I've get. :( I also had no extra time at that moment because of thesis problems, so, I have to delete it and focus more on my studies. And now, I'm working, I am inspired again to blog and do filming as well. I am dreaming to become like you, Ms. Liz Lanuzo, annacay, anneclutz and more. I am very passionate about make ups, skin care and lifestyle, I want to work while enjoying the passion I have. These words you said made me excited on the next few days, I think Ill try to create a blog again and start inspiring people like what you are doing. You are such a great inspiration Ms. M, I hope I can meet you someday! I'll take your words as a wisdom, I'll follow my dreams and put my whole heart on it. Thanks Ms. M, wishing you more blessings and more success in your blog. Keep inspiring!

  16. Ilove what youve said
    "Be proud of what you do especially if you do it for the right reason"

  17. I love reading this specially you pour your heart on this one.

  18. Thank you Ms. Martha! Very well said!
    Looking forward for your more reviews that really help many filipinas!

  19. Thank you for this beautiful message to bloggers following you. Yes, you inspired me to start my blog without further ado and delay that I did so right after TBJ 8th Anniversary. I am trying to live the JUST DO IT. No second guessing. If you make a mistake, it's ok. At least you tried to live your life.Thank you for inspiring me. Hoping for more longer years for THE BEAUTY JUNKEE! CHEERIO!


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