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Hi guys! I've restarted my fitness journey and this time, I went for Crossfit. Towards the end of 2016, I've missed doing circuit training again, but did not want to let go of lifting so I thought Crossfit was the perfect bridge between the two. It's tough as hell, but I'm just happy to be back. I'm training at Central Ground Athletics in BGC and if you happen to work out there as well, let's work out together one time!

I made this quiz for all of you who are willing to be more strict with fitness this year, but having quite a hard time figuring out which work out to try. Hopefully, this quiz will help you.

Keep track of your answers and don't scroll all the way to the bottom until you've finished answering everything. Enjoy!

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1. Which color appeals to you?

A. Cool Blue
B. Neon Green
C. Bright Red

2. Which fitness mantra makes you want to go and workout.

A. Enjoy the journey, live light- I want to take life slowly but surely, never missing any important moments.
B. Never Stop Trying- I believe persistence is key in life.
C. Do something today that your future self will thank you for- A little struggle today, lots of rewards tomorrow.

3. Which female celebrity is your hero?

A. Miranda Kerr- I admire her grace!
B. Beyonce- She is the true definition of girl power!
C. Rhonda Rousey- she is proof that strong and feminine can co- exist!

4. Which is your ideal post- workout grub?

A. Salad- light and healthy.
B. Fruits- refreshing and yummy.
C. Protein/Fruit shakes- easy to consume and handy.

5. If you're going to make a fitness flat lay, which one of these is your style?

A. Clean and crisp
B. Edgy and quirky
C. Tough and cool

6. Which of these is your body peg?

A. Slim and graceful
B. Lean and sexy
C. Strong and athletic

7. Which of these artists you'll most likely tune into when working out?

A. Ariana Grande
B. Rihanna
C. Lady Gaga

8. Which of these fitness accessories you can't live without?

A. Cute socks
B. Funky headband
C. Towels-lots of it

9. Which pavement appeals to you?

A. Carpet
B. Wood
C. Concrete

10. Which makeup product you love wearing to the gym?

A. Lip and cheek tint. Because I want to feel pretty.
B. Waterproof mascara. Because I want to feel sexy.
C. Waterproof eyebrow product. Because Kilay is life.


Mostly As- Cool and Calm chick

- You live life trying to balance everything. However, life can get so fast- paced for you that you're almost always susceptible to stress and with this, balance is sometimes lost. Light- impact, steady, low- stress workouts that help you regain your equilibrium, encourage a healthy mind, and inspire flexibility such as body weight exercises, jogging, trx (suspension training), barre, pilates, yoga, and aerial yoga are your best choices!

Mostly Bs- Fun and Energetic chick

- You work hard and play hard. You run through life with loads of persistence and energy. You live life by your own rules and mostly, you believe life is meant to be fun. Moderate- impact, varied workouts such as Zumba, dance workouts, aerobics, running, spinning, cycling, and pole dancing will satisfy your thirst for fun!

Mostly Cs- Tough and Hardcore chick

- You believe that strong can be beautiful. You believe in the other side of femininity, the tough side. You believe in equal strength. For you, pain is challenge and a way to be better. High- impact workouts such as boxing, swimming, power lifting, weight lifting, calisthenics, MMA, and circuit training are perfect for you!

I'm mostly Cs! How about you? Share your answers below!

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm mostly A's. I enjoyed answering this Ms Ms. Thanks

  2. Most of my answers are B's. Fun and Energetic chick..which involves Zumba, running, dance sessions etc.. Maybe because even before I love to dance. This test is a great help, I've been wanting to excercise specially that I'm not getting any younger it feels great to be fit and if I want to age gracefully. Maybe it's time to start excercising. Then I could also get to try other excercises too.

  3. Mostly Bs!!!! Yeah, i'm a fun and energetic chick! Well, i used to be, haha! But i really admire women who are into training and lifting. I think it takes a lot of hardwork and discipline (and sweat) to do those things. I admire you for that.

  4. I got A for cool and calm and I so agree with the result Ms M. Anyway, I have been exercising regularly last year but I really got lost during the holidays and until now I haven't been able to return to my old routine. I promised I will bounce back this March, which starts tomorrow already. Let's get fit! I work out at home and usually start the day with a few rounds of Sun Salutation, I also have downloaded this 7 minute app on my phone which I use as guide for exercising. Like the result of this little quiz said, I really do slow and steady stuff.

  5. I like red color
    Never stop trying for the qoutes
    Beyonce is my fav artist
    Fruits is what i like for my diet meal
    Edgy and quirky for my flatlay
    Lean and sexy is my body peg
    Rihanna for my workout tune music
    I cant leave without towel
    Carpet appeals me
    Kilay is life and im going to wear at gym
    Mostly as cool and calm chick for exercise routine.
    This blog helps me to decide that i need to be fit and healthy. Thanks ms. Martha

  6. Wow! It seems that the result best describe me 💕 I'm mostly As and my result is cool and calm chick. Hihi. I like doing yoga more than tough exercises. I want to take it slowly but surely. Nakakatuwa naman tong quiz na to, hehe. Will definitely back in track again because magsasummer na, need na ng beach body!

  7. It's mostly C then B, so I do a mixture of both so I won't get bored :) Also yaaaaas kilay is life - even while working out!

  8. I answered mostly A. And it is so very much like me! I've tried pilates before and it helped me lose weight and get slimmer and leaner body. Now though, I don't have that much time to go to the gym nor enroll myself into a class. I work 9hrs/day; travel to and from work is roughly around 5hrs/day. I have a son and wanted to spend as much time as I can with him. Maybe I can just buy a Pilates workout video and a mat and then workout at home. ^-^ Hittimg two birds in one stone! Thanks for this very helpful and inspirational post!

  9. I'm mix of everything. Hahahahahhaha.

  10. I'm mostly B's. By the way, I think I've seen you around High Street because I work in the area. I've also checked out that Central Ground before, but I'm not a fan of Crossfit or circuit workouts, they remind me of C.A.T. days! Haha! Hope to bump into you next time!


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