BEAUTY BULLETIN: Summersentials!

Got sent two summer essentials that you'll definitely want to have in your beauty and fashion arsenal! Get to know Fly Shades' newest summer 2017 collection and newcomer Japanese hair care brand, Ichikami!

Fresh from BeautyBox Corp., the distributor of K-Palette in the Philippines, is Ichikami, a hair care brand under Kracie. Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner are fortified with beauty essences that keep locks smooth, soft, and moisturized the whole day. Summer can be harsh for the hair so definitely, you need something like Ichikami to keep it protected and healthy!

Visit BEAUTYBOX CORP. on Facebook for more information about this product.

FLY Shades goes vintage this summer for their 2017 collection: Pointy pastel frames, Jackie O- inspired tortoise print styles, and more. They're now out in all FLY Shades distributing stores. Just visit FLY SHADES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have tried a Japanese Shampoo to long ago, one thing I remember about is the smell, clean and fresh not too strong w/c I like. I've seen the other brand of Japanese Shampoo w/c they say is also great.
    Anyways, FLY shades has come a long way. I remember, it was fairly new when I was in college way back 1994-95. And few of us, my college classmates bought their shades. Up to now FLY has come a long way and they have great styles to choose from.

  2. Wow! Ganda talaga ng flatlay Ms. Martha :) Is it soft to the hair? Kasi most of the foreign brands when it come to shampoo ang tigas sa buhok kaya I'm scaredto try out shampoo brands of other countries na not familiar with me.

  3. When I was just newly working and only have very limited budget, I purchase my sunglasses from Fly. They're affordable and durable! I still have one of the shades' case in my cabinet! And since it's already summer, time to flash those pretty sunglasses indeed!
    With Ichikami, first time ko narinig yung brand. I have dry and treated hair and for now, I can only use sulfate-free hair products.

  4. I prefer and trust japanese brands when it comes to skincare and haircare because of their technology. I love to try this shampoo and conditioner and test if it is as good as the shiseido ones. :)

  5. This is a must try shampoo and conditioner, how much to Ms M? Ngayon ko lang nabasa ang brand na Fly, siguro kase hindi nman ako mahilig mag shades. Anyway, ang ganda ng kulay ng shades, type ko ung nasa middle. Thanks for this post Ms M.


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