Colourpop Brow Colour in Redhead Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on Colourpop Brow Gel in Redhead.

PRICE: 6 USD (Approximately P300.00+)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through online resellers;


When I saw that Colourpop has a brow gel, I had to include it in my shopping cart because I'm a brow gel lover and it's been a while since I used one; the last one I used was MAC Brow Gelcreme and I loved it, and I haven't tried another ever since; Colourpop's version is only 6 dollars so why not try, right? Now here's what I think about it.


 Colourpop Brow Colour comes in a glass jar with a simple white cover.

Texture is a soft mousse with medium to heavy pigmentation; it transfer well onto the brush so a light dip is all you need to grab a good amount of color; it starts off as a bit shiny, but sets into a soft matte finish afterwards.

Redhead is a medium brown brow color with a reddish undertone.


Bare brow

Defined with the brow colour

The product goes on smoothly and is very easy to spread, thanks to the mousse texture. I like that it doesn't stick to the hair strands, doesn't feel sticky nor stiff, and the shade Redhead pretty much fits my hair color and skin tone. It does have incredible staying power, as with most of Colourpop's products.

I'm pretty impressed with this one and aside from Super Shock Cheek, this is another Colourpop product that I shall repurchase when I run out!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I haven't order the Colourpop lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. And now here is another one recommended by you. Well, I have to step up my "saving game" for me to be able to try these great Colourpop products. Thanks Ms. Martha!

  2. Most eyebrow powders are too chalky and that's the biggest boo. This cream like brow colour from Colourpop is a sure winner, I must say!

  3. Hala! Another kilay product goals ituuu! Been seeing this in shopee the past few days and in fairness, the ratings of this product seems good! Was kinda confused lang din if it is the same as ABH? The packaging and texture looks the same eh, Hehe.The price difference is a plus point for me, and the staying power too! It looks really good on you, plakado ang kilay. Ganda!

  4. I haven't try brow gel before because i dont know which one is right for an oily skin type like me but this review will absolutely help me.

  5. This is what I use at makeup school along with my Benefit Kabrow. I have the darker shade of this one from Colourpop and it really performs well. It stays for 6-8 hours on oily skin which I find good for its price. It doesn't dry up pretty fast too on its jar compared to Anastia dipbrow that has the tendency to dry up when it is not tightly closed. After reading your post, I wish to buy more shades :D May I ask where you purchased yours? I got mine for 400+ excluding sf.

  6. Woah! I can clearly see the difference. I am so sad talaga I wasn't included in your workshop huhuhu if there's one thing I wanted to learn in make up is to put on eye brows huhuhu coz kilay is life HAHAHAHAHA. chos but because I don't have a nice pair of brows. One of it was even "shaved" in half so my brows are not of the same size. huhuhu.

  7. Wow. This is a nice brow gel at an affordable price. Ganda ng kilay mo Ms M. Matututo din ako nyan. Thanks for this post Ms M.


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