For good- smelling hair the whole day, try Ichikami Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

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The heat and natural scalp odor and oil are not a great combination; when they come together, the result is funky smelling hair and head; definitely not a good 'scent' to have when you want to get closer!

For summer, I choose fragrant shampoos and conditioners to keep my hair and scalp smelling fresh and nice even if I sweat or get exposed for hours the grueling sun. Ichikami is one good summer hair care brand because of its fragrant, but gentle and moisturizing formula.


Ichikami is a Japanese hair care brand and this variant, Moisturizing Series shampoo and conditioner features sweet apricot and cherry blossoms to moisturize and perfume the hair, plus formula is silicone and SLS- free too.

Shampoo ingredients

Conditioner ingredients

The shampoo has a light, pearlized consistency, which helps add luster to hair. The conditioner has a light cream texture; it's very moisturizing, but doesn't feel pasty and greasy, plus rinses off easily in the shower while leaving hair silky and soft.


Been using this duo for about 3 weeks now and I love the way it makes my locks feel soft, healthy, and moisturized, but without the greasiness and weight; despite the cream consistency of the products, they don't make my scalp feel 'heavy' or oily. About the fragrance, it's strong enough to mask the odor of sweat and sebum on the scalp, but isn't cloying in any way. I use this when I'm going to work out so I can stay fresh! :)

This is a must have for girls who want to have sweet- smelling hair the whole day, and for those who have the tendency to have scalp odor.


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  1. I have oily and sweaty scalp that is why it is important for me to use a shampoo that really smells good and will keep my hair smelling fresh avoiding the "amoy-pawis". I'll probably try this one and ask my cousin to buy it for me while she is in Japan.

  2. These are one of the challenges I experience, keeping hair smelling fresh all day. Thanks for sharing this Ms. M. Have a great day!

  3. I've been struggling with smelly hair even I use shampoo and I think I should try this but it's a little bit pricey. 😓

  4. This is just in time again for summer. Especially that it's super hot now so it's really nice to have a very nice bath with fragrant shampoo though this brand is expensive. Hahaha. Can't afford it.

  5. This is a must-have especially now na mainit at pagpapawisan tayo pero medyo may kamahalan lang. :(

  6. I like to try these duo pero mejo mahal, gano ba laki to Ms M? Thanks


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