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NEW! Affordable Hypoallergenic Makeup: Bell Cosmetics

Today's a good day to get to know a new makeup brand.

That said, there's a new makeup brand in town and it's hypoallergenic and affordable! Meet Bell Cosmetics! Get to know the brand in this post!

Bell is a Polish manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics, particularly affordable hypoallergenic cosmetics; their products are manufactured under strict standards in their private facility and are guaranteed suitable for sensitive skin, contact lens wearers, and eye glass wearers. Bell is currently being distributed in various countries around the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia; it has recently arrived in the Philippines.

Here is pretty much Bell's line- up; the products don't look affordable at all; they look chic and expensive!

Here are the bases: Bell is known for the face highlighter and fixing matte powder; there's also a range of primers with pore minimizing, oil- controlling, smoothing, and hydrating functions. Skin Adapting Makeup is a popular foundation that apparently adjusts to the skin, plus pressed powders as well. Don't you just love the clear acrylic packaging and textured surfaces of the powders???

Next, the eyes. From eye shadows, to eye liners, to brow products, to mascaras, they're hypoallergenic. A hypoallergenic eye shadow? Well that's the first I've heard of it!

Finally, lipsticks. Bell has a range of lipsticks from tints, matte, satin, and cream; what I have are the intense lip crayons that come in 6 shades.

Bell Cosmetics are pretty affordable with nothing above P1,300.00 in the product line- up.

So far, I have tried the foundation, mat pressed powder, fixing powder, highlighter, and Skin Adapting Makeup, and they're pretty good. I actually fell asleep in my makeup and to my surprise, I didn't get any zit the next day. More about my experience with the products soon!

Bell Cosmetics is now available in SM Department Stores.

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The tag line really caught me coz I really have difficulty choosing make up brands for my skin as most of time it breaks out.

  2. Thanks for this post Ms M. Ganda nga ng packaging at mukhang expensive. Will wait for your reviews about the products.

  3. Wow! Another makeup line to look forward to. It looks promising. Looking forward to your reviews. And I'm gonna check it out at SM near us.

    1. these products are available at sm sta mesa dept store.check it out

  4. Highly recommended din po ba ito sa mga acidic? or sa may malakas lang na allergic reaction sa cosmetics? Thanks po!!!

  5. I saw this at SM beauty section once and casually swatched their powders. Upon swatching, I immediately fell in love with how finely milled it is, feels light and gives just right coverage. It is love at first swipe! Looking forward on your reviews about these Ms. Martha :)

  6. Wow, thank you for sharing this Ms. Martha! You got me at "I actually fell asleep in my makeup and to my surprise, I didn't get any zit the next day." For someone who's been suffering from adult acne this is truly a heaven sent. Can't wait to try their colour correcting cream pallette. ��

  7. Wow! Thank you for sharing this one Ms. Martha! You totally got me at "I actually fell asleep in my makeup and to my surprise, I didn't get any zit the next day."
    For someone who's been struggling with adult acne this is a dream come true. And look at that packaging! It is indeed beautiful. Can't wait to try their colour correcting cream pallette. ❤

  8. Waaahhh! I'm so happy that there are lots of products that are coming to Philippines! And this one that is hypoallergenic! And is accessible to all the beauty junkies! Huhuhu I cry for that because it means I gotta save up and spend my money with this lovely ones! I'm still a student tho, but buying this kind of products, I guess is really worth the money!

  9. At first they look like so expensive make up. But when i read this blog it seems that this are all affordable and easy to find. Hope that this will also have a good quality specially we are in this humid weather. I will save some time to visit the store and have some swatches. Maybe thou i could buy some hehheh

  10. these products are also available at sm sta. mesa dept store. check it out

  11. these products are available at sm sta mesa check it out

  12. All of these products seem really great. I love the way you made this blog. I myself was looking for a good hypoallergenic mascara so this helped a lot. Thanks for sharing


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