A really pigmented natural makeup brand: Han Skin Care Cosmetics review, price, swatch

Here's a review on Han Skin Care Cosmetics.

PRICE: Lip and Cheek Tint- P700.00; Blush- P750.00; Eyeshadows- P650.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Han Skin Care Cosmetics on Facebook


I think the biggest impediment between women and natural makeup is that a lot think that natural equals mediocre, boring, and not pigmented. Han Skin Care Cosmetics is here to change your mind; even I was impressed when I swatched these babies because I couldn't believe how pigmented they are for natural cosmetics!


Han Skin Care Cosmetics pride themselves with the purest natural pigments and ingredients, crafted into simply elegant cosmetics. As the name implies, HSCC's makeups are formulated to provide skin care benefits and color at the same time.

HSSC's line- up is quite small, mainly consisting of cheek and eye products only. I wish they will expand to other products soon.

Lip and Cheek Tint ingredients

Blush ingredients

Eyeshadow ingredients

L-R: Lip and cheek tint in Pink Peony; Blush in Strawberry Pink; eyeshadows in Golden Glow, Taupey Plum, and Chocolate Bronze (top)

Srsly, guys, these are one-swipe-swatches only; look at the pigmentation! They're also pretty buttery and yield little to no fallout; these are such a dream to blend on the skin too!


Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Peony on the cheek

I use this one as base for the powder blush; it's pretty pigmented and unlike other cream cheek blushes, it doesn't totally disappear once blended.

Strawberry Pink powder blush on my cheeks

The powder blush is pretty pigmented and I only need a dab to get a nice flush; btw, Strawberry Pink powder blush and Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Peony make beautiful music together! :)

Eyeshadows on my lids

Look at that pigmentation! From this batch, the eyeshadows have impressed me a lot; they're almost like MAC in terms of pigmentation and texture! The eyeshadows don't budge that easy as well and if coupled with a primer, you're guaranteed that they will stay vibrant for hours!

I'm pretty impressed with the quality of this brand; not surprising why it comes at a pretty hefty price tag, but it's still more affordable than most high end brands with similar quality. The price tag, it may be a problem to some, but if you're looking for high quality, natural color cosmetics that are gentle on the skin, Han Skin Care Cosmetics is good to try. Can I get a foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, primer, and other products soon, HSCC???


Please visit HAN SKIN CARE COSMETICS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Another makeup line to look out for in the market. The shades are really pretty and pigmented, but for me it's pricey. Well, for others for sure they won't mind at all..especially makeup artists.

  2. This is new to me but I love all the shades and what I really love about and actually all make up products is that it's not only to beautify but is also providing benefits to the skin at the same time.

  3. The eyeshadows looks so pigmented and it would be a perfect gift from my husband this mother's day. ������

  4. Impressive swatches. And they look like they would look great on most Pinay skintones.

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  6. Hi this jenny i'm from Bangladesh, I would like to INTRODUCE of myself Because I'm writing about beautyfication related articala not then 5 years experience. You can contact me as soon as possiable by the link pronobme

  7. I thought it was another local brand.. Medyo pricey un product for me pero based on your review parang worth it naman.. Thank you for sharing😊

  8. Hi Ms. Martha! Can you do a comparison review on this and MAC/ any other similar cosmetics? Hihi, thank you!!

  9. I love the colors, nakaka fresh lalo na ang init init ngayon lol! And the pinkish lipstick, sooo cute, if I am going to wear that, it would as if I am in high school because of how it radiates youthfullness.

  10. Pang high end din naman ang results. Ang ganda!

  11. Ang ganda ng kulay lalo na ang eyeshadow. Type na type ko. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  12. That eyeshadow is so prettay!!! Glad to have found another brand that's organic. I'm slowly switching to organic skincare and knowing HSCC from this post is music to my ears!

  13. Yes! I just bought their bronzer in maui shades.. im investing to organic/cruelty free products, love the shades of their lip and cheek tints i might buy either the roseberry or cherry cosmo.. the price is a little bit higher than some drugstore products but for sure youre buying non toxic makeups from this brand.


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