Is it worth the hype? Beauskin Invisible Pores Foundation Review, Price, Swatch

Here's a review on Beauskin Invisible Pores Foundation.

PRICE: P350.00
FROM: The Makeup Revolution Facebook
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Here's another product that a lot of ladies on Facebook are raving about: Beauskin Invisible Pores Foundation. Quick background: this is being sold by local online sellers of Korean/Asian beauty brands, and impressively, they know A LOT of such brands that I never knew existed; beauty is indeed a world of wonders and discovery!

Anyway, a lot swear by this because apparently, it's smoothing, 'comparable to MAC Studio Fix liquid", and long lasting coverage yet so, so affordable

So did it live up to its claims?


A medium to full coverage foundation with Olive and Avocado Oil extracts that act as emollients for the skin.


After some research, I learned that Beauskin also has a pressed powder and concealer; I'm interested to try those as well, but was only able to get my hands on the foundation because these products are selling like hotcakes.

This foundation only comes in two shades: 33 is what most sellers would offer because they said it fits a range of skin tones and the most suitable for Filipina skin tones. Seems a lil' dark for fair to medium Filipinas, but I ain't got no problem with this one. :)

It has a perfumed, powdery fragrance, the type that doesn't sit well with anybody, but you know me, I like me some perfumed, powdery stuff. :)

Consistency is a slightly creamy liquid. Coverage is light to medium.


Bare skin

Two layers of the foundation

Most users would claim that the color adjusts to various skin tones; when I applied it on my face, I noticed that the shade thinned out and looked much lighter compared to the hand swatch; Mmmm...looks like it doesn't contain a lot of pigment. To recap, a lot said that its coverage is comparable to MAC Studio Fix liquid, which I think is quite a stretch since I've tried that product and it's very pigmented, more pigmented than this one.

It yields good coverage, good enough to even the skin tone and has a smoothing effect to boot; it does live up to its invisible pores claim, thanks to the Silicon powder particles in it. However, I just find the formula to be a bit greasy.

Here's the foundation finally set with powder. In the end, it looked a wee bit lighter for my skin tone, but it's not so bad. I like the smoothing effect I get from it, but sadly, it's got pretty poor oil control so it needs to be worn with a really good primer and set with a really good powder.

In sum, it's a good foundation to try if you're after the smoothing effect and if you have dry skin. Good thing it's not expensive; I don't feel bad at all that I unfortunately ended up not liking the product.

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Oh well! Not for me!


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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I think it is just friends has been raving on this too but just like you said this is somewhat greasy and slides off easily on my oily face. Infallible still wins my heart.

  2. Thanks for this post Ms M. baka lalo akong mag oily face dito.

  3. Ang smooth ng finish look nya sa face and not that expensive din sya.

  4. I don't like silicon based producta too and I think that's the reason why it's a bit greasy. But for the price, really cheap that is why this is sold out really fast!

  5. I saw this at an online Kbeauty seller, i was interested to try it bec. pores are really my issue, but thanks to your review I have an idea of what to expect. probably not for my skin type too.

  6. I think yan ang nid ko kase more on powder lang ako di masyado natatakpan ang dark spot. Ask ko lang po if how much ? And wer to buy ? Thanks ms.martha

  7. I've watched a review of this foundation on Youtube from a friend of mine. It didn't past my liking too. I do have oily skin that's why it won't suit me. I always go for semi-matte or matte finish to keep my oil at bay.

  8. I wanted to try this because of the raves but I hesistated because most hyped up products I tried did not really live up to its hype. Good thing I read your review! ��

  9. Ooooh...hype debunked! LOL. But really, maybe it worked for other girls. However, for some of us who have oily skin maybe it won't work. Sticking with Infallible for the mean time. :)

  10. I think this ain't good for oily skin.

  11. I think it's because of the olive and avocado oil extracts kaya it feels too greasy. But I'll still try it :) this product and those of Mac have different USPs.

  12. Its always a good idea to read reviews of products before buying. It'll save you big time! 👍🏼

  13. Akala ko ako lang yung may dislike nito. Haha! Glad to have found your post. I played around with this also pero sa unang apply talaga, asar na asar ako because of the greasiness but after a few hours I observed that it bcame much better, ang smooth na niya tingnan.

  14. Ohhh, foundation is my bestie tho I don't have that much to cover, but if you're looking for just affordable price I think this is somewhat a good catch.

  15. Kailangan talaga alam natin bagay na shade for our skin tone. Sa final look mo, ok naman siya kasi maganda pa rin pero kung e-cocompare ko sa ibang post mo parang may kulang nga talaga ang foundation na ito. Thanks for this honest review, Ms. Martha!

  16. Thanks for reviewing Ms M. Too bad it's greasy and will make my face oily. In spite of that, your skin looks flawless after using it.

  17. I have oily skin too which is prob ko tlga..but since na-hooked nako sa korean beauty products, I gave this one a shot, at first doubt ako sa shade, looks dark for me, I got shade 33 btw, un na lang kc available, and sabi ni seller nagbi-blend nman daw sa skintone, so ayun nga, I proved na she's correct..nag-blend sya sa skintone ko and i like it's medium coverage, i just set it with innisfree sebum powder, and that saved my face from oiliness for hours..I guess you just have to pair it with a good powder depending on your skin type..will still re-purchase ;)


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