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Found an affordable way to even out dark knees and elbows! + Product Demo and Youtube Video

Here's a review on Belo BB Body Cream.

PRICE: P399.75
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I love Crossfit, but I hate how it makes my elbows and knees look darker due to the workouts I am subjected to (but I wouldn't have it any other way, ha!). I've been rigorously exfoliating my knees and elbows weekly to keep 'em even, but sometimes, it's not enough so I thought of wearing body foundation on those areas, most especially if I'm going to special events and would have to wear clothing that would expose those parts. I have Make Up For Ever's Water Blend Face and Body Foundation, but I thought it's too expensive to use it just for that. :/

Belo, through Sample Room, sent my way their new product called BB Body Cream; so timely and so interesting! I put it to the test right away and I think I've already found the body cover- up that gives me just what I need to keep my knees and elbows even: lightweight, natural coverage, plus has lightening actions to boot!


A BB Cream for the body that helps even out the skin tone, conceal marks and discolorations, and provide SPF 50 pa++++ plus lightening action with Belo's powerful combination of Kojic and Tranexamic Acid.


Product comes in an aerosol can and at the moment, comes in one shade only called Natural, a light beige shade. It has Belo's signature summer floral fragrance. I wish it will come in a shade for morenas soon.


Bare knees

For this product, I use my hands preferably to spread it across my knees, but I also use a blending sponge to even out white patches; please note that it tends to highlight dry patches so I suggest the following before usage:

1. Mist skin as hydration will help with an even coverage.
2. Apply lotion to smooth dry areas

LEFT: With Belo BB Body Cream
RIGHT: Bare knee

WHOA! Even skin in seconds! I only applied a little to somewhat conceal my dark knees; of course you can build the coverage according to your liking.

Both knees with Belo BB Body Cream

Wait, where did the darkness go? I'm liking this! :D

The product sets into a matte finish and holds up pretty well; however, if you are sweaty, you might need to retouch often as I don't find it waterproof; it is also lightly tinted so no need to worry about heavy foundation stains, but it still has color so I advise to not wear it with any clothing that will drape on top or sit right above the knees; same with the elbows as well.

I'm pretty happy with the effect of this product and I'll surely turn to this for concealing my dark elbows and knees! I also like that it has lightening ingredients that will support my exfoliating routine.

Get your samples at SAMPLE ROOM.

Here's a video review of the product plus a usage demo:

Please click HERE to watch the video demo


Please visit BELO ESSENTIALS on Facebook for more information about this product.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I think I got this in yoyr TBJ Bag and ngayon ko lang nalaman na para pala sa ganyan to! LOL! thanks Ms. Martha for sharing this product on how to use them.

  2. I've used sally hansen air stockings before and I like it. We'll see if could be a great alternative

  3. I want to try this method. My elbows get dark sometimes. Another thing, sometimes, bigla magka itchy rash yung legs ko, maybe allergy or dustmites, so I get discolorations in my legs, I immediately use sulphur soap of Dr. Wong, sabi ng cousin ko it might be bacterial. Then, siyempre nagkascar, so yes I tried two whitening soaps that my cousin suggested which is Beauche. Then later I also wanted tried Kojie San, and Belo Tranexamic Acid soap. So far nagwork naman sila. But what really gave me nice skin was when I was taking Squibb Vitamin E (don't know if it's still available.) I was working in the call center, and wow, ganda talaga skin ko even if ngarag from work. I tried Myra but it does not have dramatic results as that of Squibb Vitamin E. Thanks for sharing this Ms M

  4. Belo really is stepping up their game. 👍🏻

  5. Thanks for the info and the review. I didn't know about this Belo product. I will let my daughter try this on her knees that is her problem area even though she exfoliate it regularly.

  6. Ang galing ah! Meron palang BB Cream para sa body. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  7. yay I am curious with this new product from belo on how to use this (this is how to use pala) i think it is just perfect (quality for the price) two thumbs up (tanggal nga yung dark part at nageven pa yung skin)

  8. That is really an amazing find Ms Martha! It reminds me of Sally Hansen Spray Legs my lola uses. I love their bb cream and also hope they have more shades to release as it may be a bit off for more tanned skin.

  9. So it's really intended for the knees? Or one of it's many uses? hihihi.

  10. Woah. Never been heard of this Belo product. This is really a must-need for everyone who does love a really fair and pantay na skintone. Love this! 😍

  11. This is a great innovation. Easier for us to even our skin tone. Good job Belo! ^_^

  12. Need ko tooooo!!! I got dark knees and elbows kasi when I was young, palaboy ako. Laro everywhere, gapang anywhere. Ayan tuloy 😭 nakakadown that I can't wear shorts confidently coz of my knees pero good thing Belo made this product! And thank you for showing examples here and sa YT! I could really see the effect kick in instantly 😍

  13. Belo is really coming out with amazing products lately. Wanted to try this


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