A P249.00 Eyeshadow Primer from Essence That's as good as expensive ones

Here's a review on Essence Cosmetics I Love Eyeshadow Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base.

PRICE: P249.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in SM department stores


Manners maketh a man, a good eyeshadow primer maketh a good eye makeup. An eyeshadow primer may seem like a dispensable makeup item, but if you have the budget for it, go for it; it's one of the key products to flawless, breezy. lasting eyeshadow application.

Sure, I would recommend pricey eyeshadow primers just because I've proven that they work, but this P249.00 eyeshadow primer from Essence is so good that I'd recommend it as much as my favorite pricey ones. Drugstore makeup is giving me so much hope!


A multipurpose primer that prolongs eyeshadow wear, brightens lids, and intensifies color.

Product comes with a doe foot applicator; pretty big for a really affordable eyeshadow primer and I think it will last me for a long time and I am not complaining!

Texture is a light cream and it has a pale pink color; it blends like a breeze and gives a soft matte feel and finish on the lids, making it ideal for powder application. Btw, you can also use this product on its own if you only want to even out or brighten your eyelids; it holds up well and won't crease on you; just set with a light dust of powder and you're good to go.


Unlike most primers that feel sticky or absorb eyeshadows to a point that they become 'unblendable' (yes I made up that word), this primer provides the right kind of finish that locks eyeshadows in place while still allowing you to blend them properly. As shown in this photo, it does intensify eyeshadow colors! Staying power is very good: my eyeshadows can last for more than 8 hours with minimal creasing. Take note I have oily lids.

A must buy from Essence and for eyeshadow lovers. This product is another proof that amazing products need not be expensive all the time!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This definitely makes you eyes pop! It's a steal for 249 pesos, considering the fact that the other eyelid primers have the same performance as this one but just costs way too much. In other words, pricey. This primer might be the solution for eye shadows that produce a lot of fall outs upon application. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  2. Wow! I have an eyeshadow primer din and bet ko sya kasi khit simple lng eyeshadow pattern na nagagawa ko ay malinis naman tgnan at tlgang halata ung shades ng eyeshadows! gusto ko rin matry yan ah! Worth it yan gamitin!

  3. Heard many good reviews of this product ng Essence. Pati ibang products nila especially their lip liners daw. Hehe. Haven't tried any Essence product though. Di kasi ako marunong masyado sa mga eye make ups. Please recommend other Essence products Ms.M or one brand tutorial po. Hehe. Thanks!

  4. Amazing! Love your look here Ms. Martha! pak yung eyeshadow with essence EP. 😍 It's a nice deal! lalo na sa mga nghahanap ng murang eyeshadow primer.

  5. Ang nice hehehe may mga affordable/drugstore make ups talaga na maganda at parang high end. I would also love to try this one, pero ang gusto ko talaga sa essence yung pure nyde highlighter nila hindi ako makahanap dito sa amin kasi nawala na yung essence dito sa watsons sa amin. 😞 Nakabili na din ako ng lipsticks nila and hindi nag ddry ang lips ko at perfect for evedyday use naman din. 😊

  6. Thos always out of stock so you better hoard if you use eyeshadow everyday.

  7. Di po ako masyado nageyeshadow so mageyeshadow Muna ako bago nito hahahahahaha pero ang ganda ng finish look nya bongga


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