A day in Siargao with Davidoff Cool Water Wave

Last week, I was whisked to Siargao together with some of the country's finest influencers for the launch of Davidoff Cool Water Wave; it was only one day, but Siargao has always been on my travel list; a day in paradise is always a good idea!

We stayed at Siargao Bleu, a premier resort at General Luna, the location of Cloud 9, the famous surfing spot. During our stay, the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour was at its final leg and we watched and marveled at the talented 188 surfers from locals to enthusiasts across the country and the globe; this is one of the major surfing events here in the Philippines and how timely for us to have seen the competition because we've come to understand one of the biggest inspirations of the new Davidoff Cool Water Wave.

Scott Eastwood for Davidoff Parfums

The new Cool Water flanker is a woody, aquatic fragrance; conceptualized by Antoine Lie, Jean Jacques, and master perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian. Cool Water Wave features notes of lemon, sichuan pepper, sea notes, birch leaf, juniper, patchouli and sandalwood; cool, invigorating, energetic, vibrant; a bit warmer than the classic, but still has that signature vibe of Cool Water overall. 

Cool Water Wave is for ocean- loving lads driven by a passion for the sea and adventure. The fragrance is deeply inspired by the excitement and rush one gets from nature, specifically from the crashing waves and the surfing culture.

Cloud 9 in the afternoon. In other beaches, noon means high tide, but at Cloud 9, the waves are at rest around this time; perfect for strolling around the beach; as you stroll down to the shoreline, gaze into the tiny natural pools and admire visible marine life such as various corals, starfish, and small fishes.

They say dogs in Siargao are the friendliest and I've proven that to be true; meet Oscar, a resident doggie guide at Cloud 9; he ushers guests down to Cloud 9 and takes the opportunity to cool down by taking a dip in the sea. Btw, he requires payment for his service, but treats (strictly dog- friendly ones) only, please!

Around 4pm, the waves begin to swell and the tiny natural pools are filled up with sea water. Around this time, the surfing competition resumes and Cloud 9 is packed with spectators and competitors. This whole trip has inspired me more to finally pursue surfing lessons!

Photographer Mike Gella, surf princess Bea Vega, model/actor Kirst Viray, and Beauty Blogger Mikki Galang

Thank you, Siargao and Davidoff Philippines for that lovely day in paradise!

Davidoff Cool Water Wave is available in 30, 50, and 100ml sizes, and is now available in all leading stores nationwide. The holidays are here and it's a perfect gift for the special men in your lives!

Watch the official fragrance trailer

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  2. Whoa the place is lovely...I'll add it to my bucket list too ;)

  3. Wow!!! Ang ganda ng place. Parang naaamoy ko na tuloy yung pabango.

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing with us your travels Ms Martha. It's nice to see you chillaxing!!Katuwa!

  5. i want to be there too! ganda super! perfect with barkadas! interesting ang pabango ah!

  6. Grabeee paradise nga talaga 😍 so I guess po, babalik at babalik po kayo jan hihihi One day is not enough ika nga nila ☺ I will check Davidoff Cool Water Wave out :)

  7. Your skin looks flawless po! <3 Will totally check out Davidoff Cool Water Wave Out! Your photos made me feels the ambiance that the product gives. Bucket list goals! Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha! Another one to add up in the Goals List!

  8. Ang ganda pala dito.. i can compare this to baler pero mas malinis at di hamak na mas maganda dito.. :)

  9. Balang araw makakapunta din talaga ako ng siagao! 💙 My 2 favorites in one photo! You ate martha and ate mikki! 😊


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