Cow Beauty Soap: Is it really worth the hype?

Here's a review on Cow Beauty Soap.

PRICE: P120.00
FROM: Metro Department Store
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available online


One thing I love about the Internet is I get to discover a lot of new, exciting, and interesting products like this: COW BEAUTY SOAP. A lot of skin care fans on Facebook love this for its reportedly highly moisturizing and beautifying properties. I've been meaning to try it, but it's always sold out with legit resellers (apparently, this one's being duped). 

I chanced upon a Cow Beauty Soap stand at my local Metro Department Store and there were red variants available, but seemed like they were the last few bars left so I grabbed one.

So is this soap worth the hype?


Cow Beauty Soap is founded in 1909 by one of the largest, family- run soap mills in Japan. Formula stayed original since its inception. There are two variants: Blue (Jasmine scent) and Red (Rose scent).

The soap, aside from the box, is packed in plastic too. Too much packaging in my opinion.

According to articles I have read, Cow Beauty Soap is a popular basic bath item; if Germany has Nivea and the US has Vaseline, Japan has Cow; this pretty much speaks of the popularity of this product.

Cow is a word play on the Japanese word 'KAO', which means 'Face' plus it also quickly describes the main ingredients of this product: Squalene and Cow milk fat.


First off, I love how fragrant this product is: it has a milky, powdery Rose fragrance that instantly relaxes the senses and brings to mind the joy bath time brings. I like how the scent wafts in the air after a warm shower, but it isn't offensive; it leaves a tinge of the beautiful fragrance on the skin long after you've dried up with a towel.

The soap melts quickly; I've been using it for 2 weeks now and it has considerably shrunk; it's not economical, but nice to know that it doesn't contain a lot of preservatives; it yields a rich, soft foam and doesn't dry up the skin, although I can't say that it's moisturizing enough that you can go on without lotion. 

I've used it once on the face and it's okay; my face didn't feel taut, but I still followed up with moisturizer because soap is soap and it can still leave the face dry especially if it lathers well.

My verdict? It's okay. It's a nice, fragrant soap that's less drying than most commercial soaps. If you like non-drying soaps, then this is nice to try, although I won't really recommend that you go the extra mile for it.


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh wow 😍 ang alam ko po talaga kapag from Japan like beauty soap is effective po :) thanks for this review Mrs. M! Gusto ko din kse sya talaga i-try :) dko lang alam if ung mga nkikita kong post or nagbebenta neto online sa newsfeed ko ay legit. Much better kung sa mga malls na lng bumili. Meron po ba puwedeng ibang pagbilhan nito mrs. M? Super affordable din sa price range na 120 php.

  2. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Mr. Moo. But they also offer soaps from cows, and even from goats! Also, their soaps are bigger than the Cow Beauty Soap.

  3. milky soap ehehe, ako din nakakatry lang ng mga ganyan sa padala ng sister and auntie ko galing ibang bansa, tlgang mahilig mga taga ibang bansa ng ganyang soaps ah.

  4. Not good in whitening but it makes your skin smooth and moisturized. perfect yan sa mga dry skin at gumagamit ng whitening soap na nkakadry ng skin.

  5. It's my first time to hear about this product. I thought it's going to be on of those very expensive soaps from Metro but man, it's affordable compared to the other imported soaps in the country. Love the fact that it doesn't contain a lot of preservatives. Plus, I love the scent of Jasmine. The internet does it again with letting us discover new things hahaha! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  6. I want to try this Cow soap from Japan! Not familiar with this soap but if it is from Japan, then why not? Plus it's so much affordable compare to other brand of Cow soap that's good for dry skin. The soap also has a great smell of Jasmine and Rose scent! Thank you Ms. Martha for introducing us this brand of Cow soap! :)

  7. This soap is recommended for those who have dry skin but don't expect more for its price. :) Still don't forget to put on moisturizer after every bath.

  8. ms. martha, you could also try the be organic papaya bearberry soap. it is so nice and effective with prolonged use.

  9. After, a derma told me to not use soap on my face, I am not using soap on my face anymore. hahahaha. So I guess this will be god for the body.

  10. Parang nakita ko to somewhere pero hidi ko pinansin kasi may baka na drawing lol! I love nice smelling products, that is why pati ung lotion ko amoy chocolate hahaha, I hope meron silang ibang variant pero it's nice na hindi siya drying and ok siya gamitin sa face

  11. It is nice to try beauty soaps once in awhile but it is a good thing na may review coming from bloggers like you. Not everything hype is okay para sa lahat.

  12. Honestly, first look, I thought this soap is expensive. But for 120Php? I would totally grab one for me, too! Who wants a soap with a lot of preservatives and chemicals? I don't. I can imagine how this smells like by just looking at the photo ;)

  13. Its my first time to know about this. Sanay na kasi akong isang brand lang ng soap ang gamit ko but if mabigyan ng chance na makapunta ako sa bilihan neto bibili din ako para matry ko. 😊


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