For Noona- Worthy Skin: Esfolio Aloe Vera Soothing Cleansing Foam and Moisture Soothing Gel Mist Review, Price

Here's a review on Esfolio Soothing Cleansing Foam and Moisture Soothing Gel Mist.

PRICE: Cleansing Foam-P349.00; Mist- P399.00
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Stressed skin exhibits dullness and dryness; a lot of factors contribute to this, but the biggest would be mental stress in general (plus environmental too!); you don't know how much this kind of stress affects not only your skin, but health as well so as much as you can, avoid stress of any kind.

Stressed skin will benefit a lot from hydrating products like those laced with extract from the wonder plant, Aloe Vera. Esfolio Aloe Vera Soothing facial foam and mist are two of my favorite Aloe Vera products because they give Noona- worthy skin!


Okay before we go to the review, to those who aren't that familiar with Korean terms, Noona means "a woman who's the subject of affection of younger guys"; by using this term, I just wanted to communicate that this duo soothes and hydrates the skin so well, it just makes it admirable. Well, I tried lol. :D

Soothing Cleansing Foam is a rich foam that lathers up well, but doesn't dry out the skin, at least in my experience; I like how my skin feels extra clean whenever I use this product. For those with dry skin, it is advisable to moisturize right after usage due to the high foaming formula. Great for those who wear makeup on a daily basis.

Moisture Soothing Gel Mist is a favorite of many beauty gals because apparently, it's so effective in keeping makeup looking fresh the whole day. Tried it for myself and I can vouch for that! 

The mist has a liquid gel formula; it's not entirely liquid as regular mists; it leaves bigger droplets of moisture on the face and takes longer to be absorbed by the skin (but not that long) compared to a regular mist, but I do believe that this is what provides that lasting fresh look; here's what I think: since the droplets are bigger, it evaporates slower than the watery ones, giving makeup enough time to absorb a good amount of the mist, which in turn helps makeup stay fresh for almost the whole day. A little advice, don't spritz on a lot because you will have to wait it out to dry!

This has got to be my favorite Esfolio collection; the products are good for almost any skin type, hydrates thoroughly, scent is not offensive (it's cucumber-ish), no breakouts, and makes my skin feel fresh overall!


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Gusto ko itong itry! Mukhang effective naman siya. :)

  2. Aloe vera products is love. I hope they're also have hair products that contains aloe vera ingredient.

  3. I love the fact that products like these which contain aloe vera is just soooo versatile for all skin types! I thought products for hydration can cause acne, but after further research, I learned that if it's the right type for your skin type, it will work just fine. If one isn't sure, one can resort to a universal healing agent like this! This is definitely a step up. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  4. Wow :) I always saw their products Ms. Martha on my FB feeds and I thought they were not affordable, but super affordable pala :) Yaay! I super love aloe lalo na kapag nakastore sa ref hihi

  5. I've read that aloe vera is also great for acne marks! 😊

  6. bsta aloe vera is effective tlga sa skin and scalps. Stress nnman nga ako nowadays and tlgang super dry ng face skin ko! I need that!

  7. Can you make a comparison of this to Mumuso products na Aloe Vera din I've seen they have mist and gel as well like this. Kasi di ba mas mura po dun?

  8. I'm oily skinned and usually I use foaming cleanser though lately I've tried the cream cleanser from burt's bee and my skin feels great and less oily.

  9. There are different products that contains aloe vera nowadays. So I think this products is a must try product because of its effectivity and the price is not so expensive. :)

  10. I've read some articles or comments about aloe vera.. totoo po bang magkakaron ka ng facial hair kapag gumamit ka nito? Was about to buy sana yung aloe gel last time.. pero natakot ak okasi yun nga yung comments na nabasa ko..

  11. Nice! Ang daming benefits talaga ng aloe vera :) i love using them sa face ko as moisturizer, lalo kapag na store sa ref :) tapos sa scalf ko din naglalagay din po ako for my hair goals, char! meron po kase kami tanim na aloe vera dto samin :) love to try this! Affordable naman :)

  12. Anong mas okay ate martha? Eto o yung mumuso? This kinds of product is a must for me because I have dry skin 😊


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