SPEND VS. SAVE: Baby Wipes Vs. Makeup Remover Wipes

I still know a lot of people who use baby wipes to remove makeup; based on this and consumer comments I read online, a lot prefer baby wipes thinking that it's gentler and better than makeup remover wipes when it comes to removing makeup. But is it true? In this showdown, let's find out which one is better overall when it comes to removing makeup.


Baby Wipes are the favorite all- around portable skin cleanser from adults to babies; it is made up of little skin care benefits because it is only meant to clean; some contain alcohol while some don't.

Makeup Remover Wipes are travel- friendly makeup dissolvers; it contains skin care ingredients and makeup removing ingredients such as cream, emulsion, or oil extracts.


Baby Wipes can remove makeup, for sure, due to its wet condition. However, since it is not built to dissolve makeup, it may leave traces that can clog the skin and cause a breakout; this is especially true if you love wearing waterproof or long- wearing makeup.

Makeup Remover Wipes are built and formulated to dissolve light to heavy makeup, depending on the variant and formula. Some brands even fashioned the sheets to have exfoliators to facilitate a better, deeper clean, thus helping remove at least 99% of makeup and preventing breakouts.



Baby Wipes are much cheaper than Makeup Remover Wipes and difference is usually due to the material of the sheet and ingredients.



In my experience, I need to use two or three sheets of Baby Wipes to remove my makeup completely since I love wearing a full on face almost everyday; it's not economical, plus that's a lot of paper waste. With Makeup Remover Wipes, I only use between one to two sheets every time regardless if I'm wearing light or heavy makeup; it's much more economical and environmental- friendly.


In reality, when it comes to makeup, you'll save more $$$, time, and your skin when you use Makeup Remover Wipes when removing makeup because it's built to do just that!

The winner of this Spend Vs. Save edition is...


Are you Team Baby Wipes or Team Makeup Remover Wipes?

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I used to use baby wipes. Didn't know I was having such a hard time removing my makeup until I saw it melt off my face when I used micellar water! I've never used baby wipes since.

  2. I'm more of a Baby Wipes person because its economical for me. Though, I've tried the Purederm makeup wipes and I wanted too use that when I'm wearing makeup which is seldom. But still I opted for the cheaper one.

  3. I used to use alcohol-free, fragrance-free baby wipes but even if alcohol-free, they still dried my skin out (and I have oily skin!). I now use micellar water when removing makeup and my skin really improved! No more dryness and less breakouts, too! I still use baby wipes (sayang kasi ang stock) when traveling since I use little to no makeup when traveling but I plan to replace them with makeup remover wipes after I run out. :)

  4. Honestly,I use baby wipes a lot in almost everything coz I haven't tried Make up remover wipes and I only have the biore make up remover and it's so stick y for me as it is like oil based. Hahaha. Pero kaya pala I looked like a panda when using baby wipes in removing make up.

  5. I will never used baby wipes on my face because it stings :'( (perhaps I got the one with alcohol on it) so yeah I'm team makeup remover.

  6. I do agree with this. Sure, baby wipes are our go-to and no-mess cleansing sheets for almost everything! However, since it's not built to exactly dissolve and get rid of every ounce of make-up on our faces, it just won't tidy up our faces thoroughly. Sad thing is, I've heard that wipes are hard to eliminate because it doesn't exactly decompose like paper, but like plastic. So most of these wipes end up untreated and end up in the ocean only to be consumed by sea creatures on the ocean. Hopefully manufacturers will do something about this issue. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  7. ako tlga baby wipes hehe, d pako nakakagamit tlga ng miscellare water kasi mahala na and for me, ok naman na ung baby wipes, tlgang nakakaalis noh and d masakit sa balat hehe

  8. Makeup remover wipes for the win! Yay! Maganda rin yung micellar water pantanggal makeup. :) Pero mas bet ko ang makeup remover na wipes. It depends on the brand tho.

  9. So I heard that some baby wipes contain ingredients that can cause skin irritations, I'll be willing to spend a little for the make up remover wipes at least I know it is designed to remove make up the fast and safe way.

  10. Minsan lang din ako mag wipes eh hehe better to know na mas mkakatipid pa din sa Makeup remover wipes. pero after mag wipes mghihilamos pa din then proceed sa cleanser or toner minsan may micellar water pa. hehe dami nating ritwal ngaun dami nauuso pero helpful nman sa skin natin. 😊

  11. Never tried using wipes on my face to remove make up.. kasi may naibigay saking make up remover yung nanay ng bestfriend ko.. pero noon nung wala pa kong make up remover, baby oil ginagamit ko lalo na kapag kapit yung make up.. okay lang ba yun?

  12. I prefer the actual makeup removers like micellar water to remove my makeup, ang mahal kasi ng makeup wipes hahaha, As for baby wipes, I only use them to remove lipsticks not my whole face pag nasa labas or travelling.

  13. I had tried the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes which were really good enough to remove the concealer, redden, highlighter, and powder establishment.I would like to say that I utilize an outrageously light measure of powder establishment since I have great skin, so I can’t let you know whether it will expel an overwhelming measure of the establishment.


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